What’s the Most Low Maintenance Siding?

Many homeowners desire low maintenance siding for their home. They want something that looks great, is energy efficient and won’t require a lot of time and money to maintain. Not all siding styles can achieve that.

What makes siding low maintenance? You’ll want to consider characteristics such as its resistance to weather and if it’s prone to bug infestation. These are major problems that can be avoided by selecting the right type of siding.

low maintenance siding

In this article, we’ll go over features of low maintenance siding and find out once and for all which type is best for your home. Let’s get started!

Types of Siding

Before we can get started, you’ll need to know the combatants in this battle. There are many different styles of siding available and knowing them is the first step to finding the perfect cladding for your home. We’ve compiled a list of the most popular options below:

  • Vinyl siding – an extremely versatile and beautiful siding that’s made out of vinyl panels pieced together
  • Wood siding – known for its beauty, wood siding is the most expensive option available
  • Aluminum siding – extremely durable cladding option that struggles in warmer weather
  • Fiber cement siding– made of a mixture of sand, cement and cellulose fibers. It’s a very difficult siding to install and thus very expensive
  • Stucco siding – a cement and sand or lime mixture. Much like fiber cement, it’s difficult to install and very expensive
  • Asbestos siding – made when you mix cement with asbestos. It’s the most dangerous option because it’s made with asbestos
  • Fiberglass siding– a newer, more unique cladding option, fiberglass siding is expensive and doesn’t have many customization options

Characteristics of Low Maintenance Siding

Low maintenance siding has several characteristics that help differentiate it from its peers. Certain features like weather resistance and durability help make certain siding more low maintenance and will keep it looking good years after it’s installed.

The following few sections go into greater detail about each low maintenance feature and explain which siding materials meet that requirement. It’ll help us determine which siding style requires the least maintenance.

Mother Nature Doesn’t Stand a Chance: Weather Resistant

Weather plays a major roll in the amount of maintenance your siding needs – especially in the Midwest. Heavy wind, hail and violent storms can all take a toll on your cladding so it’s important to find a siding that can handle the weather.

One of the biggest problems for some siding materials is moisture retention. It can warp, expand and rot the siding making it look extremely ugly and in need of repair. Wood, fiber cement and stucco all have problems with moisture retention.

weather resistant siding

Sun rays can also effect your siding. Fading colors and sun damage can both hurt your home’s aesthetics and curb appeal. Again, wood has major problems with the weather. Aluminum absorbs the suns rays, making your home extremely hot and, at times, almost unlivable.

Your siding needs to be able to handle a pumbling from wind and hail, be water resistant and won’t fade from the suns rays. Vinyl siding checks all of those boxes because it’s built specifically to handle any weather condition thrown its way.

Siding Must Prevent Mold and Insects

It’s no secret that mold is dangerous. Not only can it cause respiratory problems but mold also attracts all sorts of insects like gnats and cockroaches. Having a low maintenance siding can make a major difference in preventing mold and insect problems.

Some types of siding are prone to mold. This is because they absorb and hold onto moisture causing it to rot. If the rotting siding isn’t treated immediately, mold will spread and insects will flock to your home.

There’s another insect that can cause major headaches for you: termites. Some sidings styles, such as wood, are prone to having termite infestations. Termites are a problem you should avoid at all costs because they’ll literally eat your siding.

Durable: Low Maintenance Siding Can Handle Anything Thrown at It

As you already know, some types of siding are tough – they can withstand any weather with ease. However, vinyl siding can handle more than just the weather making it the most durable cladding available.

Vinyl siding is impact resistant – something most siding styles can’t say. There’s a foam insulation layer that’s installed beneath the siding panels for insulation but it also absorbs impact. Whenever your vinyl siding is hit, the shock is absorbed by the foam and your siding won’t crack or dent like aluminum siding.

Requires Very Little Time and Money Post Installation

Keeping your siding looking good can cost you a lot of time and money. However, choosing the right material can greatly decrease maintenance costs. Some siding options like wood and asbestos require a lot more attention which will end up costing you in the long run.

For instance, wood siding will need to be painted and stained every few years in order to keep its elegant looks. You’ll spend an arm and a leg even after installation to keep it looking beautiful.

vinyl siding will save you money and time

Same can be said for siding like aluminum or fiberglass which have the possibility of being dented and dinged when struck. It’s best to get a siding material that won’t have consistant problems and can almost be forgotten about once installed.

The Most Low Maintenance Siding Is…

Vinyl siding – was there ever a doubt? With the exception of a cleaning once in a while, there’s no real work to having vinyl siding. It doesn’t warp or rot, you don’t have to work about impact damage and the colors won’t fade over time. It truly is the most low maintenance siding.

Feldco is the Midwest’s vinyl siding leader. You can rest assured knowing you’re getting a durable, low maintenance product that’s installed by the industry’s best siding installers. Get a free quote now and see why over 400,000 homeowners have trusted us.

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