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How to Childproof Your Windows

Those that have little ones are familiar with all the dangers a home can possess. What is just a mere harmless curiosity to most can turn out to be straight deadly for a child? This is especially true for those children under the age of 5.

Each year, about 3,300 children between the ages of 0 to 5 years old fall out of a window in the United States alone. To combat this, many cities and states have enacted stricter code enforcement surrounding window safety and have shown a statistically drop in the number of instances, saving countless little lives.

That being said, there are many safety precautions you can do around the home to make sure to protect your child. Window safety prevention is important, and knowing how to effectively enact it in your home you first need to understand what type of windows you have.

Most newer homes have what is called hung windows-  these sashes move vertically to open. Older homes often have the casement style, these type of windows typically use a crank to open all the way up.

Awning windows are related to casement in that they are merely turned on their side, allowing the top of the window to come out. Slider windows move horizontally on a track, not using any hinges.

childproof windows

Move Everything Away from the Windows

Toddlers are a curious bunch because they want to get into everything. They climb tables, chairs, desks, and other pieces of furniture to get into things they shouldn’t.

This can be a major problem when it comes to window safety because it allows a toddler to access a window they normally wouldn’t be able to.

If possible, move all the furniture at a safe distance away from the windows. If this isn’t feasible, you can install a baby gate to repel any unwanted incursion into the area.

Invest into Some Locks

Most windows nowadays come with some sort of lock already built in. Even so, locks are meant to keep people out, not keep people in necessarily. An extra lock will not only increase protection against a burglar but also in the case of a little one trying to get out.

There are many different types of locks on the market out there – many of them use some sort of hinge mechanism, while others are a bit more effective with needing a key to open and close.

Just make sure if you go with this latter model that you put the key in place you can remember and away from others.

Barricade with Some Metal Bars

Locks might be the most obvious way to keep a window closed, but it isn’t the only way. Window guards are available – these metal guards are often required in major cities so as to avoid the potential of a robbery.

The bars fit the outside of the window and are kept in place with screws and a piece of hardware. These are often compared to jail cells, but many of the newer types come more decorative and can fit the style of your home.

Reinforce that Glass

While not as likely as just merely falling out of the window, kids are known for being rough on just about everything. Tempered glass can be especially dangerous when broken as it can shatter into hundreds of tiny shards – pieces that can easily be embedded into the skin.

Thankfully transparent window film is available that can reinforce your window glass. While it doesn’t make it impervious to cracks, it will make it so it doesn’t shatter everywhere.

Take a Look at the Window Blinds

While not common, children strangling themselves with blind cords does happen. The best way to avoid this is to simply replace the blinds – built in blinds exist in a wide variety of styles and colors.

If this isn’t feasible you can use a small hook to hang the blind cords up, or simply position them over the top of the blind.

Try Using Window Stops

Also called window wedges, this small accessory stops a child from opening and sliding a window by wedging it shut. This isn’t to say that the wedge necessarily keeps the window completely shut – manufacturers of this product typically recommend positioning it so it creates no more than a 4-inch wide gap – something your child shouldn’t be able to fall out of.

Use A Charley Bar

This type of tool is specifically designed for a sliding window. It has a simple mechanism of action – when in a vertical position the window can be opened when in a horizontal position the bar makes it impossible to slide the window.

The Charley bar is typically installed upside down on the top of window frame. This allows it to sit in the top piece of railing rather than in the bottom, putting it out of reach of little hands.

Take a Look at Those Window Sills

While a fall from the window can be deadly, a fall from the window sill can still be pretty damaging. As long as you followed the first step of removing the furniture in the associated area, the window sill should be pretty off bounds already.

Nonetheless, you should make sure to keep this area extra safe by checking to see if the sill is secure, and covering up the sharp corners with corner cushions if you have sharp edges.

nice home with grid pattern windows

Be Mindful

The last tip and probably the most important. As any parent knows child safety is a constant worrying affair and it often doesn’t matter how much childproofing you do – little ones will get into trouble just about anywhere! Safety awareness on windows is a priority and it can be dangerous for young children if a room is unorganized.

When your child becomes old enough be sure to go over with the proper safety procedures with not just windows, but other dangerous parts of your home.

Childproofing Your Windows Is Easy

There are all types of different house safety measures you can use for your home – whether it’s fire safety, having a natural disaster kit, and safeguarding against burglars. Child safety can come in a myriad of forms – there are many childproofing kits available that cover up open sockets, make cabinets harder to open, and cover up sharp corners.

When childproofing your home, make sure not to forget about the windows – they require just a little bit of time and effort to make them safe for your little ones.

The Verdict Is In – Childproof Windows

In conclusion, childproofing your windows are the best way to keep your home safe. However, the best way to keep your windows childproof is to replace your windows with childproof lock featured windows from Feldco. For all our windows, we make sure that all the necessary locks are installed to keep young children from opening our windows.

As a result, we have over 400,000 delighted customers across the Midwest who chose Feldco for their home improvement needs. Our great products, locations, and professional installation have helped us grow exponentially since 1976. Speak to a product specialist and get a free quote today.

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