How to Fix Warped Siding

The siding on your home is one of the main visual points that you and your neighbors see on a daily basis. Your house’s curb appeal is greatly reduced when any serious problem such as warped siding occurs.

warped siding

Warped siding can be the result of a number of issues, but one thing is for sure: if it goes unfixed, your home can suffer structural issues. Plus, you could face a number of problems from mold to a vermin infestation.

The following information will help you determine how to fix warped siding.

Why Does Siding Become Buckled or Warped?

While early warping may go unnoticed to the untrained eye, it’s usually easy to detect once the problem becomes worse. Look for bulges in the siding; it’ll seem as if certain boards are pushed out in the middle. Some pieces may be sticking out more than others.

There are a number of reasons why siding can become warped. Sometimes, a problem arises because of something that occurred when the siding was being installed. For example, if you have vinyl siding and the installer nailed the siding too tightly, the siding can begin to bulge or become warped because of temperature fluctuations.

Vinyl siding is supposed to be fastened in such a way that the siding can move slightly in response to changing temperatures. Heat and cold may cause the vinyl to expand or contract. When the siding is nailed too tightly, this expanding and contracting may cause the siding to bulge.

Wood siding can begin to become warped because of weather-related issues, especially in areas with a lot of rain and snow. If there’s a lot of moisture throughout the year, the wood is sure to be affected at some point. Poor drainage can also cause problems, and even sprinklers that constantly hit the side of a house can cause wood to become warped. While less common, termite or pest issues can also be the cause of warped siding if they begin to eat away at the structure of the house.

Sometimes, the actions of a homeowner can be the problem. Grills that are placed too close to siding can cause melting, which may look like warping. Even sunlight reflecting off of a neighbor’s windows can cause damage to your siding. Essentially, there are many causes, some that are preventable and others that are not.

What Are The Risks Of Wavy Siding?

When warping occurs and goes untreated, a gap may form in the siding, which can allow certain animals or critters to enter. These vermin will then have easier access to the structure of the home; they may begin to eat away at it and cause structural damage.

If you don’t address the issue, you could also have water leak in. You may see mold on the inside of the home or smell a musty odor. During storms or strong winds, warped siding that has started to rot or decay can become loose and fly off, which poses a liability issue if that siding is to cause damage to other property, and it can certainly be a safety hazard.

It may seem odd to some homeowners, but one risk of faulty siding is loosened wallpaper and peeling paint on the inside of the home. This is often because moisture has seeped through to the wallboard. It’s important to remember that the condition of the outside of a home directly impacts the inside of the home and vice versa.

How to Fix Warped Siding?

If you have vinyl siding that you suspect may be warped due to installation issues, reach out to the installer to inquire about a repair. They may be able to tighten or loosen some of the specific panels that are warped.

To fix warped wood siding, you may have to shorten the board a bit. First remove the nails from the warped boards or cut them using a hacksaw blade. Slowly lift up the end of the board, making sure to not damage any of the material underneath. Using a saw or a rasp, shorten the board so that only 1/16 of space leads up to the next board, and then refasten the board in place. If you want to make a board flatter, you can first drill some pilot holes and then drive some longer, galvanized screws into studs.

If you’re trying to repair wood siding, carefully inspect vertical joint areas and those places where side boards meet. For example, wherever doors and windows meet up with side boards, you’ll want to look for gaps or cracks. You can fill these spaces with a caulking compound from a reputable company. Caulking compound typically comes in a variety of colors that will match the color of your siding.

siding being properly installed

If you notice any holes that may be contributing to the siding being warped, you’ll want to repair these holes using a stainable wood putty. First, remove any debris that may have gathered inside of the holes. Use a bristle brush to thoroughly clean it out.

Next, apply some of the stainable wood putty using a putty knife. Depending on the size of the hole, you may only need one layer. For larger holes, build up several layers by allowing each layer to dry before applying the next. Using sandpaper, sand down the putty to make sure the patch is even.

If you do not have experience working with siding, it’s best to call a trained professional. Acting early is important as more serious issues can arise from warped siding that is not addressed. However, it’s equally important for the person who’s repairing it to know what they are doing in order to avoid damaging other parts of the home.

Warped Siding is a Big Problem

Warped or bulged siding can be the result of bad weather, poor installation, heat, or just time. When having new siding installed, be observant and check that the vinyl doesn’t seem too tightly bound.

If you have wood siding, be sure that no sprinklers are left constantly hitting one spot. If you suspect any issues, act fast to avoid greater damage. Unless you have experience with siding, it may be in your best interest to hire a professional who knows how to restore your warped siding and reestablish curb appeal.

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