10 of the Best Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Investing time and money in your kitchen is extremely wise – it’s a surefire way to improve the value of your home and make it more comfortable.

kitchen remodeling ideas

There are many ways to improve the look and functionality of your kitchen. Anything from changing your sink faucet to replacing your kitchen windows can make a major difference.

After much consideration, we were able to narrow down our list to 10 of the best kitchen remodeling ideas. Keep reading and you’ll learn the best ways to improve your kitchen.

1. Add a Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands look absolutely gorgeous. They break up the space in your kitchen in a way you can’t do with a table or decorations. They’re visually stunning!

Not only are islands beautiful but they’re extremely useful. Adding one gives you an extra countertop to prep food or can be used as a make shift bar for an extra place to eat. Plus, you can get an island with cabinet space underneath for more storage.

kitchen remodeling ideas

Many people searching for a new home are looking for a newly renovated kitchen – especially one with an island. If you have an island installed, you’re sure to improve your home!

2. Replace Your Windows

Nothing will make you lose your appetite faster than old, worn windows. Replacing your windows is a great way to improve the overall look of your kitchen. Many home seekers are interested in homes with vinyl windows for their superior energy efficiency and simple beauty.

Why is energy efficiency so important?

For one, your home will be more comfortable year round. That’s because heated or cooled air (depending on the season) will be trapped in your home. You’ll also keep the outside temperatures out.

By doing this, your furnace and air conditioner won’t have to work as hard to achieve your desired temperature. You’ll end up saving money on your energy bills.

Getting replacement windows also gives you the ability to customize your kitchen to your liking. You can change your current windows with any style you want. Many homeowners like sliding, picture, garden and double hung windows in their kitchen but you’re not limited by those styles. Mix and match to find the perfect window style or styles for your kitchen.

kitchen remodeling ideas

If you want replacement windows, make sure you hire professional window installers. This isn’t a do it yourself job because if you aren’t sure what you’re doing, it can detract from your home’s energy efficiency and looks. Find a trustworthy company who has been doing window installation for decades, such as Feldco.

3. Update Your Kitchen Appliances

Your kitchen appliances take more abuse than many other appliances in your home. Think of all the food that passes through your fridge, oven and stove – you cook at least once per day, maybe more. With that kind of use, it’s inevitable that you’re going to need to replace them.

When looking for replacement appliances, make sure they’re Energy Star certified. That means they’re the best of the best in energy efficiency and they’ll use less power. In turn, you’ll save money on your electric bill each month. From stoves, microwaves, refrigerators, wine coolers to indoor grills and griddles, make sure you’re saving energy wherever possible.

The trend with kitchen appliances is to get stainless steel. This is because they look sleek, are easy to maintain and don’t show stains. Plus, they’ll match any style of cabinets or counter tops. They’re perfect for any home.

kitchen remodeling ideas

4. Add a Backsplash

Backsplashes are great to have behind stoves or sinks. They prevent your walls from getting splashed with food as you cook or clean. Choose from glass, marble or other natural stone backsplashes for a unique look.

Backsplashes are desired by almost any homeowner. So whether you’re considering selling your house soon or plan on enjoying it yourself, a backsplash is a fantastic investment.

5. Install a Patio Door

If you have an old patio door in your kitchen now, getting a replacement might be a great idea. Whether you get a sliding patio door or a French patio door, you’ll enjoy more natural light in your home.

Not only will it look good, but a patio door also allows you to control the air flow in your kitchen, which is important. If you want to cool down and enjoy fresh air while cooking, a patio door will allow that.

Like windows, if you’re interested in getting a replacement patio door for your kitchen, make sure you hire a professional. One wrong move when installing a door could make the entire project a complete nightmare.

6. Get New Countertops

This is one of the more obvious but forgotten kitchen remodeling ideas. While everyone is changing their appliances or floors, their countertops go unnoticed. It’s extremely important though because countertops can change the overall look of your kitchen – for better or for worse.

