Factors That Determine the Cost of a New Roof

Whether you’re replacing your roof due to damage or to breathe new life into your exterior, you’ve made a great choice in replacing your roof. You’re excited for this chance, but you want to make sure this investment is worth it. We’ve got you covered! These are all the factors your contractor uses to calculate the cost of your new roof. 


Prices will vary depending on what type of roof you choose of all the options out there. Each kind has different attributes in terms of beauty and durability. Something like clay tile is more of a splurge not just because of the material itself, but the fact that it’s literally heavier for the roofer to carry.

So there are the shingles – what most people think of when they think roof – but there’s also the underlayment, a necessary component that supports the whole structure. This is all before we’ve even taken into account the cost of the tools. 


A lot of work and craftsmanship goes into building your perfect roof. The actual labor of the roof installation (measuring, cutting, and climbing) will obviously be a factor in its price. The size of your roofing job (and frankly, the size of the roofing company) will also influence how many workers are put on the job.

Some of this will depend on how long your project takes, because that translates to how many hours they’re up there.

Tear and Dump Fees

Getting rid of your roof means throwing it away. But you can’t just roll it out on the curb and call it a day. There are fees associated with disposing roofs and roofing materials, also known as tear and dump fees.


Something many homeowners forget when planning an update or a remodel is that there’s a legal aspect. If you’re making structural changes to your home, many require a permit. This is because permits cost money: the average cost of a roof permit is quoted at $979.

It’s generally the contractor’s responsibility to obtain a permit and be up to date on the building codes in your municipality. So they’ll factor this into the cost of your roof.

Profits and Overhead

With anything you purchase, whether it’s a car or a Cinnabon, you’re not just paying for the actual parts. A portion of the cost is going to everything the business has to do to keep running. Likewise, there are overhead costs of running your local roofer. This will ultimately factor into the price tag to ensure they can not only break even, but make a profit.


Installing a roof the right way means saving money down the road. Your individual warranty may factor into the cost of your new roof. Be aware that there’s a difference between a standard warranty and an extended no-dollar-limit.

Roof Size

Roofing Contractors

More roof means more materials. We mentioned already how materials can drive up the price of your new roof. By the same logic, if you need to cover more surface area, that’s more tile, slate or terracotta to pay for. As if you needed another reason to go for an asphalt roof!

Roof Pitch or Slope

One factor that could affect the price of your new roof is its pitch or slope. A very steep roof is not as walkable, which makes the installation job a bit more dangerous. If you’re going from a flat roof to a pitched roof, you also need to consider the construction of eaves and rafters in your calculations.

Project Complexity

Part of installing your new roof means removing the old one. For this reason, your original roof can actually impact the cost of the new one. It’s cheaper to do what’s called an “overlay.” Also known as reroofing, this is when you add a layer of new shingles over top.

Note that this option isn’t available to people who’ve reroofed before. In that case, you’ll need to do a complete tear-off, which is more intensive. All these factors contribute to the time and labor that goes into your roof project.


You know how commercials always have a disclaimer that the items may vary by location? This is one way that your roof is like a McDonald’s sweepstakes or limited-time seasonal shake. Every factor we’ve talked about – from legal fees to availability – will all vary based on where you are.

For one thing, your local climate can affect the time to completion if it’s raining or snowing, or conversely too hot to work effectively.

Always Hire Professionals for Roof Replacement

Some things are better done yourself, and sometimes you need to call in back up. If you’re in need of a roof replacement, always go with professionals so you can build a home that lasts. At Feldco, we have the reputation and high-quality asphalt shingles that offer triple layer protection from snow, wind, ice and rain.

It has a breakthrough design that reinforces the fabric to deliver consistent fastening during installation. This means that you will reap the benefits of energy efficiency and protection all year round. Additionally, our asphalt shingles come in a variety of colors and styles to ensure the best match for your home. Speak to a product specialist and get a free quote online today. 

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