Insulated Garage Doors for the Win

insulated garage doors

Your garage is a large space that goes unconditioned whether it’s attached or detached. It can become extremely uncomfortable in both the winter and summer months if your garage door isn’t insulated.

The biggest door in your home has a significant impact on your energy efficiency. Insulated garage doors are a must for any homeowner that wants to maximize their home’s value.

Whether you use your garage for parking, storage or even an extra living space, having an insulated garage door provides benefits for every scenario.

Keep Cozy in the Winter with Insulated Garage Doors

winter garage doors

Living in the Midwest, you know that winters get very intense. From subzero temperatures to a couple feet of snow, your garage takes a beating to say the least.

Having a non-insulated garage door basically turns your garage into an extension of the outdoors. This becomes a huge problem for people who keep their vehicles in the garage who want to speed up the process of warming them up in the morning.

Another problem that can occur is exploding cans or bottles for those who have refrigerators in their garages. Installing an insulated garage door will help keep your garage warmer to avoid any of these instances.

Stay Comfortable in the Summer with Insulated Garage Doors

Not only do insulated garage doors keep you warm in the winter, they’ll help you beat the heat in the summer. How can this be possible, you ask?

The answer lies within steel insulated garage doors. Compared to other garage door materials, steel will perform better in the heat than it’s counterparts aluminum and wood.

An aluminum garage door will soak up the sun and retain heat making it hot to the touch which will make the whole garage hotter as well. If the garage is attached to your home, you’ll feel those problems throughout the entire house. You won’t have that problem with steel insulated garage doors.

The Midwest summers are very humid. Wood garage doors are very susceptible to moisture and can easily become damaged if you’re not constantly maintaining it. With all the moisture in the air during the summer, that’s just asking for damage.

Steel insulated garage doors will never warp, expand or rot when exposed to moisture which makes them superior to wood. Your garage will be comfortable year round with steel insulated garage doors.

Smooth and Quiet Operation from Insulated Garage Doors

insulated garage door

Everybody hates a loud, noisy garage door. There’s no need to wake up the neighborhood when you leave in the morning or come home at night. Non-insulated garage doors tend to be louder as they’re not as sturdy and become flimsy with wear.

Insulated garage doors are known to be quieter because they’re solid throughout and can keep their structure in tact better than a non-insulated garage door.

Along with noise reduction, garage doors with insulation will remain easy to use throughout the years because of their increased structural integrity. Your garage door takes a lot of beating between weather and various objects, such as baseballs or basketballs, so it’s no surprise why a more sturdy door will remain easy to operate.

Increase Your Energy Efficiency

For those with a garage attached to their home, investing in an insulated garage door is very well worth it. If your garage door isn’t insulated, then you’re going to see the effects reflected on your heating and cooling bills.

Just because you may not spend a great deal of time in your garage, doesn’t mean that space should go not cared for. It only makes sense to make the largest opening in your home one of the most energy efficient features.

By keeping your garage temperature regulated throughout the year, you’ll see a noticeable difference how much less stress you put on your furnace and air conditioner.

Insulated Garage Doors are Stronger

A single-layer non-insulated garage door stands no chance versus double and triple layer insulated garage doors. As noted earlier, your garage door takes a beating year round. From weather to overly-aggressive games of driveway basketball, your garage door acts as an end all be all barrier to your home.

Weak, flimsy, non-insulated garage doors accumulate dents and dings very easily. This hurts your curb appeal tremendously and also messes with the functionality of your garage door.

Having a strong, steel insulated garage door ensures that your home will remain beautiful no matter what Mother Nature or the neighborhood globetrotter team throws at it.

What’s the Best Insulated Garage Door?

garage door insulation

Wooden garage doors offer excellent aesthetic appeal and have many customization options. However, wooden garage doors have drawbacks that do not mix well with the Midwestern climate.

Although they may look great, wood garage doors require frequent maintenance as they have to be stained or painted to stay looking great. If you don’t keep up with them, your wooden garage door will rot, warp or swell, especially with the weather in the Midwest.

Insulated steel garage doors offer the best in energy efficiency, durability and will cost much less than wood doors. Your steel garage door will be very low maintenance as it’s resistant to weather, warping and cracking.

Also, if you want the look of wooden garage doors but not all the negatives that come with them, you can choose from many wood grain finishes for your steel garage door when you choose Feldco.

You can get a free quote now for the best insulated garage doors in the Midwest.

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