The Best Door and Window Alarm Sensors

We all want to protect our home, but where do we start?  The anatomy of a home has a lot of vulnerable openings.  Your doors and windows can add up when you’re considering the amount of ways an intruder can find their way inside.

door and window alarm sensors

With technological advances in security measures, door and window alarm sensors have become the first line of defense against break-ins, making this your starting point in home protection.

With so many brands out there, what are the best ones?  Here are the top-rated, highly reviewed door and window sensors on the market.  While some work independently of smart home hubs, others are integrated with hubs like Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and their own designated security hubs for seamless control.

Sabre Wireless Elite Home and Commercial Door Security Alarm

The Sabre Elite Security Alarm is a little sensor with a booming voice, specifically a 120 dB alarm that wails if an intruder should enter your home.  The best part about the Sabre Elite alarm is that it comes with a four-digit pin that prevents tampering, so even a tech-genius of a burglar can’t outsmart this alarm in a desperate attempt to shut it off.

The Sabre Elite Security Alarm does have a chime mode if you’re deterred by a loud alarm noise (although for any kind of security alarm, the noisier the better).

The Sabre’s four-digit keypad makes it a great device for less frequented areas, places you don’t check up on enough and would want to be alerted if a door or window were opened.  The delay on the sensor isn’t adjustable, which some customers don’t particularly like.

There’s a 30-second entry delay and a 45-second exit delay, so if you’re in search of an alarm that’s got an immediate effect, then you may want to skip the Sabre.

iSmartAlarm Contact Sensor

The iSmartAlarm Contact Sensor is a magnetic, easy to install device with high ratings on Amazon to back its reliable reputation. The compact sensor can be moved and removed with ease—have it on your windows one day and your door the next.

Its designated app allows users to set alarm and chime settings, customize notifications that are sent directly to your phone, install delay timers, or choose to receive updates through email.

window alarm sensors

The iSmartAlarm, just as its name suggests, integrates with Smart Home hubs like Alexa and IFTTT (If This, Then That), granting users the ability to create applets and commands with their hub devices.

One could view this requirement to have a hub for the iSmartAlarm Contact Sensor as a downside. It does add another layer to the expense, but if you already have a smart home hub, then this sensor is another additional perk.  The sensor costs about $50 for a pack of two on Amazon, with a battery life that spans for more than a year (and yes, batteries are included).

Eve Door and Window Sensor

The Eve Door and Window Sensor can be installed in a snap—or stick, rather.  Using an adhesive tape, the sensor can be mounted just about anywhere in your home.  It’s battery operated and has the ability to connect to an Apple HomeKit.  With Eve, you can check up on your doors or windows when you’re out of the house, receive notifications, and easily record activity.

Actually, Eve does this for you, keeping a meticulous record of the patterns, details, and notes about the happenings of your home related to your sensors.  If you’re looking for a thorough report of your home’s security needs, Eve is the modern sensor for you.

It runs for $39.95 and can be found on Amazon.  Eve is on the pricier side of door sensors, but the sleek, modern look of the alarm along with its seamless compatibility with Apple HomeKit and near-neurotic detailed record keeping of activity makes the cost worthwhile.

Z-Wave Plus

Costing under $35 and available on Amazon, the Z-Wave Plus alarm does include batteries that set up this sensor for a lengthy five-year lifespan.  In fact, its sheer longevity is what makes the Z-Wave Plus Sensor so highly rated and reviewed by its customers.  Dependable and straightforward, the Z-Wave Plus Sensor is without the bells and whistles of fancier alarms, allowing for a focus on clean, simple, and easy to understand features.

It connects to Z-Wave home security hubs and has its own app support.  The only downside is that some customers have reported difficulty during the installation process.  Customers had trouble linking the Z-Wave Plus Sensor to their Z-Wave network and ensuring the connection was maintained.

Once installed, the Z-Wave is a breeze.  Choose how to be alerted when doors or windows are opened by text, have your connected devices begin recording, or create a command where the lights turn on if the sensor detects an opening.

For under $30, this sensor is one of the best deals for home security on the market, and its long lifetime and simplified features have satisfied its customers.

Door and Window Sensors for Every Need

There are enough door and window sensors available that meet every demand: smart home compatible, app-based, simple features, sleek designs, easy to install and link up, moveable, and tamper-resistant.

door alarm sensors

Sensors are a small investment to make to upgrade your home security, and if you’ve already got a smart home hub installed, then there’s no reason to not add a few to protect your house.

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