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How to Make a Spring Wreath

Wreaths aren’t only for the winter – they can be displayed year round. Many homeowners use wreaths to decorate their doors for each season. Now’s a great time to show you how to make your own spring door wreath.

What You’ll Need to Make the Perfect Spring Wreath

Making a door wreath isn’t difficult and you’ll only need three tools:

  • A wreath – the one we used in the video is made of grapevine, but there are other material options such as straw.
  • Flowers – you can use real or fake flowers. For the video, we used plastic flowers. They can be any color and type you’d like, but we recommend that you keep it rather simple. Use one or two different  colors and styles otherwise it may become too cluttered.
  • Shears – Since the stems of fake flowers are made from wire, scissors won’t give you a strong enough cut and they won’t come out looking their best.

wreath and flowers

How We Made Our Spring Door Wreath

Start by cutting the flowers to an appropriate length so they fit into your wreath properly.  If they’re too long they’ll stick out further than you’d like. Be careful though. If your flowers are cut too short they won’t fit when you’re weaving them through. Cut one as a test and make sure it’s a length that works.

Now that your flowers are cut, weave them between the vines (or whatever material you chose for your wreath). While we decided to fill the entire wreath with flowers, it’s up to you how many flowers you’d like on your spring wreath. Some people even leave ¼ of their wreath flowerless.

weave flowers through the wreath

Your new spring wreath is complete! Now you can hang it on your door and show it off to your friends and family.

spring door wreath

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