9 Essential Garage Accessories

Your garage can be more than just a place where you park your car. With the right garage accessories, it can be anything.

From extra storage to another living space and everything in between, you can make your garage whatever you want. If you still want to park your car in the garage, there are several garage accessories to make it easier and safer.

garage accessories

In this article, we’ll go over our 9 favorite garage accessories. Our experts will help take your garage to the next level. Let’s get started.

1. Garage Shelving

If you’re using your garage for storage, you’re going to want it to be neat. Just throwing everything in your garage and hoping for the best will make you look like a hoarder. The mess will pile up faster than you expect.

You can avoid this from happening with garage shelves. You can either get a large cabinet or install hanging shelves onto the wall. Everything you need will be easy to find and within reach. Plus, your garage will be way more organized and look better.

Installing shelves in your garage is incredibly easy. If you get a cabinet from a department store, there will be easy to follow instructions in the box to help you assemble it. With free standing shelves, you’ll need to mount them onto the wall yourself. Make sure when hanging cabinets or shelving, you are hitting the studs so the shelves are secure.

2. Garage Door Screen

Have you had a large party outside when suddenly the mosquitoes were out in full force? There are too many people to go inside but you don’t want your guests getting bitten up. What can you do?

With a garage door screen, you can take that party to inside your garage. A garage door screen covers the opening of your garage door so you can open the door without letting bugs inside.

It’s also great for serving food at an outdoor party. No bugs get into the food and it’ll still be appetizing for your guests.

3. Smart Clean Floor Mat

When you drive your car gets dirty from weather, construction and debris blown by the wind. In the winter, your car is going to get covered in salt and snow. There’s no avoiding it.

So when you pull your dirty or snowy car into your garage, you’re bringing all the filth into your home as well. You can prevent your garage from getting messy with a smart clean floor mat.

This is a large mat the lays on the floor of your garage where you park. That way your dirty or snowy car parks on top of it so everything drips onto the mat.

The smart clean floor mat is very easy to clean. You’ll just need to take it off of the floor and rinse it off with a hose. For tougher stains, you might need to scrub it with a brush. The most important thing is that your garage floor isn’t getting coated in that dirt and grime, which would be much harder to clean.

4. Steel Garage Door

Of all garage accessories, your garage door is the biggest. It’s actually the largest entryway into your home. With so many moving parts, it’s important you get the right one.

If you need a replacement garage door, make sure it’s made of steel. Steel garage doors are stronger, more durable and more energy efficient than their wood and aluminum counterparts. That’s because they’re foam insulated and made with 24 gauge steel.

garage door

You can get a replacement steel garage door from the Midwest’s leading garage door company, Feldco. Our team of industry professionals will guarantee that you’ll love your new garage door and it’ll be installed perfectly. We have over 400,000 happy customers who can vouch for us.

5. Parking Mat Guide

Have you ever parked in your garage so poorly that you’re car is crooked? Maybe it’s so bad that you can’t even fit 2 cars in your 2 car garage. You can prevent this problem from happening with parking mat guides.

Parking mat guides are little foam mats that you put on the ground to show you where your wheels end up when you’re done parking. Your car will end up straight in your garage every time.

They’ll also help prevent you from pulling into your home too park. You’ll know exact there to stop your car to stop you from hitting the walls of your garage.

6. Tool Box/Panel

One of the most common ways people use their garage is a workshop. At the very least, many homeowners store their tools in their garage. That’s why it’s important to have a great tool box.

Tool boxes come in many different shapes and sizes. You can get a little case that you carry around if you don’t have many tools, or a large metal cabinet if you have a large collection of tools.

What if you don’t have a lot of floor space? Tool panels allow you to hang your tools on the wall. This is especially handy if you do a lot of handy work in your garage. Rather than digging through drawers looking for the right tool, it’s right in front of you.

7. Wall Mounted Door Guard

If you have a garage with little side room, you might find yourself dinging your walls when you open your car door. If not, you’re trying to squeeze and contort your body to fit out of a narrow gap.

With a wall mounted door guard, these scenarios are a thing of the past. They’re installed on the walls of your garage where your car doors open and work like a door stop. They prevent you from putting holes and dents in your garage walls or damaging your car doors.

8. Garage Windows

If you’re using your garage as an extra living space or a work shop, you’ll want more natural light and fresh air to enter. Windows are must have garage accessories in this case.

garage windows

What type of windows are right for your garage? Vinyl windows are the obvious answer. They’re the most energy efficient option and won’t warp, rot, expand and contrast when exposed to moisture. Plus, they’re very customizable so you can create the windows of your dreams.

As for windows styles, you have many options. Double hung and casement windows give you the best control over air flow while picture windows allow the most light into your home. You can even get architectural windows to give your garage a unique look. There’s no right or wrong answer.

You can get vinyl windows from Feldco so you can rest easily knowing you’re getting the industry’s best windows and installation all in one package. Get a quote now and see what all the fuss is about.

9. Work Bench

You can’t turn your garage into a work shop without a work bench. Where else will you work on all of your projects? They come in many different shapes and sizes so you can find the perfect one for the level and amount of work you’ll be doing.

Enjoy Your Garage with These Garage Accessories

There are many great garage accessories that will take your garage to the next level. You can turn your garage into a living space, party room, work shop or a great place to store items.

A replacement garage door and vinyl windows are great garage accessories you’ll want to consider. You can get both from Feldco. Our team of experts will make sure you get the perfect garage door and windows for your garage. Get a free quote now.

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