Garage Doors with Windows Have Many Benefits

It’s time for you to purchase a new garage door. Congratulations! A number of things may have played into your decision. Perhaps you’re upgrading your home from an unattractive door to an attractive one or your garage door has broken and you’re looking for a more reliable replacement.

garage doors with windows

Maybe you’re looking to improve your curb appeal. Did you just have brand new, gorgeous windows installed in your house and you’re looking for a garage door to match? Whatever your reason, a feature of your garage door worth consideration is windows.

Do you want a garage door with windows? You’ll be considering a myriad of factors when making your purchase, but windows are a good place to start. To window or not to window? It may seem like a meaningless distinction at first, but a lot of benefits come with garage door windows. A few of them are listed below.

Natural Light

the inside of a garage

Several factors will play into your decision to get a garage door with windows, but the benefits are certainly appealing. One such benefit is natural lighting. When you install a garage door with windows, you won’t have to stumble through the dark any longer.

The gray gloom of a garage lit only by a small bulb is gone forever. Baseball mitts are easier to find. Your bike is easier to unhook and get out the back door. Even the beginning of a long road trip seems cheerier.

Nothing beats natural light. It’s a necessity in your home; why not in your garage?

Besides vanishing the gloom and preventing bumped shins, it also saves on energy. Most of us, at one time or another, have forgotten to turn off the garage light, not realizing our mistake for hours. Precious natural resources are wasted, and your energy bill also takes a punch. With windows, you’ll only turn your light on for the rare nighttime garage hunt, saving you money each year on utilities.

Aesthetic Appeal

large windows on a garage door

Your motive in getting a new garage door may very well be home improvement. Perhaps your old, wooden door was cracked and peeling ugly flakes of white paint, or you bought a new house, intent on a full remodel. Maybe your neighbors have started to upgrade, and you want a bit of good old fashioned “keeping up with the joneses” fun. Even if mere necessity has caused you to look for a new garage door, you’re still interested in something attractive.

One of the benefits of garage door windows is their aesthetic appeal. Instead of a solid block of panels, windows break up the monotonous pattern and create something fresh looking. With multiple sizes and shapes, they add curve and contrast to an otherwise dull door. With a faint glimmer in the early morning, they’ll even reflect the beauty of the sun.

Besides making the garage door attractive in its own right, windows also increase the aesthetic appeal of your entire home. If you’ve just remodeled the exterior of your house, the garage door may seem drab by comparison.

Some homeowners even buy a new garage door to match their new home windows. If you’ve replaced all your windows with a beautiful, striking new style, you’ll absolutely want your garage door to match. That level of customization will have you the pride of the neighborhood!


Carriage Garage Doors

Speaking of customization, let’s talk about style. Beauty is one of your passions. It may be why you’re looking for a garage door in the first place. You love to surround yourself with charm, to cultivate a better life. That’s why, when looking for your garage door, you want options.

Beauty isn’t just an end goal; for you it’s a creative process. You want to weight this detail and that. When you arrive home each night, you want to be able to look at your garage door and heave a sigh of satisfaction. I designed that, you’ll think. And it’s true. Because with windows, the customization options expand.

Perhaps you want the charming, rustic horizontal cross. Maybe you want it in long panel: small checkers of window glass in two frames. Or perhaps you want it in short panel, with four crosses evenly spaced.

Maybe you’re looking for something more striking: a center diamond that hails the structure of a stained glass window. Or a delicate network of horizontal lines that’s reminiscent of the roaring twenties and millionaire row.

Perhaps you want a couple of wagon-wheel windows that send out upward rays. Perhaps you’re hoping for a full sunrise, with lines reaching to the corners of a single dome.

Whatever you choose, you’ll bask in the satisfaction of a garage door well designed, perfectly suited to your vision.

Besides the beauty of design, you’ll also want to consider the types of glass available to you. Are you interested in tempered glass? (Maybe you have a budding baseball player in the family and want your windows sturdier.) Perhaps solar bronze is more your style. With a warm copper finish, it’s attractive but also practical, helping block solar heat. Insulated glass is also an option, keeping your garage warmer. This glass would be especially important if you plan to make the garage part of your home.

Common Concerns

A few concerns pop up when garage door windows are discussed. Won’t people be able to see into my garage? What if the glass breaks?

While these are legitimate concerns, they’re not serious enough to stop you from purchasing a more attractive door. While windows are less stable than a solid door, tempered glass easily stops that stray golf ball or lawn-mower flung rock.

Most garage windows are too high up for passersby to take a peek. So unless you have regular dog walkers strolling up your driveway to snoop, you don’t have to worry about nosy neighbors taking stock of your garage inventory.

If night-time crime is a concern in your neighborhood, alleviate your concerns with tinted glass. With a dark garage and tinted glass, your valuables will remain hidden from prying eyes.

Garage Doors with Windows Are Awesome

When it comes to increasing your curb appeal, a beautiful garage door is a win. It is, after all, a huge portion of the face of your home. Whether you want a sunrise window or a series of simple panels, you’ll be able to match your garage door to the beauty of your home.

You’ll enjoy the pleasure of natural light. Most of all, you’ll be able to take pride in the door you customized yourself.

When you go with a company like Feldco, you’ll be able to create the garage door of your dreams. Since 1976, we’ve satisfied over 400,000 homeowners with their home improvement projects. Get a free quote now to start your garage door replacement.

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