Garage Storage Ideas to Help Clean Up the Mess

Chances are your garage is the most cluttered room of your home. Every spring you tell yourself to clean up the garage so it doesn’t get disorganized again. Most of the time, your efforts fall short. We’re here to give you garage storage ideas to end the problem once and for all.

garage storage ideas

Once you finally get your garage organized in an efficient and convenient manner, you can say goodbye to the days of not being able to find something or tripping over loose equipment.

Having neat storage in your garage will not only make it look better, it’ll make your life easier and safer. In this article, we’ll go over some of the garage storage ideas that we believe are the best and most effective.

Think Before You Clean

Before you can even start your garage storage project, you need to have a plan. If you start trying to organize and clean things on the fly, you’ll end up with no real organization and soon enough your garage will be back to a mess.

One of the best ways to think of an organization plan is to actually figure out what you’ll be organizing. What we mean is to go through everything in your garage and pick out what you do and don’t need.

Getting rid of unnecessary items will make it easier for you to store everything in an efficient way. Once you’ve gathered up all the items you don’t need, you can sell, donate or simply throw them away.

Once you’ve accounted for all of the items you’re going to keep in the garage, you can begin to utilize the garage storage ideas we go over below.

Garage Wall Storage

garage storage ideas

One of the most common and effective garage storage ideas are found on the walls. When done correctly, storing items on the walls of your garage is a very convenient method of organization.

Pegboards are an extremely common garage storage tactic. You can store various tools and equipment using hooks or shelves that stick into the peg holes.

However, pegboards can’t hold up very heavy items. They’re usually used for hand tools and small lawn care equipment.

For heavier items you want to store on the walls, you can use sturdy shelving or even a cabinet system.

You can label the cabinets or shelf sections to make it easier when finding items and putting them back.

Another popular wall storage idea is to install a hook system that can hold heavier items such as bikes.

Overhead Garage Storage

If you have enough room, you can use the ceiling for garage storage. For those who have ceiling rafters exposed in their garage, you already have a storage system readily available.

Simply lay down some sturdy wood on the rafters and you can store things up there. If your garage ceiling is closed up, you can build or buy an overhead garage storage.

Using overhead storage is very effective for items that seldom get used, such as holiday decorations or seasonal maintenance equipment.

If you do decide to store items overhead, be sure that the system is strong enough and installed correctly so it can handle what you’re going to store up there.

Keep Items Off the Floor

garage storage

One of the most common problems with garages is there are too many things piled up on the ground and they get in the way.

Having a lot of items stored on the ground causes some safety concerns because you can trip over them easily.

A simple solution to this problem is to keep as many things off of the floor as possible. Whether that means hanging things up on the walls, storing them overhead or simply getting rid of items you no longer use.

Plus, when there are less things laying around on the ground, it’ll make your garage look bigger.

Some Items Don’t Belong in the Garage

To make your garage storage even easier, you should know that there are some items that shouldn’t be stored in your garage at all.

Whether it’s for safety reasons or sanitary purposes, you might be surprised at what you shouldn’t keep in your garage.

For those that have pets, it’s not a good idea to keep the bags or bins of food in the garage. That’s just asking for mice and other critters to invade the area.

Also, many people like to store propane in the garage. However, it’s actually perfectly okay to store propane outside. Storing propane inside creates a higher possibility of the tank exploding due to less ventilation and fumes from your car.

Find out more about what shouldn’t be in your garage by reading this article we wrote.

Keep Your Garage Neat with these Garage Storage Ideas

Your garage is one of the largest rooms of your home so it’s important that you keep it looking nice and tidy. By having a solid layout of storage systems, you can say goodbye to the days of spring cleaning every year because everything is thrown all over.

Some garage storage ideas can be as simple as hanging a pegboard or you can go all out and build a custom cabinet system.

When you’re taking on your garage storage project and you find that your garage door is out of whack, doesn’t work or is just too old, trust Feldco for the best garage door replacement in the Midwest.

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