Window Planters: What to Look For

Are you interested in window planters for your home? They have so many great benefits such as improving your home’s curb appeal and smelling great. They’re the perfect addition to any window.

That being said, there are so many options and styles available. Which window displays are right for your home? We’ll help you make that choice.

In this article, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about window planters and help you find the perfect styles for your home. When you’re done reading, there’s no doubt you’ll have the information you need to make a decision. Let’s get started!

What’s a Window Planter?

If you just stumbled onto this post, you’re probably wondering, “What are window planters?” Also known as window displays or window boxes, they’re flowers or plants that are shown in your windows. There are many styles of planters available that look vastly different from one another.

Material of Your Window Planters

When you’re looking around the department store for window planters, you’ll notice that they can be made from many different materials. Which material of window planter is best for your home?

It’s a matter of preference but we’ll show you some benefits of each material. Once you have all the information, you’ll be able to decide which one you like best.


There’s always a charm to wood. It has a warm, inviting look that’s sure to catch the eye of neighbors and guests. They can also have really intricate designs which will make them even more beautiful and eye-catching.

The problem with wood anything is the amount of maintenance it requires. Wood warps and rots when exposed to moisture. It also needs to be painted and stained every few years to keep its good looks. However, if you’re willing to put in the time, wood window planters are a beautiful option for your home.

Iron Bar

Iron bar window planters are another popular window planter option. They’re made up of iron bars that create a cage for your plants. Most homeowners put hay in the cage rather than soil (since soil would fall through) and nestle potted plants inside.  You can even put another window box within the iron planter (that’s like window planter inception).

window planters made from iron

The biggest flaw of iron is that it can rust. Much like wood windows, moisture is the culprit to the problem. Rust forms when the iron oxidizes or is exposed to moisture and oxygen for an extended period of time.


The great thing about ceramic window planters is that they don’t have any negative effects to moisture like iron and wood.  No Midwest weather will effect their beauty or functionality. They’re also extremely gorgeous.

You should be very careful with ceramic window planters because they’re fragile. They can crack, chip or shatter if they’re struck or knocked over. Make sure you put your ceramic window display in a safe place where it can’t be damaged easily.


Window boxes that are made of plastic are probably the most durable. They aren’t fragile like ceramic and they don’t warp, rot and rust when expose to moisture like wood and iron. They can handle just about anything thrown their way.

However, plastic doesn’t have the same aesthetic appeal of the other three options. While these window boxes are cheaper, they just don’t have the same luster that will improve your home’s curb appeal. You know the old adage: you get what you pay for.

You Can Make Your Own Window Planters

If you don’t want to buy window planters from the store, you can always make your own. It gives you the freedom to make window displays that are any shape, style and from any material you want. You aren’t confined by what’s on the market, only by your own creativity.

You can check out some cool custom-made window boxes here.

Types of Window Planters

Once you’ve picked the material that you like best for your window planters, it’s time to choose a style. There are a couple of styles available. Just like materials, it’s up to you to determine which is best for your home. We’ll help you out by giving you the information you’ll need.


The most common window planter style is one that hangs. These are planters that look like they’re floating by your windows. There are a few different types of hanging window planters.

The first is one that hangs from your window sill. They use the window as an anchor and attach to the window sill. This gives the best illusion of floating.

window planters hanging from a window

There are a couple hanging options that use the entire home as the anchor. The first one has supports underneath the window planter. This braces it well and is the most sturdy option. You can also bolt the entire window box to the side of your home.


Some homeowners opt out of bolting anything to their home or attaching the window box to their window. Instead, they get planters with legs that can stand under the window. While this might not seem like it has the same appeal as the hanging displays, it can be gorgeous if done right.

You can disguise the legs using near by bushes and trees. Or you can even incorporate the legs as part of the design. However you do it, don’t look past these free-standing window planters.

potted plants sitting on a window sill

If you don’t like either of these options, you can also get window boxes that rest on your windows. You’d need a large window sill but, if you have one, this option looks great.

Benefits of Window Planters

Window planters are more than just a luxury. They have many benefits for your home which we’ll explain below.

Add a Splash of Color to Your Windows

There’s nothing more eye-catching than beautiful flowers. They add a splash of color to your home that you can’t get any other way. It’s subtle but still effective in improving your home’s looks.

Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Your home’s curb appeal is extremely important. It means your home is aesthetically appealing and can even increase its value. Did you know that window planters have a hand in improving your curb appeal and, in turn, your home’s value? They do so by simply adding charm!

They Smell Great

Everyone’s heard the phrase, “smells like roses”. That’s because roses smell great – like most other flowers. You can have that smell right outside your windows with a window planter.

red roses

It gets better! When you open your window with the planter outside, the cool breeze will take the scent into your home, making everything smell great. You can’t beat the fresh smell of flowers!

You Can Have Your Own Raised Garden

It’s common for people to have their own garden but it can take up a chunk of their backyard. Why not have a raised garden with your window planters. You can even tend to it from the comfort of you own home.

If you like growing herbs and vegetables for cooking, you can also do that from your raised garden. The sky’s the limit with your window planters.

Window Planters Are the Perfect Addition to Your Home

No matter the style or material, window planters are a great addition to any home. They’ll add curb appeal, smell great and allow you to have your very own garden.

Before you can get a window planter, you’ll need replacement windows. You’ll want some that are durable – especially if you plan on using them to anchor the display. That’s why vinyl windows are your best option.

Vinyl windows won’t warp or rot when exposed to moisture so you won’t have to worry about them weakening. They also come in a wide variety of colors and styles so you’re sure to find a window that looks great with your home.

Feldco is the Midwest’s leader in windows and window installation. We promise to make the entire replacement window process easy for you. Join over 400,000 happy homeowners and get a free quote now.

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