Annual Window Maintenance Tips

As you’re taking care of your spring cleaning, don’t forget about your windows. Your windows will be exposed to extreme temperature fluctuations as well as dry, wet and humid conditions. All of these different environmental conditions can take a toll on your windows. Annual window maintenance is the best way to maximize the life of your windows and keep them looking the best they can. These tips are all simple and relatively quick to complete.

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Tips by Window Type

Cleaning your window frame is an often overlooked part of annual window maintenance. Many people only focus on cleaning the glass, as this is what they see the most. Not all windows are made equal, depending on which type of window you have they should be maintained in different ways.

Wood Windows

Wood windows are mainly made out of pine, and should be painted or stained to prevent moisture from damaging the wood. Sun exposure can make your windows brittle and can cause your window paint to chip and peel. If you notice any gaps between the window and the frame, use a durable caulk to fill the gaps.

Vinyl and Aluminum Windows

Keeping your windows clean is a part of maintenance, regardless of how new they are.  While vinyl and aluminum windows don’t require much upkeep, unlike wood windows, they still need to be maintained. Dust and grime from daily life and outdoor elements can coat your window and diminish its smooth, clean appearance.

Winter alone can wreak havoc on the outside of your house, with dirty snow piling up and coating your siding and your windows.  That’s why it’s a good idea to know how to clean your windows, making it an easy chore to do come nicer weather. Vinegar is a great all-purpose cleaner for cleaning window frames.

Vinegar transforms the dirtiest and grimiest surfaces to sparkling clean when combined with water, and for good measure, lemon juice. Unlike other cleaners, vinegar is gentle yet neutralizing.

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Cleaning the Glass

Cleaning the glass with a glass cleaner will leave your windows looking sparkling clean. It is easier to clean the window on a cloudy day because the sun wont dry the window washing fluid prematurely. Soak your window with clean water to loosen dirt and debris. It’s also best to clean the window from top to bottom to avoid drips.

Sealing Your Windows

Streaking, fogginess, and condensation between double or triple pane windows is also known as “blown” windows. It’s a common dilemma for older windows and means that something is wrong.  That something is caused by a broken seal, inciting condensation between the panes, or exposing the low-emissivity coatings and injected insulating gasses to oxidize.

If it isn’t foggy outside and your windows are fogging up, this is a common warning sign that the seal has been compromised. Argon gas is used between window panes and if the seal is broken then your home loses energy efficiency.

So, if the next morning you come downstairs to find that it seems to be foggy between your window panes, you will absolutely want to follow up with the installation company.

The solution for this problem is to opt for a repair with a new insert or sash, and you may be able to do it yourself.

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Cleaning the Window Tracks

This step is important in your annual window maintenance regardless of the type of window you have. The tracks in your windows are prone to moisture, dirt and debris. Using an appropriate cleaner will remove any build up on your windows and keep them functioning properly.

Window Screen Maintenance

When you’re doing your annual window maintenance, take a look at your window screens as well. Window screens deal with the elements and over time they can deteriorate. Dirt and grime can also build up on your window screens. To clean your window screen, lay it on a flat surface and lightly spray with water from a hose. Let your screens air dry completely before reinstalling.

Window Maintenance

Cleaning the Hardware

When cleaning your window hardware you should take into account the finish of your hardware. There will be different cleaning procedures depending on if they’re powder coated or plated.

Powder coated hardware should be cleaned with a wet sponge or with soap and a wash cloth to avoid scratching the surface. Always rinse with water afterwards to remove any soapy residue.

Plated hardware should be cleaned with a dry duster or a damp cloth. Make sure to avoid any abrasive cleaners that could potentially damage the surface.

Regular cleaning to remove build-up will ensure that the window fasteners retain smooth operation. WD-40 can be used to lubricate your window locks if they become stuck. Keeping your window hardware clean and maintained will help keep your windows functioning properly.

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Replacing Your Windows

Should you need more than an annual cleaning, and are considering replacing your windows, Feldco has you covered. We’ve been serving the Midwest for almost 50 years and have earned the title of America’s #1 window and door company.

Our industry-leading vinyl windows are the best on the market and will have your home looking better than ever while saving you money every month on your energy bills.

You can start your next replacement project today with a free quote online and join over 500,000 homeowners who trust us for the best vinyl windows.

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