How to Soundproof Your Windows

Have you lost sleep at night due to parties going on down the street, noisy sirens or trains that pass near your home? Do you find it difficult to sit and enjoy a nice book in the evenings or get work done from home? If all loud noises and outside distractions are driving you up the wall, then it may be time for you to consider soundproofing your windows.

Soundproof Blinds

Soundproofing your windows sounds like a project, but it’s not as bad as it seems. There are several different methods and steps that you can take, but ultimately the time and money that you spend soundproofing your windows will depend on your budget and what you’d like to accomplish.

Throughout this article, we’ll outline some of the most popular approaches taken when deciding to soundproof you windows. Choose the approach that is most appropriate for your window soundproofing goals and suitable for your budget.

Cover Your Windows

The first approach we suggest involves completely blocking out your windows. This approach has several different strategies depending on your budget and preference.

  1. If you want to completely cancel out the noise coming in through a window, we’d recommend using a fiberglass soundproofing blanket. These blankets aren’t the least expensive option nor are they the most aesthetically pleasing, however, they’re the most effective soundproofing method.
  2. Another less expensive, but yet still effective method of covering your windows would be to purchase insulation panels and to fit them to the exact size of your window so that there are no gaps. Insulation panels are not the most aesthetically pleasing, but they’re less costly than fiberglass soundproofing blankets and they do an excellent job of canceling out the noise.
  3. Finally, if you don’t want ugly blankets or insulation panels covering your windows, then you can always use simple curtains. Specific types of curtains will do a better job of canceling noise. However, if the noise isn’t ruining your life and you’d like to keep your window area aesthetically pleasing, you can always try to hang curtains over your window in hopes of quieting some of the racket coming from outside.

Try and Cover all of the Tiny Gaps

When looking closely at your window, you’ll probably notice tiny holes, cracks, and gaps between the wall and the window. It’s possible those tiny gaps are responsible for the noise leaking through. If you like the light coming through your window and you don’t want to sacrifice your natural lighting, then a good option for you may be to purchase some acoustic caulk to try and fill those gaps.

If you live in a particularly noisy area, this strategy likely won’t completely soundproof your windows. However, it’s a relatively inexpensive approach, as it allows you to maintain the current aesthetic in your home, and caulk is a very durable and flexible material, allowing it to hold up for a long time.

Soundproof Curtains

Some manufacturers make very thick, multilayered, insulated curtains that do an excellent job of canceling noise inside the house as well as outside. Purchasing these curtains is not the cheapest option that we’ve listed, however, it’s one of the most effective options that we’ve listed so far.

Many of these curtains are also excellent for blocking out sunlight so if you’re someone who needs to work from home and find yourself constantly distracted by noises outside, and glare from the sun coming inside, then soundproof curtains are a great option for you.

A general guide when shopping for soundproof window curtains is to purchase four panels per window and to make sure you get a length that goes from the top of your ceiling to the floor. The more density you can put between your room and your window, the more effective your curtains will be at canceling out the noise.

Adding an Acrylic Layer to Your Window

This is another option for those who aren’t dealing with serious noise problems and want to maintain their current aesthetic while allowing sunlight to pass through.

Adding an acrylic layer is certainly cheaper than replacing the window entirely, and if you aren’t dealing with extremely loud noises coming from outside, then this option is a great way to add an extra barrier to the incoming noise and keep things quieter in your home.

To successfully add an acrylic layer to your window, you need to install a metal bracket in your window frame. Make sure that it’s airtight as you can then use magnets to fasten the acrylic from into the window.

Double-Pane or Soundproof Windows

The final option is likely the most costly option, but is easily the most effective. All of the other options that we’ve recommended are great options as well for those who aren’t dealing with severe noise.

However, for those who live in a more metropolitan area and have to deal with construction work, trains, cars, screaming, or general outside noise, we highly recommend investing in a double-pane or soundproof windows.

Double-pane (or in severe cases triple-pane) windows can reduce noise by up to 60%. If you’re willing to spend the money to invest in peace and quiet, we’d highly recommend this option.

Aside from the price, it’s also important to consider who to hire for the installation your soundproof windows. Not all installers are familiar with the specialized techniques needed when installing soundproof windows. Furthermore, it’s important to work with manufacturers to determine which type of soundproof window best fits your needs and works with your home.

Whether you’re someone who just enjoys the peace and quiet, or someone who can’t seem to get work done with outside distractions, it’s a great idea to invest in soundproof windows.


Throughout this guide, we have provided an assortment of strategies and methods that you can take advantage of to soundproof your windows. Bare in mind that some strategies are more effective than others, and different options will suit different needs. Evaluate your own personal goals and consider your budget before deciding which strategy to deploy. You may even consider deploying more than one of the strategies for the best results.

Soundproof Your Windows

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