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How Do Replacement Windows Work?

It’s that time—time to replace your windows.  Your old windows are drafty, old, and prone to condensation.  Any type of home, new or old, benefits from replacement windows, but how exactly do they work?

replacement windows work

The process is quite simple, which is why window replacements are often regarded as one of the initial upgrades homeowners choose to do for their homes.  Not only are they relatively easy when it comes to installation, but the benefits are noticeable immediately.

Old Window Removal

Replacement windows begin with the removal of the old windows.  The crew will place drop cloths and dust barriers inside and outside to protect your landscaping and the interior of your home.  Window installation isn’t particularly dusty, but the best companies do this anyway to prevent any debris from being tracked through the house or flowerbeds from being destroyed.

Ropes from the window sash weights are cut and the crew will likely stack the old windows out of the way from the installation sites.  Depending on the size of the installation crew and how many windows you are having replaced, the process will go rather quickly, and as soon as an old window is taken out, a new one will go in.

The Installation of Replacement Windows

The entire process of removal and replacement is often spread out over the course of two or three days, depending on the house size and corresponding amount of windows. You’ll notice that crews will begin the project of replacing windows bright and early.

With replacement windows, no new opening on the exterior has to be created.  Windows are measured to fit the existing opening and the company will specially order them for the home.  This limits the amount of damage and dramatically cuts down on the time it takes to install.

In comparison to brand-new windows, where an opening must be created, replacement windows are quicker, cleaner in terms of installing, and much cheaper because the opening is already there for the crew to work with.

For average-sized houses, the second day of work for the crew will conclude the process of window installation.  Exterior trim, called cladding, is often installed on the windows, allowing for a nice, tight seal to protect your new replacement window and your home’s interior against the weather.

Being Present for the Installation

Should you be present for the installation process?  Yes, it’s always a good idea to be in your home when your replacement windows are being installed.  This is true even if the window company has a sterling, trustworthy reputation.  That way, you can keep an eye on your valuables, your pets if you have them, and you can be present should you need to answer any questions the workers may have.

If you’re opting for just a few windows in your home to be replaced, then you might not need to be there for the installation, as it won’t take very long for the installers to replace two or three windows, but for an entire house-worth of windows—that’s a different story.

Replacing all of the windows of a home is an invasive and time-consuming process that can take two or even three days, so it’s certainly smart to be there while the company does it.

Call the Window Replacement Professionals

You can install replacement windows yourself, but you’ll need lots of time and patience to do so.  Taking on such a project yourself will also require some background knowledge on how windows work, their anatomy, and you’ll also need a few tools like a level, measuring tape, drill, hammer, chisel, pry bar, saw, shims, finishing nails, caulk, and the actual replacement window—just to name a few key items on your checklist.

This process will require you to remove the old window yourself, set and level the new replacement window, and drill, cut, and caulk it into place.  Precision, patience, and a good amount of time are a must, and if you’re short on any of these three ingredients, then definitely consider calling in a professional window installer.

window replacement professional

Sure, you’ll be paying a little more to have them come out and install it, but the whole point is for the window to be installed correctly—not just so it looks good, but so it serves its function in energy efficiency, temperature regulation, and condensation and moisture prevention.

The Benefits of Replacing Your Windows

Window companies will often have promotional deals during certain times throughout the year, and these sales are something you should consider taking advantage of.  If you’ve got a home full of old windows that need replacing, then this is something to be on the lookout for.

New windows can seriously upgrade your house and you’d be surprised at how many benefits come along with the simple aesthetics.  You’ll begin to notice savings on your monthly energy bills right away, drafts will disappear with new replacement windows, the temperature inside your home will be consistent and reliable, and you’ll subsequently increase the value of your home.

Since 1976, Feldco has done an amazing job on window replacement across the Midwest. We start with great products that are built with argon gas which can save you thousands of dollars on energy costs.

Next, we have factory trained installers with many years of experience that are capable of completing the window replacement project efficiently. Last but not least, we have many showrooms across the Midwest and that’s why we have helped over 400,000 homeowners with their home improvement goals. Speak to a product specialist and get a free quote online today.

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