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Laundry Room Makeover: Take Your Laundry Room to the Next Level

You might think of your laundry room as the place to clean your clothes and nothing else. You never want to be in there because it’s the most boring room of your home. Plus, it’s synonymous with doing your laundry. However, with a laundry room makeover, it can be so much more than that.

With a few changes, you can have a more beautiful and functional laundry room. It’ll be easier to get your clothes cleaned and it can even be a beautiful entry point into your home.

laundry room makeover

In this article, we’ll show you a few ways you can enhance your laundry room and make it something you can be proud of. Get ready, because you’re about to love your laundry room.

A New Washer and Dryer Can Make a World of Difference

Your washing machine and dryer are the largest things in the room and can be the centerpieces of your laundry room makeover. The room is usually dedicated to washing and drying your dirty clothes, so it’s important that you find machines that are both beautiful and functional.

We’ll start off with the obvious: stainless steel appliances are trending right now and it’s no different for your washing machine and dryer. While whites and blacks were “the way to go” in the past, everyone is getting stainless steel now. This is because they’re sleek, easier to clean and don’t clash with any colors or designs. They’re perfect for washers and dryers.

There are two main types of washers and dryers – front-loaders and top-loaders. Front-loaders open in the front while top-loaders open on the top (pretty self-explanatory). We’ll go over the benefits of each style below.

Front-Loader vs Top-Loader

You might be wondering what could possibly be different about washers and dryers. There are major differences between front and top loaders that you should know before purchasing one or the other. For instance, front-loaders are better at cleaning clothes. They remove more stains from fabrics because of the unique motion of the front washer.

Also, front-loading washers save more water than top-loaders. They use 5 fewer gallons of water per rinse cycle. That’s a lot of water per year that you’ll be saving! Also, both front-loading washers and dryers are more energy efficient and use less power to operate.

front loading=

Top-loading washers and dryers aren’t inferior by any means – they have their own benefits as well. They’re much easier to load and unload than front-loaders because you won’t have to bend up and down to put in/take out clothes. That can’t be good for your back!

Also, top-loaders have less mold and mildew problems. It’s easier for water to evaporate out of open top-loading washer and dryer. So if you don’t clean out your front-loaders, you’ll experience mold. You should note that the top-loading washer and dryer need to be open in-order to experience this benefit.

Neither top nor front loading washers and dryers are better than the other. You need to find out which style is right for you. Because of their energy efficiency and sleek design, front-loaders are trending in laundry room makeovers but that doesn’t mean they’re right for you.

One thing to take into consideration is that some newer, more energy efficient models of washers suggest the use of He detergent. Keep that in mind when selecting a washing machine for your laundry room.

Brighten Up Your Laundry Room with Replacement Windows

Once you’ve picked your washer and dryer, the next step is to find windows for your laundry room makeover. They’ll allow more natural light to enter your home.

It’s also important that the windows are operable because laundry can become stuffy with all of the lint and soaps used while washing clothes. Double hung and casement windows are great styles for a laundry room.


In order to keep your home comfortable year round, you should get vinyl windows. This is because they have insulated frames and glass to help trap heated or cooled air in your home.

Not only will your home be more comfortable thanks to the insulation, but you’ll save money on your energy bills. By trapping heated or cooled air in your home, your furnace and air conditioner won’t have to work as hard to reach your desired temperature.

When Midwest homeowners need replacement vinyl windows, they turn to Feldco. Our premium products and expert installation have earned us the title “America’s #1 Window Company”. Get a free quote now and see why we hold that distinction.

If your laundry room is in the basement, fret not. We have great basement window options such as sliding, awning and hopper windows. You’re bond to find a window that’s right for your laundry room.

Don’t Forget About Window Treatments

If your laundry room is on the first level of your home, window treatments are a must. They’ll prevent people from seeing into your home and give you more privacy. Plus, they help prevent outside air from getting into your home.

Even if your laundry room is on the 2nd level or in the basement, window treatments are a great addition. They can tie the entire room together with their beauty. There are so many different looks and styles that you’re bound to find something you like.

Get New Doors

Did you know that your doors can play a major role in the look of your laundry room? You could replace the washer, dryer and repaint the walls, but it would mean nothing without beautiful doors. We’ll go over your interior and exterior door options so you pick the perfect replacements for your home.

