Stylize Your Home with the Best Living Room Windows

When entering your home, the first room you typically see is the living room. It is the front room of your house and often used for formal entertaining. In some homes that don’t have a family room, the living room also serves as the room where families gather to watch television and relax. This is why picking the best living room windows is imperative in creating a welcoming entrance to your home inside and out. You only get one shot to make a first impression.

Which Window is Right for Your Living Room

Before looking for living room windows, it is important to know your room’s limitations. Some windows or combination of windows require more space than others. In addition, knowing what kind of air ventilation and the amount of sun light you want will help determine which window is right for your living room.

Different Styles of Living Room Windows

There are many different directions you could go when picking the style of your living room windows. Each style has its own benefits but it is up to you which one meets your needs

Picture Windows

Picture windows are large, inoperable windows. These will let the most light into your home and give you the best view of outside. Picture windows have an option whether you want grids being part of the design or not. The grids change the look of the window by breaking the single pane of glass into multiple panes. If the grids are between the panes of glass, the same multiple pane look is achieved.

That being said, picture windows do not open. This means you will not have control of the air ventilation in the room.

Double Hung Windows

living room with double hung windows

Double hung windows are the most popular style of windows. They have two operable sashes which means both window panes can open. This gives the owner great ability to control air ventilation. Also, the two operable sashes make the double hung windows very easy to clean!

Casement Windows

living room with casement windows

While casement windows are typically found in bedrooms and kitchens, they can add a very beautiful design to your living room as well. Casement windows have a hand crank to open the windows outwards on a hinge. This allows the owner to have a great deal of control when it comes to air ventilation. Also, the handles can lay flush to the windows so they won’t disturb the window treatment.

Multiple Living Room Window Combinations

Having a hard time deciding which window you like best? Why not mix and match? There are a couple of options that give you the choice of combining multiple styles of windows to reap their benefits.

Bay Windows in the Living Room

are a combination of three windows. The middle window is typically an inoperable picture window while the two sides are either double hung or casement windows. The bay window also adds curb appeal to the outside of your house by protruding from the exterior of your home.

In addition to the aesthetic appeal from the outside, the bay window adds depth to your living room. There is a small window seat that is formed when combining the three windows. This seat could be used for flowers or other knick-knacks to liven up your room!

You do need to have the wall space for a bay window because they are rather large.

Bow Windows

Why stop at three though! Bow windows are similar to bay windows but they are a combinations of four or more windows. They are typically a combination all inoperable picture windows, all operable casement windows or a mixture of those two. Much like the bay windows, bow windows are large and you will need enough wall space to fit one.

More Interesting Options

With your living room windows being in the front of your home, everyone is going to see them. To add greater curb appeal, you have to think outside of the box.

Architectural Windows

Architectural windows are the best way to add visual drama to your living room! They are custom designed to the shape you want. They could be anything from triangles, semi-circles, hexagons, you name it and typically used in conjunction with other types of windows. If you’re feeling really creative, you could even customize the glass. For instance, your window could have stained glass.

Take Your Living Room Window to the Next Level: Additions for Your Windows

Only getting a window would leave your living room feeling woefully incomplete. There are several options that will give your room more definition or improve the functionality of the window.

Window Curtains

curtains on a light room window

Curtains are the perfect way to add visual depth and functionality to a window.  Having curtains allows you to control the amount of sunlight you allow to enter through the windows. This could help protect your furniture from fading. Curtains also add privacy to your living by preventing people from seeing into your home.

With the many models of curtains to choose from, there is no shortage of options when improving the elegance of your living room. If you were interested in curtains, read our article on how to measure windows for curtains.

Window Tinting

Ultra violet rays or UV rays can damage your furniture and floors. These rays are what cause your furniture to fade and look worn. In order to protect your possessions, windows can be tinted. Tinted windows absorb more ultra violet rays. In addition, they inhibit people from seeing into your home easily but do not affect your ability to see outside.

Window Locks

As we have mentioned before, your living room window is in the front of your house. So logically this would be the window most likely used in a burglary. In order to protect your family, it is important to replace old locks and add additional locks to your windows. Remember though, different windows will require different locks. Knowing the type of window you own is extremely important.

The living room is the first room guests see when they enter your home. The windows are also the first ones people will see in the front of your home. This is why choosing the best living room windows is critical. Make your first impressions count!

At Feldco, we have a strong team that is factory trained and proficient with window replacements and installation. Speak to a product specialist and get a free quote online today to get started on your next window replacement today.

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