Window Seat Ideas For a Cozy Atmosphere

Window seats are sought after by many homeowners and are often peoples’ favorite spot in their home. There are practically endless window seat ideas and options, which makes them extremely versatile.

window seat ideas

Whether your home is more modern and contemporary or it’s a colonial classic, there’s sure to be a window seat idea that’ll work in your home. You can choose to make it yourself, hire someone else or even buy premade window seats.

Whatever the case may be, any home can pull off a window seat. They provide comfort and relaxation with soothing views to the outdoors. You can even add storage and other features to make your window seat much more than just a place to sit.

We’ve come up with some of our favorite window seat ideas and tips to help give you some inspiration when designing or decorating your own.

What You Need For a Window Seat

Obviously, in order to truly benefit from a window seat, you’ll need an open area next to a window. This can be in almost any room of the house.

One of the most common places for a window seat is next to large picture, bay or bow windows.

Pick an area of your home where you’ve always wanted more seating, storage or just a place to relax, and you’ll have exactly where you want your window seat to be.

If you have multiple areas that you’d like extra seating, create window seats in different designs for each spot. If done correctly and in line with your home’s design, you can never have too many window seats.

From there, what you’ll need will be based on how you want to design your window seat. You might need different cushions, pillows, storage units and more depending on what you want to do with the area.

Window Seats in the Living Room

window seat living room

Perhaps the most common place for a window seat is the living room because there are many directions the design can go. This is where bay or bow windows usually come into play.

Oftentimes, they can create an area with an odd shape and it can be hard to find the right furniture for that particular area. Window seat ideas thrive in these spaces.

You can use the area for extra seating as well as extra storage by adding cabinets or bins underneath the window seat.

Make sure to use furniture that can withstand heavy amounts of sunlight without fading for your window seat. A common practice is to use outdoor furniture because it’s made to last in the sun.

Living rooms are one of the most common places for window seats because people are always looking for ways to implement extra seating for guests. Nobody likes to be left without a seat or have to drag a dinner chair into the living room.

Make Your Den/Office Even Cozier

Your home office or den is a place for working and relaxing. You probably already have a comfortable layout in there but a window seat can take your office/den to the next level.

A window seat in your home office can provide a space for resting when you need a break or a place for inspiration if you just need time to think over whatever you’re working on.

If your den features a window with extra space around it, that’s a prime spot for a window seat. It’s an added layer of comfort in your home oasis.

Great for Small Bedrooms

It can sometimes be tricky to decorate and find the right layout for a smaller bedroom. Figuring out where the bed goes determines what you’ll be able to do with the rest of the room.

One of the more creative window seat ideas is to turn it into a full bed. Create a nook by the window and pop a comfy mattress on the window seat and you’ll have more room to work with instead of using an entire bed frame.

Convenience in the Entryway

window seat entryway

The addition of a window seat in your entryway makes perfect sense. You can use it to sit while you put your shoes on and take them off. Also, you can create extra storage underneath it so your entryway doesn’t get cluttered.

A window seat is a nice welcoming aspect for when you, and your guests, walk through the front door.

Make Sure Your Windows are Up to Par

In order to truly take advantage of all the benefits of window seats, you must make sure your windows are in proper working condition.

Think about it, if your windows are drafty and leaky, you’re not going to want to sit there. Plus, old and worn out windows will take away from the aesthetics and make the area uninviting.

If you find that your windows near your seat are in bad shape, it’s time to replace them. Not only will new windows improve your window seat, they’ll improve your home overall.

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Plus, when you choose Feldco, you’ll have the assurance of knowing that they’ll be installed correctly by factory trained professionals.

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