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How to Take Care of the Exterior of Your House

Curb appeal is a big deal – you want a home that looks warm and inviting; something that’s aesthetically appealing.

One of the most crucial actions to take in order to ensure that your home’s outside appearance stays desirable is to take diligent care of your home’s exterior.  Here in this article, we’ll walk you through some of the key ways you can go about doing this.

homeowner cleaning mold off siding

Maintain and Clean Your Siding

Often the first thing that someone sees when they look at your house is its siding – if that’s what your home features as its exterior.  Sure, their eyes may notice your landscaping first– but your siding will follow fairly close thereafter.

That’s why it’s very important to keep your siding both maintained and clean.  The way you go about maintaining and cleaning will vary depending on what type of siding your house has so we’ll do a quick review of the most common types.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl is another very common siding option.  Maintenance for it is fairly straightforward – start by doing a survey of the home looking for any cracks or pieces missing and then move to replace the vinyl boards/panels that have this damage.

The process of cleaning the vinyl siding is pretty well the same process as we mentioned for brick in the above – just pay close attention as you are pressure washing to ensure that you don’t cause any damage to the vinyl as you wash.

vinyl siding cleaning and improving curb appeal

Fences, Lawns, and Landscaping

The second key aspect of your home’s exterior are all the things that impact your lawn (which includes the general landscaping, but also any fencing.)


Let’s start with the fence – you’ll want to do a quick walk around the perimeter of the fence doing a thorough inspection to look for any segments of the fence that are damaged.

Depending on the percentage of issues you find, you’ll want to just immediately replace those sections or, if the percentage of damage is high enough, consider tearing the fence down altogether and installing a new one.

Once you complete your repairs and/or replacing it’ll be time to throw another coat of paint on the fence to ensure that it stays clean and attractive looking.


The next thing to turn to, is the lawn.  One fundamental activity that has probably become fairly routine for you, is to make sure that you keep your lawn mowed.  Nothing looks better than a freshly cut lawn full of lush green grass.

You also want to consider the shape of your specific yard – if you have more weeds than grass it might be time to get a bit more targeted in your approach and consider going with commercial options that have a mix set to kill weeds and sow active grass seeds into your yard at the same time.

exterior and front of a home


Now onto your landscaping.  For starters, you need to make sure that all your hedges are trimmed and in healthy condition.  If any of them are dead you’ll want to put in the time and effort to remove them and plant new ones.

From there you will want to sort through your flower beds and make sure that all the weeds are pulled and removed and that you have healthy flowers and smaller shrubs planted.  Consider consulting the professional design services of your local landscape supply store.

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