The Benefits of French Doors

French doors have remained a popular design for hundreds of years, and for many reasons.  Their elegant design complements any home and versatile function unfolds into numerous advantages.

French doors made their first appearance in architecture in the 17th century, and as the age of the Renaissance took root, so did the exploration of new artistic and architectural styles.

The original form of the French door began as full-length windows that led onto balconies. Transforming them into operable doors allowed access to these small balconies while still letting in plenty of natural light.

Nearing the end of the 17th century, French doors started popping up everywhere, even in England.  The Renaissance architectural style of proportion, geometry, and symmetry with a strong emphasis on light never went out of popularity, all attributes that perfectly encapsulate the idea of a French door.  No wonder why so many homes, not just in the United States, but worldwide, utilize this style of door.

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French Doors Offer Functionality

The origin of the French door was based off a need to create access to small balconies. Modern French doors aren’t just used for exterior purposes.  The French door has quickly become a staple in connecting interior rooms with its aesthetic design, closing off rooms to contain heat, or soften noise from a busy entryway.

French doors allow for that feeling of a contained room, but remove the sense of stuffiness that regular doors without windows often create.

French doors can simultaneously make rooms feel more spacious when opened up, or when closed, created a cozy, comfortable space, changing the entire feel and atmosphere of a room.

Now, you can open up your home for that dinner party or family gathering you’ve always wanted to throw, or close it off for a cozy winter setting.  Ordinary doors block a room off from the rest of the house, but with French doors, it can be just the opposite because of the numerous window styles that can be seamlessly integrated into the door panels.

Light Up Your Home with French Doors

Homeowners don’t have to feel trapped by door solutions any more with the installation of a French door.  Wherever a French door is installed, either for interior or exterior spaces, natural light is able to filter in.

Since French doors are still being an immensely popular door option for homes, there are hundreds of ways to design them and their equally numerous window options.

With French doors, homeowners no longer have to sacrifice natural light in their rooms for privacy or an enclosed space.  Other door options do not include windows, making rooms feel smaller and more closed off.

French doors allow for natural light, but in the case of privacy, curtains can be drawn if needed.  Small homes, dark hallways, and rooms that just could use an extra bit of light can all benefit greatly from a French door addition.  This style door is the best of both worlds.

Increased Home Value

French doors are a synonym of elegance, class, and give any home, room interior, or exterior an aesthetic edge. This is far from an opinion, it’s a well-determined fact. French doors add a level of value to your home, something that becomes increasingly important if you decide to sell.

Their installation is an upgrade, and even these small details can grab the attention of someone looking to buy your home.

If you’re planning on reselling your home but need to make a statement in a few dated interior rooms, then consider installing a French door.  It’s a touch of detail that potential homebuyers notice immediately, and not just because they let in some much appreciated natural light.

French doors are a timeless design, and their addition adds an element of sophistication to a room.

Potential buyers notice what you may believe to be are the slightest details.  In terms of resale value, the landscaping and front door are the biggest features homebuyers notice right off the bat.

To really impress future homebuyers and to simultaneously increase the value of your home, a set of French doors that double as the front door will do the trick.  French front doors send a message at first glance that your home is worthy of its elegance.

They Offer Versatility

French doors are no longer just for balconies, they can be added practically anywhere in a home.  There are hundreds of ways to style your French doors because the style is so in-demand, and this is what allows the French door to be an extremely functional design.

Whatever place you wish to integrate French doors, there’s a style that suits it perfectly.  This includes material, window design, and door hardware that will complement the interior or exterior theme.  French doors are available in a variety of material options: wood, fiberglass composite, aluminum, vinyl, steel, and more.

The array of materials in which French doors can be created from make them a viable option for both exterior and interior functions. Although, the best options for exterior French doors are fiberglass and steel. Even though unique architecture is more common for older homes, it really doesn’t matter if your home is new or old because you probably have the perfect space for French doors.

Due to their continued popularity, French doors can even be custom fitted to your desire, and many local door companies will take on the job.

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Energy Efficiency

You might imagine French doors to not be energy efficient because of all of their windows and potential gaps for airflow to escape.  Think again!  French doors are assuredly energy efficient because in this day and age, manufacturers utilize the latest design and processing methods to ensure that all door products are energy conscious.

Manufacturers wouldn’t be able to compete in home construction if energy efficiency wasn’t considered in creating doors, windows, and other integral home construction features.

The modernized anatomy of a door includes a tight sealing feature, weatherproofing for exterior doors, and glass that ensures energy conservation.

Consider rooms in your home where a door could be utilized to conserve energy, especially those you spend much of your time in and ones that have a fireplace as a central source of heat.  Closing off these rooms with a set of French doors can drastically reduce energy expenditures and your home’s air conditioning unit and the furnace will work a lot less hard at regulating internal temperatures.

The Continued Trend of the French Door

French doors serve a multitude of purposes and make a stunning feature in any home.  They’re timeless, so no matter if your home was built in the 20’s, 50’s, or just recently, a set of French doors always add the same touch of elegance and style to your home’s overall aesthetics.

Thanks to their extreme versatility and function, French doors can be implemented in the interior of a home or be utilized as an exterior set of doors, without a homeowner worrying about security.

Add value to your home with a set of French doors, it’s a look that hasn’t—and won’t—go out of style.

French Doors are Perfect Addition

French patio doors are the perfect addition to your home. However, not all patio doors are done with high-quality materials that are tested to withstand strong winds and extreme weather. Oftentimes, the door measurements are critical to the installation and door replacement.

Poor installation can set you back thousands of dollars on electricity and energy efficiency. At Feldco, we have high-quality materials and the best installation team to replace your patio door with a brand new French patio door. Speak to a product specialist and get a free quote today.

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