How Professional Garage Door Installation Can Prevent Accidents

We all strive to be a self-sufficient homeowner, especially when it means taking pride in the work you do yourself to your home, but there are some projects that are best left to the professionals.

Garage doors and their maintenance should be left to the care of experienced and trained professionals, as there are numerous working parts, mechanisms and potential crises that occur when unpracticed DIYers make an attempt to fix their automatic door.

garage door installation

A Professional Installer Knows Their Way Around a Garage Door

Even the toughest of us can admit that garage doors aren’t exactly the lightest objects of a home to work with.  Garage doors are bulky and difficult to manage, especially if they’re broken or non-operational.

If you’re a garage door novice and aren’t sure where to begin in fixing your door, there is certainly a higher risk of injury if you’re attempting to fix it yourself.  The more time you spend underneath the door trying to lift it, the greater the chance that door is going to fall and injure you.

A professional garage door installer understands how a garage door operates, how heavy they are, and are experienced in handling them and practicing routine safety measures.  Each home is different, and your home may have an older automatic garage door with little information provided on how to fix it.

There is also the aspect of working with electricity, which can be as dangerous as it is tricky.  For someone who is untrained in dealing with hooking up such powerful appliances, an improper installation can lead to an accident.  If done incorrectly, your door may not operate as it’s designed to, and you’re risking the chance of it falling on your car or on someone beneath it.

Professional installers are trained in nearly every model of door, and armed with this knowledge, are able to get your door up and running without risking injuries.  An expert installer will be able to work with your specific garage door and install it so that you won’t be putting yourself at risk of setting it up incorrectly or causing a potential accident to occur.

Professional Installers Will Install Your Door Correctly

In repairs, it doesn’t matter how ancient your garage door is because professional installers have seen it all.  Garage door installers have repaired and installed all different types of garage doors—that’s their job!  The United States alone is seeing an immense growth of injuries caused or related to automatic garage doors.

If you aren’t familiar with the intricacies of installing garage doors, then you’re putting yourself at risk of hurting yourself in the process when you could have a professional come in and install your door in half of the time.  In the common scenario of a homeowner installing a garage door incorrectly, you could be putting your own family at risk of an accident.

DIYers should leave this job to a trained installer.  There is too much at risk for a garage door installed by someone unfamiliar with the workings and operations of an automatic garage door.  The door could fall on someone underneath it or even on your car as you’re entering or exiting the garage.  More and more, the numbers have increased in situations similar to these, causing injuries and even fatalities across the nation.

An Experienced Garage Door Installer is Trained and Well-Practiced

You may not realize it, but there are a lot of parts and pieces that go into the smooth operation of an automatic garage door.  Springs, electricity, tracking, safety systems and jambs are just to name a few of the parts that make up the workings of the door.

If you don’t know what you’re doing in the installation process and find yourself relying on a vague operational guide and maybe some online videos, then consider calling in a professional.

Avoid getting your hand trapped and potentially managed in the series of tension springs in a garage door by calling in a professional installer.  A garage door installer understands how to install an automatic garage door in just a few hours, or even less.

A garage door professional can analyze what garage door system you have and be able to use his or her expertise to cut down on the time it would take an untrained person to install the door.  The best part—you don’t have to worry about managing the bulky door or getting your limbs caught in dangerous springs!

Save Your Skin—Call in the Professionals

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS), there are more than 15,000 injuries reportedly treated by hospitals and emergency rooms nationwide.  If you aren’t convinced enough at this point to hire a professional garage door installer, then you may need to educate yourself on the several types of injuries that can occur when an automatic door is not installed correctly.

Pinching injuries affect over 7,000 Americans per year, and this tends to occur when fingers are caught between springs or garage door panels.  Rollers on the tracks can also result in pinching.  Keep your fingers away from the panels, rollers, and tracks and especially be mindful with little children, as they are more than likely to stick their fingers, hands or arms near the operating garage door.

professional garage door installation can prevent accidents

The NEISS reports that there is a growing number of Americans being crushed by a garaged door—over 2,000, in fact.  Installing a garage door may place you beneath the door itself, and for this situation, the door is more than likely to fall on you.

Does your garage door have windows?  Nearly 800 Americans suffer from lacerations because of broken glass from their automatic garage doors.  With all of the tension springs, rollers, tracking, and possibility of the garage door falling from a height that could break the glass of the windows, it is no wonder that these numbers of lacerations are so high.

You may think you can install a garage door without risking any injuries, accidents, or cuts, but there are many aspects of a garage door that can increase these chances.  There is even a greater risk when you’re installing a garage door by yourself with little to no experience.  If something should happen, you may be out of luck when it comes to getting the help you need if an injury occurs.

For Installation, Hire a Professional

The amount of time and energy spent on deciphering the operations and installation of your new garage door—or the repairing of an old garage door—could be used instead to spend a few minutes to search for a garage door installation company to do the job in half of the time.

Garage door installation completed by an experienced and trained professional is a small price to pay for something done correctly, eliminating the chance of deadly and painful accidents in the process.

As homeowners, we all want to imagine that we’re able to teach ourselves how to complete certain projects, and that is mostly true, but for a mechanism with so many working parts that could put you and your family at risk if done improperly, it’s best to call a company that is experienced.

Trust Feldco For a Professional Garage Door Installation

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