Tips for Improving Window Energy Efficiency

It may or may not come as a surprise to you that your window efficiency plays a massive role in your homes energy efficiency. It starts to make sense when you think more about it – windows are functional holes in your home that are “filled” with sheets of glass. This means that there could be lots of points of entry for outside, untreated air to enter into your home.

In this article we’ll discuss some of the key tips to ensure you maximize your window’s energy efficiency and hold on to that precious treated air.

Window Efficiency


One of the best places to start is by applying caulk to the edges of your window. This is also one of the most cost-effective options you can take. The key to doing this is to thoroughly inspect your window and look for any gaps between the glass, the sash, and the frame. Hone in on those gaps and apply good quality caulk or weather stripping (there are quite a few options out on the market so take the time to review the specifics on each and pick what will work best for you).

Another great way to assess for gaps from inside your home is to place your hand near the window and feel for drafts of air coming through – once you fill those, grab your caulk and get it sealed!

Window efficiency

Add Window Treatments

There are a number of high quality insulated drapes available out on the market that can make a substantial impact on your homes window efficiency.  The great thing about using these kinds of drapes is that it can have a high impact for both the summer and the winter months.

In the summertime these drapes serve to hold back the heat of the sun from entering and disrupting your treated air and in the wintertime they prevent the warm air inside your home from being leached out in the frigid outside air.


Another strong option would be to outfit your windows with blinds.  While they don’t have the benefit of holding heat in during the winter they do have the capacity to massively reduce the amount of heat entering your home via the windows during the summer months.

In some cases, if you move to purchase high-quality blinds, you can reduce the amount of heat entering your home by 45 percent.

window privacy options

Window Film

One option that focuses on reducing the amount of heat entering your home (and thus having efficacy during the summertime) is to apply a tinted window film onto your windows.  These do come available in either temporary or permanent options.

Much like the way tinting works on cars, this film works to block some of the rays of the sun from getting through and heating the treated air within your home.  There are professional services available that can come and install this film if you prefer to have that arranged or you can directly purchase the materials and accomplish the installation yourself.

One thing to consider is that if you live in an area that typically has a cooler climate you likely will want to apply only temporary film so that you can remove it in the winter to use ambient sunlight to assist in warming your home (therefore increasing your window efficiency).

Install Awnings

Sunlight entering your home is one of the primary ways that your windows lose their efficiency; this becomes especially true during the blistering summer months and even more so if you live in an area with a warmer climate.  A very effective way to go about mitigating this invasion of warming sunlight is to install awnings or some other type of covering over your windows.

There are a few options available to you when it comes to awnings – one would be to go ahead and install individual units over each window you want to have impacted.  Another, would be to go ahead and purchase a large awning unit that can stretch to cover an entire section of your home.

Similar to the tinting – if you live in an area that typically has more changing seasons and temperatures, it will be important to procure an awning system that is retractable; one that allows you to harness the power of the sun during the cold winter months in order to further bolster your window efficiency.


One option that may seem rather old-fashioned (yet highly effective) is to install shutters around your windows.  These come available in either interior or exterior varieties (though one major benefit of the exterior is that it doesn’t detract away from the usable space present within your home).

Essentially these shutters offer a system by which you can temporarily close-off your window and prevent sunlight from entering and therefore allowing it to heat up and disturb your treated air.

vinyl window replacement done by installers

Find a Window Replacement Company

We’ve discussed a lot of great tips here that can assist you in maximizing your window efficiency; another thing to consider is the possibility of purchasing new windows that have a higher efficiency rating as well.

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