Basement Bedroom Ideas: 10 Ways to Transform Your Basement Into the Perfect Bedroom

There are many reasons why you may want to transform your basement into a bedroom whether it’s for more privacy or adding an extra room in your home. There are so many basement bedroom ideas that are downright awesome!

basement bedroom ideas

From insulation to flooring to decorating, you have so many options when you’re turning your basement into a bedroom. The amount of choices may become overwhelming but we’re here to help.

In this article, we’ll show you 10 basement bedroom ideas that you’ll want for your home. Whoever is using this bedroom is sure to love at least one of these ideas. Let’s get started!

1. Make Sure the Basement is Insulated Well

We’ll start off with a very practical idea: make sure your basement walls are well insulated. It’ll help keep the room toasty warm in the winter and comfortably cool in the summer. It’s especially important to have insulated walls when living in the Midwest because the temperatures change erratically.

If you’re finishing your basement, make sure there’s foam insulation between the concrete and the drywall. If your basement is already finished, hopefully this step is already completed, otherwise, you may want to redo your drywall so you can insulate the walls.

foam insulated walls

Certain materials are great insulators as well. Wooden panels don’t just look warm and inviting, but they’ll help trap heated or cooled air in your basement so you can stay comfortable.

2. Get the Right Doors for Your Bedroom

Compared to the other basement bedroom ideas, the choice of door seems minuscule but it can make a major difference in the overall look of the room. Certain doors will also help save you space which is important if you don’t have a lot of it.

One example is a sliding barn door. These doors hang from a bar installed above the door opening and move left to right along the track. You can also get a hidden door which slides into the wall. Both of these doors give you more space to work with in your bedroom.

3. Install Windows in Your Basement Bedroom

Don’t let your basement be dark and dingy. Shine some natural light inside with windows. It’s also proven that natural light helps improve your mood and productivity so it’s pretty important to get some windows in your basement bedroom.

Natural light isn’t the only benefit of adding windows to your basement. They’ll also allow you to ventilate the room much easier. You’ll be able to open your windows to make sure your basement doesn’t get too stuffy. Plus, you can regulate the temperature of your basement bedroom easily by opening and closing your windows.

When choosing basement windows, vinyl is the way to go. They have both insulated glass and frames to prevent heated and cooled air from escaping. You already know the importance of a properly insulated basement.

basement bedroom windows

There’s no better place to get replacement windows in the Midwest than Feldco. Our product specialist will measure the opening and make sure you get windows that fit your needs. That’s not all – the installation team will move quickly and efficiently to guarantee your windows are installed properly. You get the entire package at an affordable price.

Don’t Forget a Window Treatment

Having windows is one of the most essential basement bedroom ideas, but you’ll also need windows treatments to go with them. They’re extremely important for your basement since it’s at ground level and you don’t want strangers seeing inside your home.

Plus, they’ll add to the overall look of your room. There are so many different styles and sizes to choose from that you’ll find something that fits the look you’re going for in your basement bedroom.

4. Have Your Dream Staircase

The entire centerpiece of your basement is the staircase. It’s the first and the last thing guests see when they’re in your basement. You’ll want a staircase that looks so gorgeous that everyone’s jaw will drop!

A common yet elegant look is to have an open spiral staircase. You and your guests will feel extremely important as you descend into your basement bedroom. It can also piece together the entire room. A staircase will complete the look of the room.

5. Personalize Your Basement Bedroom

One of the most important basement bedroom ideas is customizing it to your liking. It may not seem like much, but you have to be happy with your room. Otherwise, you’ll be miserable every time you have to be there.

Make sure you get furniture that meets your needs and decorate how you like. After all, you want to feel comfortable in your own bedroom.

6. Make Sure There’s an Emergency Exit

Sleeping in a basement can be dangerous if you don’t plan ahead – you can be trapped down there if anything were to happen. The best thing you can do is make sure you have an emergency exit just in case.

An emergency exit can be another door or a window large enough to fit through. That way, if one exit is blocked, you have another way out of your home.

Exit in Style with a Beautiful Walk Out Basement

Your emergency exit doesn’t have to be an eye sore. You can make the most of your second exit by turning it into a beautiful walk out patio. On a cool summer evening, there’s no place you’d rather be than your basement bedroom’s walk out patio. It’s perfect for bonfires too!

walk out patio

Your patio isn’t complete without a beautiful patio door. There are two different options available: sliding patio doors and French patio doors. Sliding patio doors are easy to operate because they open and close on a track. They’ll also allow the most natural light into your home.

French patio doors are extremely elegant and, like a spiral staircase, can help tie the entire room together. They open on a hinge and you can choose whether they swing inwards or outwards.

If you’re interested in a sliding or French patio door, Feldco is here to help. We’ll make sure you get a patio door that fits your needs. Get a free quote now and see why over 400,000 homeowners have trusted us with their home remodeling projects.

7. Add Height With a Few Tricks

Having a tall basement helps improve the overall look of the room. However, it can be expensive and time consuming to raise the ceiling. We have a few basement bedroom ideas that can help give the illusion of a taller basement.

The first idea is to have windows installed higher up on the wall. By doing this, your eyes are tricked into believing that the walls are taller than they really are. It’s a pretty simple trick that’s sure to help make your room look larger.

Another common trick to make your room look bigger is by having taller doors. If your door is really tall, it makes you feel shorter and the entire basement larger by comparison. You might be skeptical at first, but these little tricks do work.

8.  Choose Warm Colors for Your Wall

If you can’t get natural light into your basement, then painting the walls warmer colors should help. Even if you do have windows in your basement, you should consider painting the walls a warmer color. It helps give the illusion of brightness and sunlight. Gold, orange, melon and pumpkin are great warm colors for your basement bedroom.

9. Get Flooring Made for a Basement

It’s fun to get creative with basement bedroom ideas but some need to be practical. For instance, you’re flooring has to be lower level appropriate. What on Earth does that mean?

Basements can flood and some flooring can withstand that better. Styles such as laminate can be ruined by excessive moisture so it might be best to avoid that type of flooring in your bedroom basement.

While most carpeting is good for a basement, avoid ones made from wool. Wool carpets absorb moisture which is very common in most basements.

10. Know What You Want Before Starting

All of these basement bedroom ideas are great but if you don’t have a plan before you start working, it’s not going to turn out well. Make sure you know the layout of the room, your flooring and decorations before you start creating your new bedroom.

These Basement Bedroom Ideas Are Perfect for Any Home

Any of these basement bedroom ideas are perfect for your home. They can make a great guest bedroom, a quiet space for one of your young kids or a private room for an older child between homes. However you use your bedroom basement, it’s an awesome addition to your home.

Your new bedroom won’t be complete without windows or a patio door for your walk out patio. You can find both of these products at Feldco. We’re America’s #1 window and door company and our primary concern is to make sure you’re happy. Get a free quote now and we’ll make sure you get the best products and service.

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