Deck Ideas for Inspiration and Transformation

Spending time outdoors is something everyone enjoys and it also promotes a healthy lifestyle. Most homeowners in the Midwest can’t wait to get outside after the long, cold winter months. When the weather clears up, people look for all kinds of deck ideas to enhance their homes.

deck ideas

One of the best ways you can spend time outdoors as a homeowner is to enjoy the pleasant summer days on a deck. The best part about decks is that they’re not the most complicated project to complete.

If you’re savvy enough to build your own or you’re more comfortable with hiring a professional, there are plenty of awesome deck ideas to transform an area of your home into a great place for entertainment and/or relaxation.

Corner Decks Fill Space Perfectly

corner deck

If your home has an untouched corner area then a corner deck is a great idea to fill the space and make it useful.

The design options are limited to the amount of space you have to work with. You can build a place for relaxation, an outdoor dining area or somewhere to entertain guests.

Building a corner deck is usually done by making a floating deck. Building a floating deck is rather simple and can be done in a single weekend.

Build A Deck Around A Tree

deck ideas

Some people may think that because they have trees in their backyard, they don’t have room for building a deck. Luckily, they’re wrong. Building around a tree is a great deck idea.

You can either build around an existing tree or build your deck with an area where you’d like a tree to be. If you go with the latter, be sure to make the tree opening big enough to fit the tree when it’s fully grown.

Building decks around trees is a great way to extend your living space further into the yard. Plus, it’s a great way to create shade for everyone when it gets too hot.

Terraced or Raised Decks

raised deck ideas

If you have a sloping or uneven backyard, you’re not excluded from being able to have a deck. Some of the most popular deck ideas are raised, terraced or layered decks.

They allow you to have an even deck surface on uneven land by descending down in an aesthetically pleasing design. These types of decks should be left to the professionals to build unless you’re an experienced carpenter.

Don’t Forget About Doors

deck doors

You want your deck to be easily accessible for everyone. If it’s connected to your home, then patio doors are an excellent option.

They’ll give you both easy and beautiful access to your deck, making it look even better than it already does. You don’t want just any patio doors though.

Sliding glass doors are one of the most popular designs for decks. They’re easy to operate and provide great views. Sliding doors from Feldco are made of durable and energy efficient vinyl to give you long-lasting beauty and functionality.

Another door type that works well with almost any deck idea is the French door. French doors will give any deck a traditional and elegant appeal that you can’t get with anything else.

If you do choose French doors for your deck, your best bet is to get fiberglass or steel. You’ll want to steer clear of wood doors because they have many negatives. With fiberglass or steel, you’ll rest assured knowing your doors will look and perform great year after year.

Another popular option is to have a storm door that leads out to your deck. If you decide to go this route, make sure you get an ultra durable storm door that’ll last throughout the harsh seasons of the Midwest.

For all your exterior door needs, you can trust Feldco. We’re America’s #1 door company and with over 400,000 homeowners served in the Midwest, it’s no wonder why. If you’re looking to add beautiful and energy efficient doors for your deck, get started with a free quote right now.

Deck Ideas: Furniture

If you know the style of deck you want, the next step is to pick out the furniture and how you’ll design it.

Outdoor furniture comes in all different shapes and sizes and there’s something for every taste.

Whether you want to make it a cozy fire pit area or a place to party, there are endless deck furniture ideas. Read this article for some ideas for inspiration.

Decks Have Endless Possibilities

Adding an outdoor living space to your home not only increases its value, but it helps you live a healthier lifestyle too.

Plus, it gives you a chance as a homeowner to add a flair of your own personality to your home. Depending on what kind of deck idea you have in mind, building it could take as little as one weekend.

No matter what kind of deck you have, you’ll surely be spending a lot of time on it during the days and nights of summer. If you’re planning on building a deck attached to your home and need to have easy and beautiful access to it, look to Feldco for your door needs.

Our custom products will add to the aesthetic appeal of your deck and the energy efficiency of your home. Join those who trust Feldco and get a free quote online.

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