Benefits of Replacement Window Services

replacement window services

When you have new windows replaced by professionals, you can expect a number of benefits.  Not only will your house look good with brand new windows, but it’ll feel good, and here’s why:

Boost Your Energy Efficiency

When your windows are installed right, you’ll immediately notice a huge difference.  Say goodbye to old, drafty windows that leak air in every season, and hello to energy efficient ones with tight seals, keeping your heat or air conditioner where it belongs.  The feeling will be even better when your monthly bill arrives and is dramatically lower thanks to your energy efficient replacement windows.

Resale Value and Curb Appeal

Energy efficiency immediately plays into your home’s resale value, as the next homeowner will see the immense benefit of these new money-saving windows.  When replacement windows are professionally installed, they look as good as they feel, which also boosts your curb appeal.  Now, your entire home’s value is increased.

UV Protection

A higher quality replacement window installed by a professional window service can give you the added perk of UV protection.  Remember how your old windows let the sun completely drain the color of your area rug?  Not anymore.

Easy Care

Old windows are one of the hardest features of a home to clean and care for.  They’re not designed with ease in mind, unlike newer models that can be cleaned without having to drag out the ladder every spring.  New vinyl replacement windows hardly ever require maintenance or upkeep, either, unlike old wood frames.

Noise Reduction

When a professional window replacement service installs your windows, you’ll not only notice the energy conservation, but a dramatic noise reduction.  The familiar sound of cars zooming past your house is gone because the experts installed your new windows with a tight seal, using high-quality materials to block outside noise.

Why Go Professional

professional window installer at work

Vinyl windows can be a relatively easy do-it-yourself project.  Granted, it does require patience, a dedicated afternoon, and a few hours to learn how to install the window.  If you’re a novice around tools, or you need to install multiple replacement windows, it’s better to leave this type of job to a professional installation service.  If a window is put in incorrectly, it could lead to leaky drafts, energy inefficiency, and a future of water problems.

A replacement window service can provide you with these benefits:

High-Quality Materials

Hiring replacement window services means getting the best of everything, and that includes high-quality materials.  Professional installers have access to the best materials because of their relationships with their suppliers and vendors—it’s how they stay in business.

When you hire a window service provider, you’re also paying for the quality window options and a wide variety that only companies like these have access to.

The Right Tools

Having the right tools for the job is essential, plus it saves time and a tremendous amount of money. As a consumer, this benefit saves you from having to buy tools and learn how to use them properly.  Naturally, the professionals will have the correct equipment on hand to install your replacement windows in just a day’s time.  Most importantly, professional installers are equipped with the knowledge and training to get the job done.

No Mistakes

It does cost more to hire a professional to do any sort of job and window replacements aren’t any exception.  You get what you pay for—in the best way possible.  No more worrying about fitting your new replacement window just right, and no fears about potential drafts, leaks, condensation, or energy waste.

For anyone worried that replacing their windows on their own may lead to an improper installation, consider hiring a replacement window service instead.

Swift Installation

One of the problems of a do-it-yourself installation (aside from installing the window improperly) is how long it can take.  A replacement window service can have your entire home done faster and more efficient then doing this yourself.  Professionals are trained and skilled in window replacement, and from the project’s start to cleanup, even multiple replacement windows can be completed within a day’s work.


New replacement windows often come with a warranty, some even with a lifetime guarantee by the window installation company.  This is something you’ll want to look into when selecting a replacement window service.  When you install a window yourself, you might not get a warranty.

Choose Professionals for Replacement Window Installation

If you aren’t convinced that having new replacement windows installed by a professional window service is a good idea by now, then consider that what you’ll save on your monthly energy bills.  The rest of such as your resale value, professional work, cleanup, and worry on your part are an added bonus of replacement windows.

There are many perks to hiring professionals and none are bigger than Feldco. That’s why over 400,000 homeowners go with us for their home improvement needs. We take care of our customers by addressing some of the concerns they have with their old windows. To start, we only make high quality windows made out of vinyl.

Argon gas is typically inserted between the panes so you can truly experience a cost saving and energy efficient window. Next, our staff is well trained to provide quality replacement window services so all your questions and needs are answered. Lastly, our installation team is knowledge and trained to take on big projects so you won’t have to worry about a thing. Speak to a product specialist and get a free quote online today.

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