Tips to Matching Your Siding with Your Roof

Curb appeal is always enhanced when things look pleasing to the eye. One of the obvious ways you can please the eye is having various components of an exterior of a home — such as siding, doors, windows and roofing — produce a matching color scheme.

Though most homeowners are effective at matching siding and doors, or siding and windows, some overlook the value of matching siding with a roof.

home matching siding and roof colors

According to appraisers, roofing is one of the first things on the exterior of a home they assess. They not only check for roof repairs but also its overall presentation. Most home buyers do exactly the same thing.

Therefore, it’s very important that you have a roofing color that’s pleasing and blends nicely with your siding. Here are some very helpful tips to match your siding with your roof.

Importance of Matching Siding and Roofing

There’s more to finding the right match than just getting the same color or complementary roof color as the siding. Your roofing also needs to complement the rest of your exterior features including windows and doors.

Roofing has been reported as one of the primary determining factors that appraisers, as well as new home buyers, study first when inspecting a potential home from the outside.

It’s a huge influence on your curb appeal and could make or break a deal. Additionally, even if you don’t plan to sell any time in the near future, having a matching roof and siding can be a source of pride and accomplishment for you as a homeowner.

Therefore, it’s vital not to undermine the importance of how these two exterior features work so well together and are pleasing to the eye.

Sorting Through a Massive Selection

One problem that compounds the situation of finding the best roof type and color with the right siding type and color is the sheer amount of options. There are a number of different types of siding to decide upon. Then there are roofing choices and that’s not even getting into colors yet.

Since replacing both roofing and siding can be expensive, new or existing homeowners may decide to do one or the other. Often, the best thing to do is decide which one needs to be replaced more.

In certain situations like major renovations, the answer is both. There’s really no good way to increase curb appeal and make the place look good from the outside without investing in two costly repairs.

Roofing is a more common repair because a lot of older homes get neglected on this front and no one wants to deal with costly leaks and water damage.

Siding on the other hand, unless horribly abused, can sometimes look new (or close to new) simply by repainting or cleaning the exterior. At the end of the day it is your final decision, but try to focus on what needs to go, what can stay and then create a plan from there.

Selecting Siding & Roof Color Matches

The great thing about the color spectrum is there is really no wrong answer, yet there are clearly some that work a little more effectively than others.

vinyl siding and roof color combinations

In terms of the roof color, sticking with the basics is the best approach. The more exotic you get with a roof style or color, the more of a challenge it’ll represent to coordinate with the rest of the home, particularly the siding.

Here are a few secrets that architects and designers use all the time in terms of color schemes:

  • The color scheme of your home can distort things in the mind. For example, smaller homes benefit from light colors on both the siding and roofing because it creates a minor illusion that the structure is actually larger than its measurements.
  • Lighter colors also enhance contrasting architectural features in very distinct or unique designs. It helps soften or highlight particular features.
  • Medium toned colors are known for their harmony. Whenever in doubt of a color scheme, medium tones are safe because they integrate well with just about any style home.
  • Dark colors bring out dramatic effects of a home. They look the best in certain settings with a very vivid background, such as one with a lot of landscape or acreage around the structure. They’re by far the boldest selection but can work well in certain situations.

You may notice when comparing options and “window shopping” by scanning other neighborhoods for what they do well (or don’t do well) in color matching is that roofs have a tendency to be tan, cream, brown, gray, or black.

They’re popular choices because these intermediate or neutral colors blend well with just about any style of siding and color. Neutral colors like gray or black can also get toned more or less to match up better with the siding color.

Exact Color Match vs. Contrasting Match

Though you want your roof to create a pleasant blend with the siding color, as well as features like the windows and doors — it’s not the best idea to create an exact match. Often an exact match is unnecessary, especially with siding and roofing. Complementary colors actually work far better because they present a visual contrast.

For example, a lighter gray siding home may look kind of dull with such a neutral color. However, a brand new roof with a darker gray may really accent the brand new roof while also making the previous dull gray on the siding really “pop”. The result is a very finished and polished presentation.

vinyl siding types and colors

Often the most popular siding and roof combination are to stick with the same color, yet in a different shade. Roof colors have a habit of being darker than the siding because the scheme is naturally pleasing to the eye, and highlights a “top-down” presentation. However, it’s not a golden rule by any standards.

If you do decide to select a different roof color from the siding to try to stay within a “color family”. Simply put there are certain types of colors that blend well with others, and those that are just too extreme and bold to risk featuring on the exterior of a home. For example, a cool color isn’t going to match very well with a warm color.

If you are trying to sell a home, often the best advice is to stick to something predictable. Every home buyer has their own individual tastes so you don’t want to risk going with something so bold that it may turn some people off simply by the siding/roof color combination.

Classic Formula for Deciding on a Siding/Roof Color Match

Still, need some extra guidance? Here’s a very formative, yet near bulletproof 3 step process to finding the right siding and roofing match for your home:

  1. Identify the permanent features of your home. What elements can you change about your exterior? What elements are permanent? For example, you cannot change the color of stone or brick, so if that makes up a decent portion of your facade it is time to decide which colors are going to complement it, instead of vice versa. Here you should also consider outside elements like landscaping or surrounding homes too.
  2. Identify the style of your home. Architecture plays a major role in exterior color schemes, including roof and siding combos. First, start with the location? What is the norm or traditionally looks better in the place in the world you inhabit? Secondly, what type of home do you own? Each architecture style has its own color combinations that notorious work well together. Historical siding and roof matches are sharply different from what works on a modern design.
  3. Understand the basic rules of exterior design. As previously covered in the last section, certain colors just naturally work better together. Experimenting with colors on your roof and siding is usually not the place to do it. Stick to the hard, old-fashioned rules of exterior design.

It’s Important to Match Your Siding and Roof

Finding a match for your siding and roof is not a complicated process. It does require some focus and attention, though. In the end, your eyes don’t lie. Stick with something that makes sense and seems to be popular in your neighborhood, especially if you’re trying to sell soon and need to improve curb appeal.

Matching Siding and Roof Colors

When it comes to matching your roof, the only siding company that will provide you with quality colors is Feldco. We have up to 6 vinyl siding styles and they all come with a variety of colors to choose from. It doesn’t matter what your roof color is, we help you find the right vinyl siding for your roof. Speak to a product specialist and get a free quote online today.

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