What is the Best Roofing Material for High Winds?

The climate you live in can dictate the major features of your home.  Windows, siding, and roofs are constantly exposed to the weather of where you live and when their materials aren’t suited for the climate, it can mean continual repairs and replacements.  Not only is this costly, but it can be detrimental to the integrity of your home’s structure and foundation.

Roofs are a critical system in protecting your home against water and damage.  Without a roof made from materials appropriate for the surrounding weather, you could be looking at expensive repairs, continuous maintenance, and lots of frustration.

There are many different roofing materials that are built to withstand high winds.  This opens up options for you as a homeowner for both design and budget purposes.

installing a wind resistant shingles

Features of a Wind-Resistant Roofing Material

Manufacturers know that some areas have winds so high that their roofing materials will need to withstand them.  While hurricane and tornado zones require homeowners to ensure their roofs can handle dangerous weather, high winds can happen anywhere in the country.  Manufacturers understand the effects of such adverse weather and implement certain features in roofing materials to combat them.

Here a few facets you should look out for when choosing the best roofing material for high winds:

1. Wind classification: high winds are so common that there is a rating system in place that manufacturers use to calculate a shingle’s wind resistance. These ratings begin at Class 1 as the lowest resistance up to Class 4, where these shingles will possess the highest wind resistance.

2. Impact resistance: along with wind resistance, shingles are also made with impact classifications. Shingles that are made to be impact-resistant carry a Class 4 product classification and are designed to combat serious weather like high winds and hail damage.  These shingles are made of heavier-duty materials like copper, aluminum, resin, and composite plastic.

3. Class 4: there are many different roofing materials that are good options for high winds, but no matter which one you pick, make sure you tell your roofing contractor that you want a material that has a Class 4 impact rating.  This is the highest impact resistance in the industry and will perform the best against high winds.  Similarly, you should seek out Class 4 materials for wind-resistance as well.

Best Roofing Options for High Winds

Metal Roofing

Metal roofs are becoming a popular roofing material choice among both businesses and residential buildings and homes thanks to its longevity and durability.

Metal roofs can last up to 50 years or more if they’re regularly maintained, inspected, and properly cared for, but because of its increased durability, this roofing option is more expensive than a traditional shingled asphalt roof.  However, this higher price tag will nearly double the expected lifespan of your roof in comparison to an asphalt roof.

metal roofing shingles

This type of roof is one of the most wind-resistant roofing material options.  A metal roof can withstand up to 160 mph winds—ideal for hurricane-prone regions and climates that bring heavy storms and heavier winds.

Wood Shake Roofing

Wood shakes are more wind resistant than other materials like clay, concrete, and slate.  They’re also not nearly as heavy, which if a clay, slate, or concrete tile were to come loose during a windstorm, the damage could be detrimental.

Wood shakes tend to cost more than asphalt shingles (which only have a wind resistance of up to 100-mph) and also require more maintenance due these shingles being made from split logs.  Wood shake roofs are sometimes not allowed in certain areas because they don’t meet Class A fire ratings, so be sure to check with your professional roofing contractor to see if this roofing material is a viable option for your home.

Synthetic Tile Roofing

The beauty of any type of synthetic roofing tile you choose whether it’s synthetic slate, cedar shakes, or clay is that any of these options can be manufactured to possess a Class 4 wind-resistance rating, all without sacrificing the look and design you want.  Synthetic tiles offer the best of both worlds.  You won’t have to worry of the negative downsides like rotting, warping, cracking, added weight, and costly installation because their manmade nature.  Synthetic roofing tiles also come in a variety of colors.


No matter what roofing material you choose for your home, make sure you receive a manufacturer’s warranty.  “Lifetime” warranties differ, so you’ll want to be sure to read through what you’re getting before you commit.  There could be different levels of coverage or the warranty could be prorated.  Look for warranties that clearly state the manufacturer’s policy on issues like high winds and other adverse storm effects.  Ask your roofing contractor about the different manufacturers they work with and what their warranties are like before you make the big investment on a new wind-resistant roof.

Replacing your roof can be an expensive upgrade to your home. Let us help you in making that decision. At Feldco, we provide a breakthrough design and triple layer protection to keep your roof healthy for what mother nature decides to throw at it.  For a roof replacement, our installers are factory trained, experienced, and professional to get the job done right. Speak to a product specialist and get a free quote today.

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