Stunning Front Door Ideas

The front door is the first glimpse into your home’s style. Make the right first impression some attractive front door ideas and designs. Don’t settle for a boring look, but rather, get your creative juices flowing and create an entry door that makes your home stand out and be the talk of your neighborhood.

Whether you’re searching for bold, sophisticated, simple, fancy, classic or modern, front doors can be custom made to your exact style and opening. Every detail can make an exterior door unique, so be sure to create an overall aesthetically pleasing look by considering all of your options. From various materials, to colors and shapes, to glass and accessories, you can add many appealing features to your entry door. Here’s a look at some different front door design ideas for your home.

Entry Door

Choose the Right Material for Your Front Door

Before you jump into finding amazing front door ideas, start with the basics. Which material should you pick? Learn the pros and cons of the most popular types of entry doors below.


Wood is often considered the most beautiful and natural looking front door material. Yet, it can cost the most due to its heaviness and high quality. It also is subject to fading and weather damage, so it requires occasional maintenance throughout its lifetime. However, its classic and rustic feel can give your home the look you are trying to achieve.


Steel can be the strongest and most secure material for entry doors. Its durability prevents weather damage and warping, but it can dent. It might not have the most visually pleasing appearance, yet it’s usually the cheapest option, so it can be great for a low budget project.


Fiberglass offers both the beauty of wood and the security of steel. It falls in between the price ranges of these two materials and is the most common material used by homeowners today. It’s relatively maintenance free, resists scratches and typically comes with a long warranty. Fiberglass doors are also great for climates with weather extremes.

Start Designing Your Entry Door

Once you’ve chosen what material you want for your front door, get creative and consider spicing it up with these awesome options. There are so many from which to choose and each can enhance the door’s design in different ways.

Color That Pops

A front door with a bright, bold color can really make your home stand out. Aside from the subtle, yet classic, blacks, browns and whites, consider the rest of the rainbow. Reds and blues convey excitement, and greens and yellows shout boldness. Any touch of color can give your exterior door a completely different look.

You should pick a color that isn’t repeated elsewhere on your home’s exterior in order to really make a statement. Instead, mix and match colors that accent the siding and windows and bring out a new spin on your home. Make your house glow by going out of the neutral mindset and choosing a fun, beautiful color for your entry door.

Entry door

Eye-catching Shape

It seems like everyone has a rectangular front door. If your entryway and space allow, why not change it up and go with a different shape? An arched or rounded entry door can give off an antique or even Mediterranean look.

Adding some curves can break up the straight lines of windows and siding and create an interesting flow. This could really give your home the feel of an artisan with some extra character.

Double Doors

Two is better than one! Double front doors, or French doors, are formed when two exterior doors are placed side by side. They can be a grand way to welcome guests, due to their symmetrical and elegant aura.

Double doors increase the sense of space in the entryway, but keep in mind that this means extra space is also needed to allow for entry. French doors can be hinged to swing either inward or outward, depending on the physical space available and your personal preference. They can also allow for more natural light to come into your home if doors with full glass are used due to a wider view to the outside. Double doors can give your entryway a dramatic statement with twice the beauty.

Elegant Glass

Decorating your front door with glass is a great way to customize your entryway to give it that extra wow factor. Keep in mind that you do want to find the right balance between creativity, beauty, safety and security. Glass allows for extra natural light to shine through and brighten your home. However, it also comes with less privacy from the outside world.

From clear, to textured, to stained glass and more, there are many options available. You can choose from inserts of different shapes, sizes and colors that would all present a unique twist to your exterior door. Glass on a front door can add to your homes perceived value and enhances its look in a pretty way.

Decorative Sidelights and Transoms

Your front door doesn’t just have to be a plain door. Consider investing in sidelights, which are placed on either side of the door and expand your view of the outside. Similarly, transoms go above the door, adding height and appeal.

These both come in various shapes and sizes and can include decorative glass. Sidelights and transoms are decorative elements that can compliment your front door.

Accessory Accents

Don’t forget that your entryway is more than just the design and composition of the door itself. Decorate with various accessories to show off some extra character for your home. Choose an interesting door knob, knocker, or bell for your guests to use, or some charming lanterns for extra light at night. You could keep it simple or add a fun welcome mat or a quaint mailbox as an added detail. Make your address stand out by using creative numbers and letters in a prominent spot.

Furniture, such as comfortable chairs and a coffee table, can show extra hospitality on a cute porch. Reveal your green thumb and place pretty flower pots and plants along the walkway. A path with stepping stones could really add to visual appeal. These small touches can make your entryway extra special and draw attention to your front door, and especially your home.

Beautiful Front Door Ideas

Make your entry door a memorable first look into your home for guests. Consider these great front door ideas and be creative when choosing how to show off your entryway. Leave a lasting impression with an amazing front door!

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