How Are Replacement Windows Installed?

Replacement windows are a great investment in your home, especially if you’re thinking about putting your home on the market in the next year or so. According to current estimates, homeowners that replace windows in a home before they sell it can recoup up to 80% of the cost since new windows add value to the home.

Replacing windows is one of those home maintenance chores that buyers don’t want to have to do. So they’re much more likely to make an offer on a home that had replacement windows recently installed.

Even if you’re not planning on selling your home, replacing the windows is a smart investment for your home. Replacing the windows will make your home look a lot nicer and will give your home much better curb appeal. In addition, it will improve the natural light flow inside the home. The biggest benefit of installing replacement windows is the energy savings that you will get.

It costs more every year to heat and cool homes, especially in hot climates where temperatures are rising every year. Replacing your home’s old, drafty, cracked or rotting windows will save you money and help you enjoy your home even more.

how are replacement windows installed

Do Your Windows Need Replacing?

If your windows aren’t that old, they might not even need replacing. Some maintenance and fixing small problems might be enough to get your windows back to their original beauty and efficiency.

However, if your home is a vintage charmer with original windows or if you have noticed lately that your windows aren’t looking or functioning the way that they should then it’s probably time to replace them. If you have lived in your home for 20 years or more and you have never replaced the windows then it’s probably time to replace them.

If you can see visible damage, rotting, warping, cracking or peeling in your window frames then it’s time to have them replaced.

Replacement Window Installation

There are two different ways that replacement windows can be installed, and the method of installation will affect the price that you pay for those replacement windows. The first method of installing replacement windows is to pull out not only the window but the trim around the window as well.

This process will involve removing some of the trim from the home’s exterior and replacing it after the new window is put in. This method of complete window replacement and the shell around the window is the best way to make the new windows the most energy efficient that they can be.

When the new window and frame are put in the installer can add insulation and make sure that the window and frame are completely sealed to prevent air leakage and to prevent cold and warm air from seeping in from the outside. This method is time and labor intensive and requires sections of the outside of the home to be cut and then repaired again and it adds quite a bit to the price of replacement windows.

If your home is very old and has the original windows you may want to replace the windows using this method even though it will cost more because older homes aren’t notoriously energy efficient and the energy savings that you get from this method of installation will more than cover the cost of the window replacement as the years go by.

The second method of replacement window installation is for the contractor to replace the windows into the existing frame. Consequently, there’s less labor needed and no cutting or repairing the outside of the home this method is required.

However, in order for this method of installing replacement windows to be the best choice for your home, the existing frames for your windows must be in good shape or at least repairable. It also lowers the cost if your windows are standard sizes so that new replacement windows can fit easily into the frames.

If your home was built within the last 10-20 years you can probably use this method of window replacement.

Repairing Windows

Another option that homeowners have is to get their existing windows repaired instead of replaced. If your windows are in relatively good shape then your contractor may be able to repair them instead of replacing them.

Things like damaged frames, broken sashes, and other common problems that occur over time may be fixable if you hire an experienced contractor. If you don’t need to completely replace the windows you can improve the look and efficiency of your existing windows at an affordable cost.

The Best Types Of Replacement Windows

new replacement windows installed by a professional

If you do need to replace the windows in your home then you have several options when it comes to choosing those new windows. Windows with a vinyl frame are the most common and the most popular type of replacement window. Vinyl replacement windows are designed to last anywhere from 20-40 years with minimal wear and tear.

They’re sturdy and they’re usually cut in standard sizes although you can order custom sizes if you have windows that are unusually large or small. Vinyl windows are durable, affordable, and will look good without much maintenance. That’s why most homeowners choose vinyl replacement windows. But they aren’t the only option.

Replacement windows with wooden frames look great in vintage homes, but they don’t last for as long as windows should last. They can rot, warp, crack and have all the other problems that original vintage windows are prone to having.

A better solution if you want the vintage charm and character of wood window frames is to choose aluminum window frames with wood cladding. On the aluminum and wood window frames, there’s a wooden frame with a custom paint color or stain placed over the interior aluminum window frame.

Aluminum framed replacement windows are very durable and will last for decades but they aren’t very attractive looking. Putting an attractive wooden frame over the inside and outside of the window frame will give your home the look and vintage appeal of wooden windows while also giving you the strength and durability of aluminum windows. It’s the best of both worlds.

The cost of the windows can be considered an investment in the home since part of the value of the home is keeping that vintage charm for you and your family to enjoy and for the next owners to enjoy as well if you want to sell the home sooner rather than later.

Window Replacement Done by Feldco

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