Contemporary Home Designs That Are Just Plain Cool

You don’t want an old fashion looking home – modern homes are the way to go. Contemporary home designs look great and will improve your curb appeal. Also, if you’re looking to resell your home, contemporary homes have a higher value and sell faster.

You’re probably wondering what makes a home contemporary? There are many features, both inside and outside of your home, that make it more modern. From a minimalist style to an open floor plan, there are many different directions you can go.

contemporary home designs

In this article, we’ll show you a few ways you can transform your home to have a more contemporary design. Let’s get started!

Many Large Windows

One thing you’ll notice with many contemporary home designs is that they have large windows in the front. The use of many large windows gives your home an extremely modern look and improves your curb appeal.

Not only that, but the large windows increase the amount of natural light that enters your home. You’ll use less power by not turning on the lights as much and will still be able to enjoy a beautifully well lit home. Plus, natural light can effect your mood and motivations positively.

Large windows also make your home feel more spacious. This is because they blur the lines between the inside and outside. Your front yard will feel like an extension of your home. The added natural light also helps fuel the illusion.

large windows in the front of the house

Large windows like this can’t be found at your local hardware store – they need to be custom-made by professionals. Midwest homeowners trust Feldco with all of their replacement window needs. Get a free quote now and we’ll make sure you get the perfect windows for your contemporary home.

Minimalist: Simple Clean Exteriors

Another major feature of a contemporary home design is a clean exteriors. The design is very minimalist and doesn’t use extensively flashy or elaborate designs to showcase the home. Everything is made to be simple yet beautiful.

Also, the shape of the home is very angular. You won’t find many rounded areas of a contemporary home. Everything is rectangular, triangular or a pentagon. These shapes create strong angles and lines that give your home a sleek look.

An Energy Efficient Home

Power usage is on the minds of every homeowner. No one wants to open their electric bill to see a massive payment. Many homeowners are finding ways to save money on their bills by opting to buy more energy efficient products.

Here are a few energy efficient products to consider:

The exterior products such as windows and doors help trap heated and cooled air in your home as well. They’ll help make your home feel comfortable no matter the season. Energy efficient products are a necessity for contemporary home designs in the Midwest.

Open Floor Plans

Homes used to have very defined rooms separated by walls. There was a definitive living room, kitchen, dining room and foyer. Contemporary homes put an end to that idea and open up your home.

Open floor plans are very common now in modern homes. They get rid of the walls separating common areas and blur the lines between the rooms. It’s most commonly seen with living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens.

open floor concept

Having an open floor plan makes your home feel larger. Since you’re not confined by the walls, your home feels more open and gives the illusion of a bigger size. Combine that with the large windows of contemporary home designs and your home is going to feel pretty big.

Great Use of Space

Contemporary homes can be any shape or size but one thing they have in common is they make the most of their space. Every square inch of the home has a purpose and is used by the homeowner. Some rooms are even converted into something else to be more useful.

We have a few examples of the most common contemporary home design ideas to utilize space:

Converting Your Garage

Your garage is often used for storage or parking your cars but it can be so much more than that. For instance, some homeowners use their garage as a bar or man cave to hang out with friends. You can transform it into the perfect place to watch the big game.

If you have a large family, you can convert your garage into another bedroom. Your kids will love it because they won’t have to share a bedroom which will decrease the amount of confrontations. We’re sure you’ll love that part of it.

Maybe your kids are older and have already moved out. If one of them ever goes to sell their home, there could be a period of time when they’re between homes. A converted garage gives them a place to go with privacy. They won’t need to rent an apartment month to month.

Don’t think you can’t still park your cars in a converted garage. All of these garage living space ideas can be done using a loft. Adding a loft essentially doubles the space of your garage and allows you to still park your cars in there while having an additional living space.

Finished Basement

Contemporary home designs aren’t complete without a finished basement. It’s a staple of most modern homes. There are many uses for a finished basement that would benefit most homeowners.

The most common use is a man cave. Much like converting your garage, finishing your basement allows you to have a space to go that’s tailor-made for you. It can be an awesome bar to watch sports, a cool game room stocked with pool and ping pong or even a library to relax and catch up on a good book. The sky’s the limit.

finished basement

Some homeowners live with their extended families. A finished basement can be used as a separate living unit. It’ll give both families more privacy while still sharing one roof.

Using a Bedroom As Something Else

When you think of a bedroom, you probably think of the room you sleep in. Many contemporary home designs use it as something much more useful. It can be a home office, personal gym or even a small man cave. However you use it, you’re still making the most of your space.

Mix and Match Siding Styles

Many contemporary homeowners choose vinyl siding for their home exterior – it looks great and is energy efficient. With many different styles available, you can really customize the look of your home with vinyl siding.

That’s why many homeowners choose multiple styles to further customize the look. One example is scalloped or shake siding, which is often paired with other siding styles. They’re very complementary and look great in eaves and gables. Plus, they’ll help give your home a warm, inviting look.

If you’re having trouble choosing a vinyl siding style, contact Feldco –  we’re the Midwest’s siding experts. We’ll help you pick the perfect style and color for your contemporary home.

Unobstructed View of Your Door

Having a clear, unobstructed view of your entryway is key in all contemporary home designs. More modern homes do away with the bushes and trees blocking the view of the front of your home. You’ll want it on display for everyone to see.


That means you’re going to need a beautiful entry door for your home. Most homeowners prefer the look of steel and fiberglass on their contemporary homes. Plus, they’re foam-filled so they’re going to be the most energy efficient option.

Unconventional Roof Style

Gable and hip roofs were very common on homes but more and more homeowners are turning to less conventional styles. We’re starting to see more slanted or flat roofs on modern homes. It goes well with the minimalist design and the sharp, angular lines created by the shape of the home.

Here are some great examples of contemporary homes:



Contemporary Home Designs Look Great!

Contemporary home designs look great and are highly desired by homeowners. The sleek lines, energy efficiency and unconventional styles are sure to catch they eyes of your neighbors.

Feldco is here to help you create the contemporary home of your dreams. Whether you need large windows, a beautiful entry door or energy efficient siding, we’re here to help. Our product specialists will make sure you get exactly what you need. Get a free quote now and see why over 400,000 homeowners have trusted us.

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