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Which Type of Replacement Kitchen Windows?

Replacing a kitchen window might just be the toughest type of window replacement decision for a homeowner since a kitchen is oftentimes the central “hub” of a house. It’s where family and friends can spend time, eat and maybe even cook together! From bay windows in the kitchen to double hung, we’ve got some ideas for your replacement kitchen windows.

Bay Windows

replacement kitchen windowsA bay window is a beautiful way to allow more light into your kitchen if you have the space for one. Typically, most kitchen bay windows are installed over a sink with a view to your backyard. Since bay windows extend past the outside wall of your home, getting a bay window for your kitchen will give you a little more counter space.

Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows make great replacement windows for the kitchen because they let in lots of light, they’re easy to clean and they look great. Depending on the size and finish, double hung kitchen windows will typically be more affordable than other styles. One drawback of having a double hung over your kitchen sink might be that it is slightly more difficult to open when reaching over your sink, especially if you’re not tall!

Picture Windows

huge picture window in the kitchenPicture windows make a really nice addition to any kitchen. Most people opt to go without window grids on picture windows but a nice prairie, colonial or diamond grid can make this window a real focal point in your kitchen. Picture windows are inoperable so they can’t be opened or closed, making this window type undesirable if you want fresh air in or ventilation while cooking in your kitchen.

Sliding or Slider Windows

If you prefer a horizontally-opening window in your kitchen, sliding windows may be the perfect choice. Sliding windows are also generally easy to open when installed over a sink, are low maintenance and easy to clean.

If you have a nice wide window opening already, a 3-section sliding window can look amazing. Otherwise a more standard, 2-section sliding window will also fit in well with most kitchens. There are tons of colors and finishes available to choose from on the market today, so you will be able to find the perfect match for your home.

Casement Windows

A casement window might be calling your kitchen home if you like sleek styling, crank opening and lots of sunshine and air. Casement kitchen windows operate with a crank so you don’t have to struggle to open the window from across the sink. They open outward and can give your kitchen a fresh burst of air.

Garden Windows

garden window behind kitchen sinkIf you like growing flowers, fresh herbs or plants then a garden window will be a perfect fit for your kitchen. Another nice thing about garden windows is that they give you some extra space since they extend out past the exterior wall of your home.

Most garden windows come configured with casement windows at the sides with picture window in the middle. Other variations of garden windows have an awning window in the middle. If you want more details, we recently wrote an article about garden windows in kitchens.

What’s Important in Replacement Kitchen Windows?

What’s important can vary from person to person as everyone has their own unique vision of the perfect kitchen window. However, the most important features of kitchen windows usually come down to three things: light, style and accessibility.

Let the Light Into Your Kitchen

Nobody wants a dark kitchen! Choose a window that takes advantage of your current window opening and lets in an adequate amount of light. If your kitchen isn’t getting enough sunlight, you might consider some window options that have more glass vs. framework to brighten it up.

Choose a Great Looking Window That Matches Your Style

double hung window over cast iron sink in kitchenGrids, color combinations and different finishes allow you to add your personal touch to your new kitchen window. When replacing a window, you don’t have to do a direct replacement. For instance, swapping a sliding window for another sliding window. Many times, people don’t realize that another style of window can fit into the existing window opening in their home.

Color combinations and finishes are available that can exactly match the rest of the windows in your home from wood grain finishes to all sorts of different colors including interior and exterior window colors.

Access: Easy Opening Kitchen Windows That Are Easy to Clean

A great kitchen window will be easy for you and your family to open as well as easy to clean (this is a kitchen after all!). Most high-efficiency windows will seal out drafts while still allowing you to open them easily.

In terms of cleaning your replacement kitchen window, you should be able to clean the glass without going through an epic struggle over the kitchen sink! Choose a kitchen window that will be easy to reach and operate for best results.

Make Sure You Get the Best Replacement Kitchen Windows

Ultimately, the best type of replacement kitchen windows for you will depend on your unique style and tastes. Along with a new look of a replacement kitchen window, you will also find other benefits not mentioned in this article like energy efficiency and lower heating and cooling bills. Hopefully after reading this article, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about which style of kitchen window will make the best replacement in one of the busiest areas of your home.


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