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A Room with a View: Why Picture Windows Are Great

If you’re thinking of doing some remodeling or you’re going to replace your windows you should think about adding a picture window to your living room, dining room, or family room. Picture windows change the look of your room and make your home feel new again.

Adding picture windows can provide extra natural light that will make eliminate the need for those lamps during the daytime and that will save you money.

picture windows inside a decorated kitchen

Picture windows are not hard for a professional to install and modern picture windows are a fantastic way to update an older home. Here are many reasons why picture windows are picture perfect for any home:

A Fantastic Design Element

Picture windows are the perfect way to fill the high wall space created by vaulted ceilings. Most newly built homes that have been built in the last ten years have high ceilings. As a result, homeowners are left wondering how to decorate walls that are practically impossible to hang things on because they reach is so high.

Everyone loves tall ceilings but the tall empty walls in the family room, living room, and dining room can be a decorating challenge.

Picture windows open up the wall and flood the room with gorgeous natural light. You can create your own custom picture window design so that the look of the window fits perfectly into the architecture of the home.

More Natural Light

Installing picture windows really open up space and provides more natural light. A picture window in the living room can turn a dark room into a place where the family wants to get together.

Adding a picture window the dining room will make the room brighter and it will feel natural to gather around the table. Installing a picture window in the family room or kitchen provides more connection to the deck or patio.

A picture window in the breakfast nook creates a lovely spot to have morning coffee or tea while watching the sun rise up. There’s a lot of benefits to adding picture windows inside your home where you spend the most time and want natural light (read all about the benefits of natural light right here).

If you have a finished basement then adding a picture window will make the room feel more open and lively. Your basement won’t be claustrophobic and you will significantly reduce energy costs by cutting down electricity use and allow natural light to light up the basement.

Picture Window in Dinning Room

Better Sight Lines

If you have small children or pets that go outside a picture window is the perfect way to get better sightlines into the back and side yards.

A wide picture window combined creates an easy view of your kids or pets while they are in the yard. Altogether, it’s easier to notice your kids out of a picture window instead of walking out a door to check on them.

Installing picture windows in the rooms of your home that face the back will give you more peace of mind when your kids or pets are playing outside.

Creating A Unique Picture Window

When it comes to designing a custom picture window you can combine other types of windows to create a unique design that will complement the style of your home.

If you are not sure what style of picture window would look best in your home, a window professional can help you by suggesting styles and different types of window designs that look great together.

Window installation and design professional can help you choose exactly the right styles and colors to make the picture windows you want in your home a reality.

Picture Window Installation

The only way to reap the benefits of picture windows is to install one. However, this project is not ideal for anyone since it requires accurate measurement and heavy-duty materials and equipment. For that reason, we recommend you contact the experts for a project this big.

At Feldco, we have a strong team that is factory trained and proficient with window replacements and installation. Speak to a product specialist and get a free quote online today to get started on your picture window replacement today.

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