The Importance of Roof Vents

Your roofing system is essential in protecting your home from outer elements like debris and adverse weather, but it also plays a vital role in helping your home maintain a healthy temperature year-round.  A well-functioning roof is responsible for keeping your house energy efficient and one of its features required to do so is the roof vent.

While it may seem like a small piece of the roofing puzzle, roof vents are extremely important, and the life expectancy of the roof actually relies on a healthy roof ventilation system.

installing roof vents

Energy Efficiency

It makes sense that without proper ventilation, your attic becomes a trap for hot air and forces your home to work harder to pump out the air conditioning to keep the inside temperature cool.  Without a roof vent, your attic can overheat, and you’ll notice during the summer months that your energy bills are higher than average.

Similarly in the winter, the attic can fail to circulate heat if roofing ventilation isn’t in place, causing your furnace to work overtime.  With both extreme seasonal temperatures, your losing out on energy efficiency and paying for it in your monthly utility bills.

Circulation is critical for optimal energy efficiency and a roof vent is a feature that helps promote air flow within your attic to the rest of your house.  Your attic is a part of your roofing system, too, and a roof vent protects this space which has a ripple effect on energy efficiency.

Protects Lifespan

Roofs that lack a roof vent can get into serious trouble with long-term side effects and costly repairs.  The roof vent encourages ventilation which is needed to ensure the roof and all of its parts are in high-quality condition, thus protecting the rest of your home.

black roof vent

For one, your roof can overheat in the summertime, causing your attic to trap the hot air.  This can lead to damage to your wood framing, your attic’s rafters, the roof’s underlayment, and the intense heat can also damage the shingles.  All of these components must be in top shape and work together to protect the rest of your home’s structures and if one is compromised, you’ll be stuck with severe damages and expensive repairs.

Regulates Home’s Internal Temperatures

It makes sense that a roof vent will help promote a stable internal temperature in your home.  After all, having a roof vent in place enables the attic to ventilate.  This circulation of air has a domino effect in keeping the rest of your house heated or cooled.

A roof vent has the ability to circulate air within the attic will stop air from getting trapped in the space and assist in keeping your home energy efficient.  Hot air is pushed out and cool air enters when a quality roof vent is in place. You’ll not only notice the happy result of lower energy bills, but you’ll be more comfortable in your home thanks to the roof vent helping to keep a consistent temperature.

Prevents Moisture Problems

When warm, humid air gets trapped in one space, it can cause a lot of problems.  Condensation occurs when this warm, humid air clashes with a cold surface, which can be a frequent occurrence in your attic as it sits right below the roofing system.

Mold, rot, and moisture are major issues that happen when there is a lack of a roof vent and ventilation.  For an attic with wooden framing and rafters, rot, mold, and moisture means expensive repairs and structural damage.  A roof vent is key in preventing mold, mildew, and rot from taking hold because its ventilation moves the air in the attic enough to prevent moisture from lingering.  Roof vents stop air from getting trapped, which protects your attic, the roof system, and your home from falling victim to an unhealthy environment of mold.

Stops Ice Dams

Ice dams form when snow melts off a roof and reforms into a dangerous, thick sheet that can overhang off of your roof’s gutter system.  Not only is this a potential hazard that can fall off at any point and hit a passerby, but the extra weight of the ice can seriously damage your roof or gutters.

Ice dams will frequently occur in roofs where warm air reaches the roof deck and continuously melts the snow where it then refreezes.  Roof vents can prevent ice dams from forming thanks to the constant circulation and ventilation of air.

Roof Vent Means Protecting Your Home

A roof vent protects your home in many ways—from keeping it a comfortable temperature to maintaining strong energy efficiency no matter the season.  Roof vents are responsible for not just the integrity of the roof system by ventilating hot air, but a roof vent also protects a roof’s underlayment and attic’s structure by stopping moisture from causing damage.

Replacing your roof can be an expensive upgrade to your home. Let us help you in making that decision. At Feldco, we provide a breakthrough design and triple layer protection to keep your roof healthy for what mother nature decides to throw at it.  For a roof replacement, our installers are factory trained, experienced, and professional to get the job done right. Speak to a product specialist and get a free quote today.

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