Door Replacement: DIY or Hire a Pro?

There are some jobs around the house that you can do yourself fairly easily, especially if you’re used to working with tools and consider yourself to be pretty handy around the house. But there are some jobs that you should always hire a professional to do because the nature of the job requires training and expertise.

door replaced by a professional

If these types of home improvement or maintenance jobs are done incorrectly you can end up damaging your home and having to pay a lot of money to fix the damage. Door replacement is one of those jobs that you should always hire a professional to do.

Here are a few of the reasons why it’s better and more cost effective, in the long run, to have your doors replaced by a professional instead of trying to do it yourself:

There’s More to Door Replacement Than Just the Door

Hanging a new door is more than just fitting a new door into your door frame. Prefab doors may not fit exactly into the frame of the doorway where you need a new door hung. If the door doesn’t fit exactly a professional knows how to adjust the frame without damaging it so that the door will fit tightly the way that it’s supposed to.

A professional can also check the door frame before hanging the door to make sure there’s no existing damage. If there’s damage the professional installer can fix the frame so that you won’t have problems with it later on. A professional can inspect the frame and the surrounding areas for damage, signs of mold and other problems.

If the door frame is warped, cracked or has other problems, which are common in older homes, the professional installer has the knowledge and tools to fix the frame and make sure it’s strong and straight before hanging the new door.

A Leaky Door Can Cost You a Lot of Money

If there are gaps between the door and the frame or if the door isn’t fitted perfectly into the existing frame, you can get a lot of air leakage through the door. That will cost you a lot of money on your utility bill because the heated or cooled indoor air can escape and hot or cold air from outside can blow in. Doors need to fit tightly into the frame in order to prevent the kind of air leaks that can make your utility bills jump.

When a professional installs the door for you, they’ll make sure that there are no gaps or leaks and that the door is exactly the right size for the existing frame. Doors that aren’t fitted properly can also cause pests like roaches and ants to get inside and take up residence in your home which can lead to costly pest removal services and having to have your entire home checked for pests.

Hiring a Pro Saves You Time

Door replacement can take quite a bit of time if you don’t have a lot of experience doing it. Measuring the frame, checking it for damage, making sure the door is hung properly, fixing any gaps in between the new door and the frame and other parts of the task can take quite a bit of time if you’re not used to doing this kind of work.

Is saving a few dollars worth the amount of your free time that you’d have to put into fixing the frame and replacing the door? For most people, the answer is no.

With limited time available most people would rather hire a professional to install a new door rather than give up several evenings or weekends of free time to do it. Also, make sure when you are figuring out how much time it would take to install the door yourself that you factor in the time it would take to do the job again if you don’t get it right the first time.

When you compare the cost of a professional door replacement with the cost of your time usually it’s cheaper and easier to hire a professional to replace your doors instead of doing it yourself.

Professional Door Replacement Experts Have the Right Tools and Equipment

Even if you like to think of yourself as being handy around the house and you have a collection of different tools you may not have the right tools to replace doors efficiently. A professional who has experience and training doing door replacement will also have a full set of the most updated tools to do the job quickly and efficiently.

front door replacement

Doing the job yourself would mean buying expensive tools that you’re probably not going to need that often and learning how to use them properly before you try replacing your doors. That’s why it’s a much smarter financial decision to hire professionals who have experience replacing doors and the tools to do it instead of doing it yourself.

No Risk of Injury

If you try to install doors yourself and you don’t have the right training or experience, you could end up with doors that aren’t hung securely that could fall down at any time and injure you, your children or your pets. A heavy exterior door slamming down because it’s not hung properly could seriously injure somebody.

Don’t put your safety or your family’s safety at risk by trying to replace doors yourself without any experience hanging doors. There’s also a safety concern because if your front door falls down while you’re at work your home will be open to anyone that decides to try and get in. Making sure the door is fitted and hung properly is essential for good home security.

Warranties and Special Pricing

If you want a door that’s not the average door that you can get at the home improvement store, you should always go through a professional. Doors with specialty glass or special safety features are usually only available through door professionals. High-end doors often come with warranties that only apply if the door is professionally installed so in order to protect your investment you need to have professional door replacement done.

Sometimes you can also get special pricing and custom features on the door that you want if you order from a professional door company. Everyone likes to save money so compare the deals that you can get by choosing a professional with the prices of doors at the home improvement store and the cost of installing those doors yourself and you’ll see that choosing professionals could save you a lot of money.

Fast Installation Done Right the First Time

When you hire professionals to replace the doors on your home, the job will get done quickly and it will be done right the first time so that you don’t have to worry about getting it right. Professional door replacement will give you the peace of mind of knowing that your doors are securely hung, safe and won’t leak air into or out of your home.

Trust Feldco with your door needs. Get a free quote now and let our professionals handle the replacement of the doors that you depend on to keep your family and your home safe and comfortable throughout the year.

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