Interior Doors

There are many interior door styles that’re good for your laundry room makeover. The most obvious and traditional option is a swinging door. It opens on a hinge with the twist of a knob. It’s simple but there’s a reason swinging doors are the most common interior door style.

If you want to have a more unique door, get a sliding door. They slide along a pole that’s installed above the door opening and move from side to side. They’re also known as barn doors.

Another type of sliding interior door is a hidden door. It slides into a hole made in the edge of your wall. You pull them out using a hook that’s on the edge of the door slab. Hidden doors were more common in the mid-20th century but are still a good option for laundry rooms.

Accordion doors work exactly how they sound. They open by following into themselves like an accordion. Much like hidden doors, accordion doors were more common in the past but still could be used as a laundry room door.

Entry Doors

In many homes, the laundry room is where people enter from their back door. That’s why it’s important to find a great entry door for your laundry room. It can change the look of your room both inside and out.

laundry room door

Let’s start out with the best material for your entry doors. Steel and fiberglass are both great entry door styles for Midwest homeowners. They have a foam core that prevents heated or cooled air from escaping through the door slab.

Also, steel and fiberglass doors are built to withstand the weather in the Midwest. They won’t warp, rot or expand when exposed to moisture. This will help them last longer than a wood or aluminum door.

With Feldco’s different hardware and color options (including wood grain finishes), you’re bound to find the perfect entry door for your laundry room.

Storm Doors

You can further enhance your entryway with a storm door. While you won’t be able to see them from the inside while your door is closed, they can have a major effect on your laundry room.

Since storm doors are installed on the outside of your entry door, you can open the door without the fear of bugs and animals getting into your home. You’ll be able to enjoy natural light and fresh air whenever you like.

Install New Cabinets and Shelves

It’s important to have a lot of extra storage space in your laundry room. Having more cabinets and shelves will help you store anything you need from detergents to dog treats and anything in between.

There are two routes you can take with new cabinets and shelves: you can make them or you can buy them. By making them, you’ll be able to customize their look and size easily. Also, despite them being more work, you’ll end up saving money. There are many cool laundry room shelf ideas to help get your creative juices flowing.

If you aren’t a handy person, you can always buy laundry room shelves. While you won’t be able to customize exactly how you want them to look, you’ll save a lot of time and energy just buying your cabinets and shelves from a department store.

Add a Side Table to Fold Clothes

Space permitting, having a side table in your laundry room is a great idea. It’ll give you more space to spread out while doing laundry and folding clothes. If you’re starting a laundry room makeover, don’t forget to get a side table.

You could also consider an ironing board for the room. Many people choose boards that fold down from the wall as it’s a great space saving option.

A Fresh Coat of Paint Can Do Wonders

The color of your walls can make a huge difference in the look of your laundry room. It also gives you artistic freedom to personalize it anyway you’d like.

There are a couple things you should keep in mind when painting your laundry room. First, painting the walls a lighter color will help make the room feel much larger. This is because less light is absorbed. The opposite can be said about darker walls  – they absorb more light making your laundry room feel smaller.

lightly painted laundry room

If you plan on selling your home soon, paint your laundry room a neutral color such as white or beige. These colors won’t clash with anything and are more accepted by potential home buyers. It’ll make your home much easier to sell.

Don’t Forget Your Floors

The floor might not seem like a big deal but it can completely tie together your laundry room makeover. You can get ceramic tile, hardwood or even carpeting. The choice is completely up to you, but it does depend on what you’re doing in your laundry room.

For instance, if you plan on doing laundry or washing your clothes, a carpet might not be a great idea. If your washing machine ever overflows, it can ruin the carpeting. Not to mention the large appliance damaging the carpet they’re sitting on.

Color also plays a major role in your laundry room floor. You want it to match your walls, counters and cabinets. Otherwise, it’s going to stick out like a sore thumb and make all the previous work you’ve done in your laundry room pointless. When it doubt, keep it neutral.

You can further inspire yourself with this great laundry room makeover:

Laundry Room Makeover by Nilba Man

Make the Most of Your Laundry Room Makeover

While it isn’t the largest room, you can make the most of your laundry room makeover. Simple changes like replacement windows, a fresh coat of paint and new doors can give the room a total design overhaul. Your washer and dryer are the centerpieces and getting new ones will affect the look of everything else in the room.

Do you need replacement windows or exterior doors for your laundry room? Then get a free quote from Feldco. We’ll make sure to help take your laundry room makeover to the next level with our gorgeous products.

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