Vinyl Siding Color Combinations

It can be a daunting step to start any home renewal project, especially choosing the perfect vinyl siding colors for your home.  While there is no formula for selecting the best vinyl siding color combinations for your home’s exterior, there are many factors you may want to consider to make your home look as beautiful as possible.  The good news is that once you have chosen your color or colors of vinyl siding, your home will look brand-new and you can enjoy the new look and additional curb appeal for years to come.

Popular Vinyl Siding Colors

When it comes to choosing the perfect vinyl siding color combinations for your home, you may want to take into account the region in which you live and the style home you have.  Some coastal towns embrace the cool hues of sea and sky, and inland Midwestern areas often have more homes with neutral and green shades of siding.  As it may be difficult to commit to a bolder color for a whole house of siding, the most popular colors do fall in the more neutral shades.  Beige and grey are popular vinyl siding colors and there are many variations of these including Monterey Sand, Tuscan Clay and Platinum Grey.

Neutral and softer colors are also popular with shake and scallop siding.  These styles of siding already offer a unique design element that many homeowners want to feature with a simpler, or safer color choice.  While any vinyl siding color combination would work, it’s important to keep in mind what kind of siding you have, and what elements of your home’s exterior you most want to showcase.

Siding Colors

Look for Inspiration

There is no shortage of places you can look for inspiration when deciding on the best vinyl siding colors for your home.  The easiest thing to do is simply tour your neighborhood.  Chances are, if you are ready to replace your siding, other homes in the area have probably undergone a similar transformation.  Many homes in your neighborhood could be similar to yours, so notice which homes have vinyl siding color combinations you like, and which you don’t, and start thinking of your own home.

Real Estate sections of the newspaper and real estate websites also are a great place for inspiration.  Love the look of the homes in a neighborhood you recently visited?  Plug that zip code into the site and review all the houses you see.  Depending on the town, many of the houses will feature many colors of vinyl siding and you can begin to imagine what your home could look like.

Many home improvement sites also offer a palate of colors with pairings already determined and others offer vinyl siding color charts.  You never know where you will find inspiration, so keep your eyes open and simply see what catches your eye!

Customize with Accents

One of the best things about choosing the color of your vinyl siding is how you can truly customize your home’s exterior and make it your own.  If you are most comfortable with a more neutral siding color for your entire home, but want to add a pop of color, you can do so by choosing a different siding color for smaller areas of the home such as the dormers, entryway, and/or your home’s soffit and fascia.

You can also play around with shutter and vinyl siding color combinations to help customize your home.  While black shutters are the most traditional choice, more and more homeowners are choosing shutters in bolder colors to complement the look of their home.

If you want to add a little more dimension and uniqueness to your home, choosing two colors in the same family for different stories or sections of your home is another option.  Here, the accents chosen can either contrast or complement the color scheme you have chosen to create the look of your home you’ve always wanted.

Siding Colors

Choose the Vinyl Siding Color Combinations Right for You

The best thing to remember is there are no rules in choosing the best vinyl siding colors.  Like many home improvement projects, it will come down to personal choice and what you like best.  Regardless of the colors you choose and the level of risk you want to take, you will no doubt transform the look of your home and be the envy of the neighborhood.  There is nothing like sprucing up your home’s exterior with some new siding to make it look brand new.  It will feel like you are living in a brand new house – but without the hassle of moving.

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