How to Install a Smart Lock on Your Entry Door

Smart bulbs, smart garage doors, smart cars—what isn’t automated to be smart these days?  In the last decade, it seems like the average American home quickly transformed into a Smart Home, where everything is linked up and synced up to a smartphone or device.  Although some smart devices you could probably live without (like a smart saltshaker or a smart water bottle), there are some that are lifesavers.  A smart lock is certainly among the must-haves for automated devices.

Ditch your keys and opt for a smart lock on your entry door and you won’t regret it.  Instead of worrying about whether you locked the door and if your home is unsecured, install a smart lock and see for yourself—no matter how far away you are from home.

Installing a smart lock on your entry door isn’t a difficult job, but it doesn’t hurt to know the few basic guidelines for a smooth and easy process.

man using a smart lock on his entry door

There are many types of smart locks on the market.  Luckily, the steps of installing these smart locks will be pretty similar no matter what brand you end up purchasing.  Popular smart locks include:






A smart lock usually consists of three main parts: an exterior cover that may have a keypad and also a lock mechanism for a key (as every good smart lock will have a lock and key mechanism as a failsafe should the lock stop being smart), the deadbolt that secures your entry door, and an interior component that is houses the batteries and circuits.

Before You Begin

Before beginning the process of installing your new lock, make sure that the device works properly.  Do this by inserting batteries and turning it on.  Test to see if the lock powers up and when finished, press the factory reset on the lock device if you changed any settings.  Resetting the lock before you go to install it is an essential step as the lock will adjust itself for a left-facing or right-facing door

Remove the Old Lock

Of course, before you install the new lock, you’ll need to remove the existing one.  Standard locks are easy to remove.  Begin with locating the two screws on the interior turn piece and unscrew them.  Open the door and find the front side of the lock where you would insert your key.  This part should be loose now so pull it off to remove it.  Finally, look to the side of the entry door and find the deadbolt.  Unscrew the top and bottom screw that secures the deadbolt into place.  This is the last piece that needs to be removed.

removing an old door lock

Installing Your New Smart Lock

You’ll first slide the bolt into the doorframe.  Keep the top of the device facing up while making sure the bolt’s interior is centered with the door well.  It should be easy to make sure the bolt is centered because you’ll be aligning it in the door’s empty hole.  The three holes in the bolt assembly should be as centered as possible.  On a standard lock (and smart lock), you can adjust the bolt by either shortening it or lengthening it in order to get the bolt centered.  Most locks can adjust by means of twisting or use of a screwdriver.  Once you have it centered, secure the lock with the two screws.

Next, get the component that will be on the outside of the door.  It will be the keypad and the part should have an electronic wire.  Insert this device into the door and thread the thin bar with the electronic ware through the middle hole of the bolt assembly you put into place previously.  It will be the only hole that this piece fits into so it will be quite simple to determine where this piece goes.  Slide the wiring under the bolt hardware while being careful not to pinch or damage the wiring.

installing a new smart locking system

If your smart lock brand comes with a steel or plastic plate that is meant to go on the interior of the door, now is the time to secure this into place.  There should be a place to continue to run the wire through the front of the plate.  Next, install the two screws to secure the plate into place.  If there isn’t a plate, you’ll likely just skip to installing the two screws to attach the interior piece without the plate.

Then, take the wire from the outdoor part and connect it to the interior assembly.  In most smart locks, there should be a channel to thread the wire to prevent it from getting cinched.  Once the wire is threaded through and connected, go ahead and secure it with screws.

Finally, insert your batteries.  When the lock is turned on, it will determine which way the door faces and it may unlock and lock as part of its testing process.  Your last step is connecting and pairing the smart lock with your app.  You’ll be asked to establish a PIN if the smart lock has a keypad.

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