Wake Up to Beauty: Best Bedroom Windows

bedroom windowsUsually everyday begins and ends in the same location: your bedroom. Whether you share your room or it is your own space, you can personalize it however you would like. That’s why your bedroom windows are important.

Choosing the ones that match your style will allow you to further personalize your room. There are many options for bedroom windows and accessories, but we’ll help you determine which ones best suite your personality.

Usual Suspects: Which Windows Are Used the Most in Bedrooms

As we’ve mentioned already, there are many styles of windows that look great in a bedroom. Many people tend to gravitate towards similar styles of windows. These styles are the double hung and casement windows. Their benefits are controlling air ventilation, having many styles and sizes to choose from and great safety features.

Double Hung Windows

best bedroom windowsDouble hung windows are the most common type of replacement window and many people use them in their bedroom. With two operating sashes, it gives you the opportunity to control air circulation. When you aren’t using them to enjoy a cool breeze, the added insulation helps keep your room nice and warm. You’ll be comfortable throughout all 365 days of the year.

double hung lockThey’re also great for kid’s bedrooms. Most double hung windows have a staggered ventilation latches that prevents the window from opening too much. This will keep your child’s bedroom safe while still having the ability to control air circulation.

Casement Windows

Another popular option are casement windows. Like double hung windows, they’re great for controlling air circulation. You have a hand crank on the bottom that allows you to open the window as far as you’d like: just a crack or all the way and everywhere in between.

Say No to Picture Windows in Your Bedroom

Picture windows are beautiful windows with amazing sight lines. You have complete control over how the light enters your room with the ability to add grids. They will give you a fun way to play with light and shadows.

So why not have a picture window installed in your bedroom? The reason is because they are inoperable. It seems small but it really makes a huge difference. Being able to control air circulation is great, especially in the room you are going to be sleeping. No one likes to wake up freezing cold or sweating from the heat.

Also, you don’t want to rely 100% on your air conditioner. That would end up costing a large amount of money. Being able to open and close your windows is a major benefit the other choices have over picture windows. It’s best to get one of these for your living room or family room instead.

It is extremely unsafe to have an inoperable window in your bedroom. There needs to be another exit option besides the door in case of any emergencies. Inoperable windows would prevent a potential escape route.

Little Extra Room? Bays and Bows are Great Options

bay window in a bedroomBay and bow windows are typically found in a living room or family room. This is because they do take up a great deal of wall space. The room would need to accommodate a combination of at least three operable or inoperable windows.

That being said, if you have the space, these are  great options. The unique look will make your bedroom a great place to spend alone time reading, relaxing or watching TV.  Also you have the best of both worlds because the three or more windows will give you the great sight lines of a picture window and the control of air circulation of double hung or casement windows.

A bay or bow window is great for a child’s bedroom as well. It’s a fun place to display pictures, dolls or plants. It will give your child more space to individualize and store whatever they want.

You can also create a window seat for your pet so they can sleep in your bedroom with you.

Fun Designs with Architectural Windows

architectural windowArchitectural windows are a fun way to play with light and shapes, creating a unique room in your home. This holds true for the bedroom as well. While architectural windows are uniquely shaped, inoperable windows, they can be used in combination with other windows much easier.

One option is adding a semi-circle or long rectangular architectural window above your casement windows. This will add the amount of light entering into the room but in a more unique shape. Playing with how light enters can reinvent the entire feel of your bedroom.

Now Take Your Bedroom Windows to the Next Level

Your windows don’t have to work alone! Hardware and window coverings will improve the aesthetic appeal and the safety of your bedroom windows.

Curtains: Great for Adults and Children

Everybody could use curtains for their bedroom windows. They allow you to individualize your room with more flair and dramatics. There is a certain aura of elegance when pertaining to curtains.

In addition, curtains add a thick layer of privacy. No one will be able to see inside your home once the curtains are closed. This also limits the amount of sun light entering.

little girls bedroomChildren will love them as well. Many curtains now come with cartoon characters or comic book heroes on them. This could teach a child how to express themselves through home decorating.

Additionally, you will like the idea of added privacy to your children’s windows.  No parent wants anyone to be able to see into their child’s bedroom.

Don’t Like Curtains? How About Blinds!

Are curtains too much for your bedroom windows? Blinds could be a cheaper, space-saving solution. Blinds don’t add the elegance curtains do, but they do add just as much privacy.

Window Grids

Earlier we mentioned how playing with light and how it enters your home could redefine the design of your bedroom. The windows we mentioned above come with an option of grids in each sash. Creating shadows adds definition and would be a very beautiful way to wake up in the morning.

Keep Everything Safe with Extra Locks

Many bedroom windows face the front of a home. It is important to recognize that fact and take the correct measures to prevent any issues. Adding extra locks, especially in your child’s bedroom, would be the best course of action. Should anyone try to sneak in or out through the windows, they would struggle with an additional lock.

Make Your Bedroom About You

Your bedroom is your personal space. This is a perfect opportunity to make it your own. Bedroom windows are a great place to start individualizing because it affects how the rest of the room comes together. Size, shape, playing with light and shadows, safety and privacy are all things to consider when deciding which window you like best. With your new understanding of bedroom windows, you can begin redefining your space to make it the most comfortable for you.

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