6 Simple Ways to Brighten Up Your Home this Spring

Spring is a most welcomed season after climbing out of a long, dark winter.  While the weather outside slowly transforms into bright and sunny days with signs of flowering growth, the inside of your home can feel like it still needs to shed its winter dullness.  You don’t have to be an interior designer to help break the bleakness of your home.

Look at these 6 simple ways to brighten up your home this spring.

Bring Spring Into Your Home

What better way to brighten up your home this spring. than to bring a little bit of the outdoors inside?  It’s impossible to think spring and not imagine all of the flowers and bushes blooming in yards like tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, and forsythia.  A little touch of floral magic will undoubtedly transform your home for spring.

Use flowers as a centerpiece for your kitchen and dining room table.  Use real flowers if you feel so inclined, but for a longer lasting décor, try hunting down a handful of artificial ones so you can enjoy the effects of nature all season long.

You don’t have to be contained to just the eating areas with floral designs.  Sprinkle vases of flowers throughout your home, especially in areas you’re spending the most time in like the living room or bedroom.  Even a small pop of flowers in the bathroom can be uplifting.

Brighten Up Your Home with Color

Another way to brighten up your home this spring  is by adding pops of color throughout your entire home. You don’t have to go around painting accent walls to achieve this effect, either (unless you want to!).  All it takes is a couple of small brightly colored pieces to make your home spring-worthy. 

First, try adding a couple of new pastel throw blankets to your spaces like the family room, bedrooms, or on an accent chair.  Pastels are heavily associated with the season and will give your areas spring vibes with little effort.

Similarly, you can do the same with pastel colored throw pillows.  Light pinks, yellows, and blues with texture can add eye-catching appeal to your spaces with the simple act of picking up a pillow cover and an insert, if you don’t already have one.

If throw pillows and blankets aren’t your thing, you can still add color pieces to the mix like vases, trays, paintings, and brightly colored picture frames.  Sprinkling these items throughout your home is sure to make it feel like spring.

 Brighten Up Your Home with Gardening

Greenery is just as springy as the flowers that crop up in landscaping beds.  There’s nothing more refreshing than seeing lawns spring back to life and trees coming into bloom after all of the long months of barren foliage.  Adding green into your interior spaces has the same effect.

beautiful spring flower beds

If you have a green thumb, get gardening.  Indoor gardens are a great way to add a level of greenery that lifts the spirit and readies the home for spring.  You can get creative with indoor houseplants by incorporating them onto shelving, building vertical gardens that allow for plants to sprawl out against walls, or making plants the centerpiece of a room with big stands and flashy, colorful vases.

If your thumb is anything but green, you can skirt around having to care for actual plants with garden-inspired wallpaper or even painting an accent wall a nice sage.

Brighten Up Your Room with a Rug

In the eternal words of The Big Lebowski, rugs really do tie the room together.  Bohemian styles are trending and what better way to transform your home than to upgrade an old rug to something with bright, springy colors. 

For neutral rooms, this plan works perfectly.  Dark fuchsia, lively greens, and brilliant turquoise are all used in this Boho style along with fun patterns and textures that bring your room to another level of appeal.  Throw this new rug in your living room or even under your dining area to refresh your home for spring.

Brighten Up Your Home with Yellow

Yellow is the color of spring.  It’s in the tulips, the daffodils, and the long awaited sunshine that this new season brings.  Bring yellow into your home and you’re surely bring the feeling of spring with it.

Accent chairs are a fun and easy way to sprinkle bright yellow throughout your home.  Velvet covered chairs that you can use at the dining room table or in the corner of a spacious room add texture and pops of color.  Take old lamps and replace them with bright yellow shades.  Add a bowl of lemons for a useable accent in your kitchen.  It’s easy and uplifting, just like the color.

bright yellow chair in green living room

Brighten Up Your Home with Open Shelving

If you’re dying for an easy DIY that will feel as fresh as the new season, consider open shelving.  There’s much you can do with open shelves that will usher in spring as fast as the perennials pop up in the garden.

Decorate your open shelves with colorful glassware—the more candy-colored, the better.  Or litter the shelves with houseplants, which is a great way to keep them out of reach from kids and pets while decorating at the same time.  If you so choose, use your open shelves for pastel accessories like pillows, picture frames, and vases.

Overall, all of these 6 simple ways will help brighten up your home this spring.

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