Energy Saving Tips to Make You an Efficient Homeowner

Saving energy in your home used to be an afterthought but as the times have changed, it’s become a forefront in the minds of homeowners. People are constantly looking for the latest and most convenient energy saving tips.

Lowering your home’s energy consumption leads to lowering your bills and less emissions released into the environment – it’s a win-win to save energy.

energy saving tips

The best part about saving energy in your home is that it’s fairly simple. Most energy saving tips can be done with minimal effort. However, there are some bigger projects that’ll require the use of professionals that we’ll discuss later on.

Efficient Lighting

energy saving light bulbs

Lights seem like such a small aspect of your home but they can either hurt or help your home’s energy savings depending on how you use them.

One of the easiest ways to save energy is to remember to turn your lights off when you leave the room. Pair that good habit with energy efficient light bulbs, such as LEDs or CFLs, and you’ll be right on your way to a more efficient home.

Another way to save energy in your home is to make sure your lights aren’t near your thermostat. The heat from lights could trigger your thermostat to run your furnace or air conditioner more than you actually need them to.

Motion detecting lights are becoming more popular among homeowners as well so you don’t have to remember to turn the lights off.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

Replacing your old manual thermostat with a new programmable model is one of the most trendy energy saving tips right now.

They automatically adjust to your schedule to keep your home comfortable without you having to toy with the thermostat.

Take your thermostat game to the next level by installing a smart thermostat such as the Nest. Smart thermostats give you control of your home’s temperature no matter where you are and you’ll have more scheduling and various settings to help you save as much as possible.

Upgrade Your Appliances

Old refrigerators, washers, dryers and other in-home appliances weren’t really made with energy efficiency in mind – at least not nearly as much as appliances nowadays.

When looking to replace your old appliances, keep a look out for new ones with the “Energy Star” label. These appliances are certified to help save you money on energy bills.

The initial cost may be a bit more pricey, but they’ll end up paying for themselves through the savings on your bills.

Install Energy Efficient Windows and Doors

If you feel the need to crank your furnace and air conditioning more than you should, your windows and/or doors may be to blame. Drafty windows and doors can really take a toll on your home’s energy efficiency.

Replacing your windows with durable vinyl windows will surely lower you energy bills, especially when you choose Feldco. Our products are designed for the Midwest and feature insulated frames and glass.

Also, your entry doors are a major contributor to your home’s energy saving potential. Replacing your old entry door with a steel or fiberglass door from Feldco is a smart investment for homeowners in the Midwest. Our entry doors feature a foam core insulation and provide the best durability on the market.

If you’re not ready to do a full entry door replacement, then consider installing a storm door. Storm doors add an extra layer of insulation, protection and energy efficiency to your entryway.

Feldco products are also Energy Star certified to ensure that you’re getting a reliable and energy efficient product for your home.

Pull the Plug on Wasting Energy

Some energy saving tips may seem a little pointless or tedious, but if you want to actually save energy, they’re necessary. Much like turning off the lights when you’re not in the room, you should unplug any devices or appliances when you’re not using them.

Keeping things plugged in is referred to as “phantom loads.” The U.S. Department of Energy stated that, “In the average home, 75 percent of the electricity used to power home electronics is consumed while the products are turned off.”

To make the process a little easier, plug your devices or appliances into power strips so that you can unplug the power strip when you’re not using them instead of unplugging everything one by one.

Vinyl Siding Saves Energy

a close up of vinyl siding

Your home’s exterior cladding plays a major role in how your home consumes energy. If you have damaged, worn out siding then the outside elements have easy access into your home.

In return, you’ll have to put more stress on your heating and cooling systems which will rack up your energy bills.

Living in the Midwest, you need a siding that’ll stand tough against extreme weather conditions. Vinyl siding will do just that.

Vinyl siding from Feldco will never rot, warp, crack or expand unlike other siding materials such as wood. Our siding also features a backing system that’ll wrap your home snug like a blanket to keep the elements outside of your home.

You can get a free quote for our vinyl siding here.

Conserve Water

There are many energy saving tips that can help you conserve water in your home. Using less water will lower your water bills obviously, and using less hot water will help lower your gas bill.

Some measures to take can be setting your hot water temperature to a lower degree, taking quicker showers and being conscious of how much water you use when doing dishes, washing clothes and preparing food.

You can also install efficient showerheads and toilets. Newer showerheads and toilets are more efficiently designed to use less water to help you save money.

Another big big offender of wasting energy is leaving the water running while you brush your teeth. Turning the sink off while brushing your teeth will definitely help in your efforts to save energy and money.

Don’t Forget Your Garage Door

Did you know that if you have an attached garage, you can lose a lot of heated or cooled air through your garage door? This can effect the temperature of your entire home and will cost you more money on your energy bills.

The solution to this problem is simple: get a steel garage door. Steel garage doors are built to withstand the Midwest’s harsh weather. It has a foam core that prevents heated or cooled air from passing through.

Also, make sure your garage’s astragal isn’t worn or damaged. This is the rubber bottom of your garage door. It prevents drafts from sneaking into your garage under the door.

You can learn more about astragal and other parts of your garage door in the video below:

Feldco's Garage Doors Overview

Feldco is known for having great steel garage doors. We’ll make sure you get the perfect garage door and it’s installed by industry professionals. Get a free quote now and join over 500,000 happy homeowners.

Use these Energy Saving Tips to Lower Your Bills

Everyone likes to save money whenever possible. As a homeowner, it’s important to be conscious of your energy use so you can keep those bills as low as you can.

By following these energy saving tips, you’ll definitely see the savings on your future energy bills and improve the footprint you’re leaving on the environment.

And remember, replacing your windows, siding and/or doors through Feldco is the best choice as a Midwestern homeowner. We’ve served over 500,000 homeowners for almost 50 years.

Start saving energy in your home with a free quote online or call us at 866-4FELDCO.

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