7 Impressive Tips to Give Your Family Room a Makeover

Without a doubt, the family room is one of the most used rooms of your home. It’s often called the heart of every home and for a good reason, too.

It’s where you unwind after a long day, entertain guests and hang out with family members. With that being said, when you’re ready to take on a family room makeover, it’s important to keep maximum relaxation and enjoyment in mind.

Here are 7 tips to take into consideration that will really make your family room the spot where everybody wants to be.

family room makeover

1. Comfort, Comfort, Comfort

As we mentioned, the family room is meant to be a place to unwind and relax which is why comfort is key when it comes to decorating. There are a couple things you can do that’ll really bump up the room’s comfort level.

No family room makeover is complete without comfy seating options. If you plan on spending a lot of time in this room watching TV, playing games and hanging out with friends, consider furniture that allows you to stretch out for long periods of time. Nobody likes to sit on stiff furniture.

If you have the ability, a fireplace is another great addition that’ll add warmth and comfort to the room. There’s nothing more relaxing than curling up with your favorite book next to a warm fire.

2. Make Sure Everyone is Included

Piggybacking off of comfortable furniture, you should also make sure you have enough seating for everyone. The last thing you want is someone to feel out of the loop because there’s no room for them.

A good solution for this is the sectional couch. Sectionals are big and offer plenty of seating but can also feel intimate because of the L-shaped curve.

On the other hand, while there should be plenty of seating, you don’t want to over-furnish your family room. Make sure there is a balance of open space and furniture so the room doesn’t feel small and cluttered.

sectional couch

3. Lots of Lighting

Another key element to include in your family room makeover is a lot of lighting. If your room already has windows, you’re lucky. Natural lighting not only makes the space look big and bright, but it also has other benefits.

Natural lighting is known to be an automatic mood-booster which is great for a room that people hang out in. In addition to that, natural lighting eliminates the need to rely on artificial lighting so heavily. As a result, you’ll be saving on your electricity bills. It’s a win-win!

If your current windows aren’t operating properly or just need to be updated, replacement windows are the way to go. They’ll also instantly increase your home’s curb appeal.

However, we get that not every family room has windows. If your family room is located in the basement and you don’t have the option of natural lighting, making sure the space is adequately lit is still important. A well-lit room makes it all the more enticing for people to want to spend time in it.

4. Accent Walls with Personality

What better place for a family photo wall than the family room? Don’t limit yourself to just family pictures, though. Children’s artwork can also be used as wall art for the family room.

If you have an extra wall that you don’t mind repainting, consider giving your kids or grandkids an art wall. Provide them with art supplies and let them use the wall as their canvas. This is a great way to add a unique and extremely personalized touch to your family room.

Also, you can paint a wall with chalkboard or whiteboard paint for something that is less permanent.

family photos


5. Make the Room Look Larger

Some family rooms are small and that’s OK. There are definitely ways to make the room look and feel larger when redecorating for your family room makeover.

The first thing is to stick with a neutral and light color scheme. Dark colors look great, but they typically make a room look smaller. Colors such as white and beige tend to keep things light, airy and open which is important in a small space.

Another way to trick the eye into thinking the room looks larger is to use mirrors. Placing a mirror across of a window to reflect the outdoors is extremely effective. It adds the illusion that you’re bringing more light into the room which, in return, makes it look bigger.

6. It’s All About Functionality

Typically, a family room serves many purposes from just hanging out and relaxing to doing homework or reading a book. Creating a space that’ll fill all of those needs is challenging but, with some thoughtful organization, you can achieve just that.

When undergoing a family room makeover, make sure to designate different areas of the room for different activities. Placing an armchair and floor lamp in a corner will instantly create a simple reading nook.

An ottoman is also a great addition to any family room because it can be used as a snack tray, game table or homework station when needed.


7. Storage is Key

It’s important to have great storage solutions everywhere in your house, but especially in the family room where you have a lot of people sharing the same space.

A bookshelf or a chest of drawers are two great ways to add extra storage to the room. They keep things out of the way and out of your sight. You can also organize board games, electronics, books and movies in baskets around the room.

Designating storage space also helps in getting the kids or grandkids involved when it’s time to clean up. When they know where to put things after they’re done using them, there is no excuse to skip cleaning up!

A Family Room Everybody Will Love

There you have it! Nothing says relaxation more than a well-designed family room with everyone’s needs in mind. With these 7 tips, you’re well on your way to creating a space that everybody will love and enjoy to it’s fullest.

blue family room

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