Five Ways to Fix Your Leaky Gutter

Leaky gutter?  No problem!  Don’t sit idly by and allow for rainwater to overtake your foundation just because your gutter needs fixing.  Here are five easy ways to tackle this repair in no time.

Cracks and Holes?  You Need Sealant

The most obvious reason for a leaky gutter is that there’s a crack or hole that’s preventing the water from streaming down the downspouts and away from the house. Gutters are exposed to the elements, which can mean that over time, the gutters can crack.

The fix is easy, but a little tedious.  With a ladder, check the length of your gutters to see if there are any cracks or holes.  You might already have an idea of where the leak is based on rainwater escaping at a certain part of the gutter system.  You’ll need a waterproof sealing product, like caulking designed just for gutters.  Double check the gutter joints to make sure you’ve sealed them properly.  This may call for one or two applications of caulking sealant.

Gutters Overflowing?  Clean Them Out

Deciphering the reason why your gutter is leaking will help you pinpoint the appropriate solution.  For overflowing gutters, you’ve got a blockage on your hands instead of a crack that’s causing a leak.  The solution?  Grab a power washer or garden hose, a trowel, a ladder, and start cleaning them out.

The lesson to be learned with overflowing gutters is this: make gutter cleaning a regular chore.  Sure, it’s not a task that homeowners often look forward to, but you’ll be protecting and preserving your gutter system, your home’s foundation, and the siding from water damage.  The purpose of the gutters is to channel water away from your home for a good reason, so don’t sign yourself up for expensive repairs, mold and mildew, and landscaping erosion with blocked gutters.

Loose and Leaky Gutter?  Tighten Them up

It’s natural for the gutters system to pull away from the roof over time.  Being exposed to the elements 24/7 means that gutter fasteners can loosen due to factors like temperature swings, rust, exposure to water, and strong wings.

Conduct a visual inspection of your gutters a few times per year.  Usually, you can spot sagging just from being ground-level.  If the gutters are still leaking and you’re sure it’s not any of the other common causes of a leaky gutter, then get eye level to scope them out.

For gutters fastened with spikes that have come loose, you’ll need to replace them with thicker ones.  Just hammering the original spike into place can mean it working its way back out because the hole has expanded.  To better secure the gutters, get a long screw that’s at least seven or eight inches long.

For gutters that use clips or brackets, check to see if any of these parts are broken or missing.  You can easily replace clips by unscrewing the old one and screwing the new one in its place.  You can use a screwdriver to fasten them to the fascia that runs along the edge of the roof.  If needed, replace missing screws, ones that match the holes.

Water Running Down Siding?  You Need Gutter Aprons

If you spot the issue of water running between the gutters and the exterior walls of your house and pooling at the foundation, then you need gutter aprons.  These are L-shaped lengths of metal flashing.  To install them, attach the gutter aprons to the edge of your roof.  You’ll need to install them under the shingles, so you’ll need roofing nails to secure them into place.

The gutter aprons then angle over the edge of the gutter, which closes any gaps between the gutter and the exterior wall.  This way, water is channeled directly from the roof to the gutter without falling in between.

Puddles Around the Foundation?  Downspout is Loose

If the downspout is loose, you’ll certainly notice because water won’t be directed away from your house’s foundation.  That means annoying puddles of water where they don’t belong.  Replace downspout straps—the metal brackets that secure the downspout to the exterior of the house.  If they’re still intact, then be sure the straps are screwed into the exterior wall securely.

The Importance of Gutter Diagnosis

Your gutters a leaking but finding out why will be your biggest hurdle.  Once you’ve detected the reason for the leak, the solution is easy.  There’s no sense in replacing gutters when all the fix calls for could be as simple as a grabbing a screwdriver to secure fasteners, a caulking gun to fix the cracks or holes, or just cleaning the gutters out to prevent overflows from clogs.

These are all common ailments of gutters, and over time, neglected gutters could suffer from multiple reasons as to why they’re leaking.  Taking good care of your gutters by cleaning then out and performing a quick visual inspection can prevent these headaches in the future.

At Feldco, we proudly serve the Midwest with great products, service, and installation. Now’s the time to speak to a product specialist about your leaky gutter. Get a free quote online today!

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