Common Roof Problems You Need to Avoid

No one wants to replace a roof. It is one of the most expensive home repairs you can make yet if the structure gets to such a point that water is leaking in through the ceiling of the interior, you really have no choice.

Furthermore, poor appearance is a major flaw in having a strong curb appeal and hurts when you try to sell a home.

If you inherit an old roof it may be past a point of saving. However, if you have a relatively stable rooftop with a little maintenance and upkeep you can drastically improve the chances of spending lots of money on the roof in the future.

There are many common roof problems that are avoidable. Here is what you need to know.

Poor Original Installation

The rule especially applies to homeowners that just purchased a new home. Like everything else about the exterior, you likely have little idea of what went on before you moved in. How old is the roof? Is there algae or moss on the shingles? Are the shingles starting to curl up and blow off? Were the shingles installed properly?

You can get a lot of answers to these questions by climbing up to the roof (if you feel comfortable) and doing a self-inspection.

A faulty installation of the roofing will lead to a high increase of problems later on down the road, even if the shingles are relatively new. Therefore, even if you just purchased a home that’s less than 10 years old, you should still check the installation.

Unless you know what you’re doing it’s best to hire a professional for the inspection. He or she can take a look and let you know if there are any red flags that you should address before the problems really get serious.

It is a much cheaper alternative than letting the roof go and deteriorate rapidly. For this reason, it’s completely avoidable by simply getting an inspection done before or as soon as you move into the new home.

Check the Flashing

The flashing on a roof is just as important as your shingles. Flashing is what seals the areas where the roof has been penetrated by something from the interior, such as ventilation pipes, sky lights, chimneys, as well as heating and cooling systems.

If the flashing is poorly attached it can lead to open seams and laps. It generally contributes to tiles getting blown off which is a major concern. The other problem with poor installation is it leads to a reduction in puncture resistance, which your roofing needs in order to maintain its lifespan.

Monitor Pests

Pests. They are everywhere when it comes to a home. They want to get into your siding. They want to get into your roof. Small animals like birds and insects love to destroy a roof.

They can cause a surprising amount of damage to a roof if you let them. While some of this is difficult to fully control, you can implement some pest eviction practices (or hire a professional) to keep them out of the equation.

Maintain the Landscape

Often one of the biggest focuses you need to key on actually has nothing to do with the shingles or the roof itself. Instead, it’s the trees that exist nearby a home.

Overhanging tree limbs are counter-productive to a roof and cause problems. If they shade the shingles too much, it helps contribute to excess algae and moss, especially on the north and west sections.

Limbs can rub up on the roof, which abrades the surface and wears away the protective top layer. They can also break off during a severe storm and cause really expensive damage. It is all avoidable if you cut back branches that extend over or close to the roof. It is important to trim them back as much as possible because all branches do is cause problems.

If the limbs are too thick (or you’re dealing with extreme heights), you may want to consider hiring a professional arborist. It will cost some money yet can save a lot of money later on down the road.

Provide Correct Ventilation

Like the landscaping in your yard, ventilation may not seem to have a direct influence on the quality of your roof but that’s false. It actually has a huge influence.

Roof and attic ventilation is an integral aspect in helping maintain a lifespan of the roofing. Vents are located throughout the roof from the eaves and soffits, to near the top ridge. It presents an escape for warm air and helps provide a refuge for cool air to enter.

The airflow gravitates naturally because warm air constantly rises. However, inadequate temperatures and moisture levels in the attic disrupt this natural air flow.

When heat and moisture build-up on rafters, sheathing, shingles, and insulation it restricts quality air movement. The result is not only rising energy costs but also disgusting mold and mildew problems. So make sure you don’t overlook the ventilation of your home. It is crucial to a sound structure of the roof.

Clean the Shingles

It is a simple DIY project so long as the incline on the roof is not too drastic or the heights too extreme. Of course, if you feel unsafe you should hire a professional, but those that have the right safety measures and comfortability with heights can clean their own shingles.

All it takes to clean a roof is plenty of hose, attachment nozzle, water, and a non-corrosive cleaning solution. It can remove unwanted algae and helps improve the appearance at the same time.

Steer Clear of These Common Roof Problems

Maintenance is everything when it comes to home repair. It may not seem like you have the time, but spending a little on preventive maintenance makes a world of difference.

Can you really afford to completely replace your roof? If the answer is no, exercising the maintenance to help combat leaks and moisture, pounding water, punctures and penetrations, shrinkage, and blistering will go a long way in terms of long-term savings.

The alternative to a long-lasting roof is to get a roof replacement. With triple layer protection and breakthrough design, asphalt shingles from Feldco are primarily the best value you’ll get for your investment. Speak to a product specialist and get a free quote online today.

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