Single vs Double Pane Windows: Get the Best For Your Home

Purchasing new windows for your home can come with a considerable cost and an overwhelming number of choices. All you have to do is browse through your local home improvement store for a few minutes to realize just how many different types of windows exist. They each make some promises for your home, but how do you know which version is the ideal one for you?

Most homeowners get caught up when it comes to deciding between single vs double pane windows. At first glance, these two versions seem very similar to the untrained eye. There’s a clear indication for which one is likely to be the best choice for your home if you know what to look for.

Are you curious whether single or double pane windows are right for your beloved house? Find out more about where each window shines before you make your next major home improvement purchase.

Single Pane Windows

Single pane windows are constructed with just one piece of glass compared to the two pieces used for double pane windows. Of course, this is the significant difference between the two types of windows but it doesn’t give you much information to help you make an informed decision.

Having just one piece of glass in your window has quite a bit of meaning for the rest of your home.

Because there’s only one sheet of glass between your family and the outside world, you aren’t likely to have as much of a sound barrier. You may hear the crickets more clearly in the evenings or wake up to the singing of the mockingbird.

It lacks the insulation that often protects and muffles these everyday sounds that can sometimes be annoying. This may be your biggest headache on a daily basis, but ultimately it isn’t going to cost you much.

The lack of insulation does lead to another problem that could have a heavier financial implication. Much like sounds that pass easily through the single pane windows, the outside temperatures will do the same. Your house may be warmer in the summer and colder in the winter, despite the constant running of your HVAC system.

You might need to think about how much these single pane windows are ultimately going to cost you. Your heating and cooling bill will be substantially higher at the end of each month because your HVAC system is working overtime.

However, you’ll also be putting more wear and tear on your HVAC system, leading to the need for more future repairs.

The exception to this would be if you live in an area where you maintain a relatively temperate environment throughout the year. If you frequently open your windows on a daily basis, then single pane windows may be a great choice to allow fresh air to enter your home day after day.

Double Pane Windows

double pane argon gas-filled window

Double pane windows represent the opposite of single pane windows in many ways. The first thing you should take note of is the additional pane of glass. This type of window is made with more materials than a single pane window.

The additional layer of glass, as well as the manufacturing that goes into its production, does come with a significant increase in energy efficiency. You’ll notice a difference right away between single vs double pane windows.

The sounds of the great outdoors will be drastically muffled through the layer of insulation between the panes. You won’t be able to clearly hear the crows that sit along your fence or the barking of the neighborhood dog. Mornings and afternoons can be filled with the sweet sound of silence instead.

The pocket of air between the panes forms an insulated barrier can also work to lower your heating and cooling costs. The air pocket adapts to the outdoor temperatures throughout the season and prevents them from reaching their icy tendrils into your home during the winter.

Similarly, it can keep the heat waves of summer at bay instead of allowing them to sweep you away.

A double pane window can even help to prevent unwanted moisture from wicking into your home and hanging around by minimizing condensation and the potential for mold and mildew growth around the window or window sill.

Some people estimate that they can see a 20% lower cost on their monthly heating and cooling bills following the installation of double pane windows throughout the entire house.

Not only does that mean that double pane windows are lowering your monthly expenditures, but they’re also working to extend the lifespan of your HVAC system. You’ll likely spend less on repair costs over the years and put off the need to purchase a brand-new air conditioning unit or furnace.

Lowering your overall usage of the HVAC system can help to effectively shrink your carbon footprint as well. You’ll be using fewer natural resources to power your home with the installation of double pane windows.

Consumers who are extremely conscious of the impact their choices have on the environment will want to purchase double pane windows instead of the less-efficient single pane versions.

Single Pane vs Double Pane: Which is Better?

It’s clear that a double pane window really does allow you to purchase the very best for your home. Homeowners who have single pane windows should highly consider making the switch to double pane.

It can save you more money in the long run compared to the standard single pane windows that are more budget-friendly upfront.

Remember that you won’t necessarily want to purchase the least expensive double pane windows. Quality matters if you want to see the most significant differences when it comes to energy efficiency or decreased repairs on the HVAC system.

You should look for quality seals, excellent manufacturing, and properly placed glass to ensure that you’re making the most of your potential savings.

Replacing your windows is a wise investment for your home. It has the potential to yield huge dividends for the energy-efficiency of the property and your future comfort levels.

When the time comes for window replacement, you can trust Feldco – over 400,000 homeowners already have. Get a free quote online to get started on your window replacement project with Feldco.

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