Garage Conversion: Add Another Living Space to Your Home

Do you not have enough room in your home? Are there not enough bedrooms so causing people to share? Is there nowhere in your home to entertain guests? If you answered yes to any of these questions, garage conversion might solve all of your problems.

Garage conversion means changing your garage into something other than storage or a place to park your cars. It can be anything imaginable from another bedroom to a family room and anything in between. It’ll open up the space in your home and allow your family to spread out and have more privacy.

garage conversion

In this article, we’ll go over everything you need to know about converting your garage into an extension of your home. You might learn that your garage can be more useful to you than it is now.

Before Starting, Get Permits

Before you can start your garage conversion project, you’ll need to get the right permits. Many towns require permits for major home renovations which may require routing electricity or water lines. When in doubt, call your town hall and see if there are any specific permits you need.

What Are You Going to Convert Your Garage Into?

Don’t start remodeling your garage without a plan – that’s when problems occur. You should have a well devised plan and know exactly what you want to convert your garage into before starting. There are many different options you can go with but we’ll highlight a few of our favorites below.

Extra Bedroom

An extra bedroom comes in handy in many situations. Let’s say the number of kids you have out numbers the amount of available bedrooms in your home. This leads to your kids sharing one room. That’s when bickering and arguing reaches peak levels – a parents’ worst nightmare. If you transform your garage into a bedroom, everyone has their own personal space and everyone is happy.

A garage bedroom also comes in handy when your kids are older. If they’re trying to move and they sell their current home before buying a new one, they’ll need somewhere to stay. Having a garage bedroom gives them a place to go while they’re in between houses without sacrificing anyone’s privacy.

Home Office

Many people work from home and need a designated spot to get stuff done. If their home isn’t big enough to have an office, they might find themselves at the local library. Does this sound like a problem you have?

Fear not because your garage can be converted into your own home office. You’ll have a quiet place to go and work without distraction. You’ll find yourself more productive thanks to this garage conversion idea.

Man Cave

Man caves are usually designated to a basement so it’s out of site. However, some homes don’t have basements or the basement is too small. Does this mean the homeowner doesn’t deserve a man cave? Absolutely not!

If you don’t have a basement, you can always transform your garage into a man cave. You can add a bar, television and even a pool table. Anything you’d like in a man cave can be put in your garage. Watch this video for some garage man cave inspiration:

50 Man Cave Garage Ideas

Family Room

Family rooms are often where homeowners spend time with family and friends but, much like basements, not all homes have them. You can transform your garage into the family room you’ve always wanted.

All you’ll need is a few couches, a television and table and chairs. You can even add a bar or fridge to make the room even more appealing. You’ll have a place everyone will want to gather to bond.

You Can Loft Your Garage for Double the Space

Don’t think that by converting your garage into another room you’ll have to park your cars on the street. You can build a garage loft that essentially doubles the space of your garage. You’ll need a taller garage to do this. You see most lofts in hip roof garages where the ceiling is taller.


A loft makes it possible to park your cars on the first level and have a room lofted above it. This isn’t a do-it-yourself job and can be very dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. If you’re not 100% sure in your abilities, hire a professional to loft your garage.

Start with Your Floors

The garage conversion process starts with your floor. There are a few things you need to do to make sure your garage floor is ready to be converted into a living space.

Raise the Floor

Did you know that your garage floor isn’t level with the rest of your house? It’s true. So if you’re going to convert your garage into a living space, you’ll need to raise the floor first.

Raising the floors of your garage also allows you to insulate them. Concrete can be very cold or warm depending on the temperature outside and make the entire room uncomfortable. When you raise the floor, make sure you add insulation between the concrete and the flooring. It’ll make the floor a consistent temperature with the room.

What Type of Flooring Would You Like?

You have many different options when choosing flooring. Your choice might be determined based on how you’re using your garage conversion. For instance, bedrooms and offices might be  best carpeted. It’s easy to install and very comfortable.

Family rooms or other living spaces are more wide open. Some great options are laminate, tile or epoxy because they’re practical and are aesthetically please. All are perfect for your garage family room. The choice is up to you which is best for your garage.

tile in a garage

Insulated Walls Are Extremely Important

If the walls aren’t insulated, your garage conversion will be a flop. You’ll constantly hear the sound of cars passing by or howling wind. Plus, you’ll feel outside temperatures coming through the walls making the room uncomfortable and no one will want to spend time there.

Make sure there’s foam insulation beneath the drywall of your garage walls. This prevents hot or cold air from outside from getting to your garage and making the room unbearable to be in.

What Are You Going to do With Your Garage Door?

You have an important decision to make: are you going to keep your garage door or get rid of it? Getting rid of the garage door means you can have one unified wall. That being said, it’s important to note how much work it’s going to be to remove your garage door.

You’ll need to remove everything from  the door to the tracks to the opener. Then you’ll need to build an entirely new wall and make sure it’s properly insulated so outside weather doesn’t get into your home. You’ll need to make sure the exterior of this new wall matches the rest of your home as well otherwise you’ll hurt your curb appeal.

There are several benefits to keeping your garage door. You’ll have an easy way out of your garage in case of an emergency. Plus, there’s far less work involved if you just keep your garage door and don’t build a wall.

garage door

Don’t think your missing out on insulation if you keep your garage door either. Steel garage doors can be foam-filled for better energy efficiency and noise reduction. Feldco is the Midwest’s leading garage door installation company. Get a free quote now and see why over 400,000 homeowners have trusted us.

Add Windows for More Natural Light

Since you’ll be spending more time in your garage, you’re going to need windows. Windows will open up your garage to more natural light which helps improve your mood and productivity.

Vinyl windows are the best window option for your garage. They can be double or triple pane and foam-filled to make your garage more energy efficient.

If your windows aren’t installed properly you wouldn’t benefit from the natural light or energy efficiency. That’s why you should hire Feldco. Our product specialists will find the perfect window for your home and the installation team will make sure it’s properly installed. It’s no wonder we are number America’s #1 window and door company.

You’ll Need to Run Electricity Through Your Garage

No matter what you’re garage conversion project may be, you’re probably going to need to run electricity throughout the garage. You’ll need outlets in new places and there needs to be enough power to run everything. Whether it’s for computers for your office or a TV for you living room, this step is essential.

If you’ve never routed electricity before, it’s best to leave this job to a professional. Handling electrical wires can be very dangerous and you don’t want to get hurt for something as silly as putting a TV in your garage. Do the right thing, hire a professional.

Garage Conversion Will Give You More Space in Your Home

Garage conversion is a great way to add more living space to your home. Whether it’s for a bedroom, office, family room or man cave, the space will be utilized more than it is now. Plus, the added privacy is perfect for extended families or unique living situations.

Windows and insulated garage doors are essential for your garage living space. That’s why Feldco is here to help. When you get a free quote, you’re putting your project in the hands of the industry’s best home improvement company. We’ve been serving the Midwest for nearly 50 years and we’ve helped over 500,000 homeowners with their project. We’d love to help you next!

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