From granite to laminate and everything in between, there are many countertop materials to choose form. Many come in different colors and can be cut to fit any counter size and shape. Find one that best matches your kitchen’s style.

7. Paint Your Kitchen

A fresh coat of paint is a great way to customize your kitchen. You can paint your kitchen any way you like but there are a few things you should know before choosing a color:

  • Darker paints can make your kitchen feel smaller and claustrophobic
  • If you don’t match your paint color with the counters, countertops and appliances, there could be clashing colors that won’t look good
  • When you plan on selling your home, make sure your kitchen is painted a neutral color such as off-white or beige. For the most part, this is what potential home buyers want in their kitchen

With all that in mind, don’t be afraid to make your kitchen the way you want, especially if you’ll be staying in your home for a while. You want to feel comfortable in your home!

It’s also important to keep in mind that it’s much easier to clean and maintain an eggshell, beige or off white wall.

8. Change Your Sink Faucet

This may seem like one of the smaller kitchen remodeling ideas but a new sink faucet can do wonders for your kitchen. Your old faucets may look dirty, grimy and worn from years of use. In fact, much like your kitchen appliances, they face a lot of abuse. They’re used whenever you need to clean stuck-on grime from dishes or to wash your hands before or after meals.

A good investment would be a stainless steel faucet. Not only would it match your stainless steel appliances from tip 3, but it’ll match the rest of your kitchen no matter what color and style you choose for everything else. Plus, stainless steel is easy to maintain and lasts longer than other materials. It’s perfect for your kitchen sink faucet.

9. Add More Kitchen Storage/ Improve Current Storage

It’s never a bad idea to add more storage to your kitchen. Whether it’s an island, more cabinets or shelves, it’ll be much easier for you to store everything you need. Perspective home buyers love it as well.

If you have no room to add more storage, don’t fret. Replacing your old cabinets and shelves with new ones is a great way to improve the look and functionality of your kitchen.  Plus, old, worn and faded cabinets can be an absolute eye sore and you’ll want to get rid of them!

10. Add More Light

The last thing you want is a dark kitchen. Imagine cutting meat or vegetables in dim lighting – that’s a recipe for disaster (no pun intended). For your safety, make sure you have enough lights in your kitchen.

There are many different types of lights that look great in a kitchen, including:

  • Pendant lights – decorative light fixtures that hang from the ceiling
  • Recessed lights – the lights are recessed into the ceiling
  • Track lights – lights that are suspended from a track. This style of lights gives you the most freedom because the track can be long, short, straight or curved
  • Wall lights – a light fixture installed on a wall rather than a ceiling
  • Cabinet fixtures – lights installed to the bottom of your cabinet
  • Chandeliers – large decorative light displays that hang from the ceiling

If you don’t have electricity running to where you’d like to hang one of these lights, you should hire a professional.

kitchen remodeling ideas

The color of your kitchen lights also makes a huge difference. You can get a standard white light which will make everything look bright or you can choose a different color light. Another common light color is yellow.

It’s Important to Remodel Your Kitchen

Remodeling your kitchen is one of the most important things you can do for your home. It should be the first part of your home that you remodel.

It’s important to know why remodeling your kitchen is so necessary.  It’ll instantaneously increase the value of your home because it’s highly sought after by potential home buyers. No one wants old cabinets, counters and dated designs. Your kitchen should really pop and be efficient.

You can see a lot of the tips above displayed in this video:


Improve the Look of Your Kitchen with These 10 Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Whether you’re planing on selling you home soon or will be living there for the foreseeable future, these 10 kitchen remodeling ideas are a great investment. They’ll improve the look and functionality of your kitchen.

If you need replacement windows or a patio door for your kitchen, Feldco is here to help. You can get a free quote now and we’ll guide you every step of the way. It’s no wonder over 400,000 homeowners have trusted us with their home improvement projects.

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