Fall Window Decorations That Add Curb Appeal

Whether you’re looking to boost your home’s curb appeal in time for an open house or you’re simply after a fresh fall look, there’s never a better time to decorate than the fall.  The options are endless for window decorations, and decorating your windows right now is the perfect excuse as more and more passersby mosey outside for a cool autumn stroll.

Fall Window Decorations

Flower Boxes

Flower boxes are the go-to design option for any style of house—because whether your home is a traditional colonial, cottage, ranch, Cape Cod, or one with an indescribable modern flare, flower boxes always look good.  You’d be surprised what sprucing up the landscape does for curb appeal.  It’s something just about anyone can do, green thumb or not, and it’s something realtors recommend for those looking to enter their home on the market.

Fall, of course, means lots of plants and annuals dying off, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be able add colorful flowers to window boxes. It’s the season of mums, and according to Instagram and Pinterest, mums are always in style.  Go classic with orange, yellow, or red.  Go vibrant with purples and pinks.

Don’t stop at mums.  There are hundreds of perfectly compatible fall plants to add to your containers. To make your mums pop, add in filler plants like coleus, whose deep reds and bright greens transform an ordinary container to one that truly stands out.

Fall Leaves

Fall means leaves everywhere.  It’s a chore to clean them up, but it’s a craft to use your trees’ leaves as fall decorations.  Bright reds, dusky oranges, and electrifying yellows shouldn’t go to waste.  Instead, gather fallen leaves and use them alongside mums in the flowerboxes to transform an ordinary window into one with amazing curb appeal.

Leaves don’t have to be contained in the flowerboxes either.  Use your bright collection of leaves as garland to hang in your windows or simply attach the leaves directly to the pane to add bright décor.


It’s not officially fall without pumpkins.  The great thing about pumpkins is that you can never have too many.  Your porch steps aren’t complete without a Jack-o-lantern, but you can also add pumpkins to flowerboxes or inside your windows, like you would with Christmas candles in the wintertime.

Who says you have to stick to just pumpkins?  Fall is primetime for gourds of all shapes, colors, and sizes, so go wild and add plenty to flower boxes and steps.


Wreathes are for all seasons.  Fall wreathes are especially striking because you can easily utilize the many colors of fall.  Adorn your home with wreathes to create eye-catching curb appeal—use your windows and exterior doors as a platform to display fall’s best colors.

You can also make your own wreathes.  Look no further than your own yard for your materials.  Use your tree’s best and brightest fallen leaves for this homemade DIY craft while you up your home’s curb appeal in the most budget-friendly way.


Candles are just a Christmas decoration!  While the look of white candles in windows recall the days of early Colonial settlers welcoming Christmas, the same cozy feeling is more than acceptable for the fall season, too.  Since it’s too early to really string up Christmas lights, but you still want to add a little dazzle to your windows, candles are a great way to illuminate the finer points of your home.

Want your house to have a spookier curb appeal?  Change the white light bulbs out for orange ones (and why not add some cat eyes to really give out the Halloween vibes?).


Another use for colorful fall leaves is garlands—a DIY craft that’s easy to make and transforms your windows to compliment the changing season.  Gather the best collection of leaves from your yard and string them together to make spectacular strands of garland.  Attach the garland above your window to display for passersby.

You can also add the garlands into your flowerboxes, spilling them over in a vine-like fashion or adding them in as a base around mums, on your porch railings, or enhance any window display by wrapping or hanging extra garlands.

Fall Window Decorations

Curb Appeal is Easy DIY

You’d be surprised to find out how much simple decorations can boost your curb appeal.  While Christmas may the favorite time to go all-out, you might find yourself needing to do something before then—whether it’s to draw more potential buyers if you’re in the market to sell or if you simply want to add curb appeal to your home just because.  Either way, people remember beautifully decorated houses and it doesn’t take much time, effort, or cost to transform your windows for the fall.

Before you decorate your windows for the fall season, consider the insulation and energy efficiency properties of your old windows. If you’re windows are drafty then it’s time to consider replacement windows from Feldco. We have many styles and options that will suit your home, get a free quote online today.

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