5 Reasons Why Fall is the Best Time to Repair Your Roof

To keep your roof maintained is to protect your home’s first line of defense against the elements.  For homeowners in a four-season climate or in areas that experience harsh and unpredictable weather, this is of the utmost importance.   When is the best time of the year to repair your roof?  It’s the fall—and for plenty of good reasons.

suburban house in the fall

1. Best Weather Conditions

As summer fades into fall, so does the intense heat and volatile thunderstorms.  Fall ushers in crisp weather with less humidity and the optimal time to for your roof to undergo repairs.  Whether you’re repairing the roof yourself or hiring a professional, fall is the best time to work on your roof because you won’t be under the blazing hot sun fixing hot shingles.  Heat stroke and dehydration are the biggest concerns in roofing projects, especially if you undertake the repairs yourself and aren’t aware of the effects of the summer sun.

Not only is the fall a much more comfortable time to be outside and work on your roof, but the weather is more optimal for repairs as the temperatures will allow your work to cure properly.  Drier and cooler weather offers the much-needed consistency for roofing repairs, allowing either you or a professional to finish the job in a timely manner, without hindering the results.

2. Better Availability of Professionals

Unfortunately, homeowners tend to put the health of their roofs on the back burner, calling in the professionals at the very last minute.  Roof problems commonly occur in the seasons most prone to bad weather, like the winter.  Professionals may not have as much availability in the winter because they’re busy with repairs.  The summer also brings many roofing issues with its intense heat and storms, thus leaving fall as the most ideal time to have your repairs completed by a professional.

Fixing issues with your roof in the fall will resolve any problems your roof had from the summer as well as preparing for the upcoming winter season.  The last thing you’ll want is to not be able to schedule a professional to come out and repair your roof when you need it.

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3. Prepare for Brutal Winter Weather

For homeowners in a four-season climate, winter weather is abusive to a roof.  There’s the heavy snowfall, which adds extra weight to your roofing system it isn’t designed to support, which can in turn cause structural and surface damage to the roof.  If heavy snow is left on your roof, you may experience leaks and the bending or bowing of the supports, and cracking of the shingles.

Then there’s ice, which can harm both your shingles and your gutter system if not addressed.  Ice can damage your shingles, and if the shingles or roofing system was already damaged, its presence will force your home to work harder to heat the inside.

Finally, there are the extreme temperatures.  Shockingly cold temperatures encourage ice dams to form and can make old shingles become brittle and more vulnerable to cracking and warping.

4. Save on Heating Bills

A damaged roof won’t do its job of keeping the energy where it belongs: inside of your home.  Missing shingles, damaged underlayment, and leaks can all contribute to big energy loss and even bigger monthly utility costs.

In the wintertime, your home will work hard to produce heat and maintain a stable, comfortable temperature.  A damaged roof will work against your home’s heating and you’ll see an increase in your energy bills, not to mention a noticeable difference in the home’s internal temperature.  Freezing temperatures are no joke, which makes fall the ideal time to prepare your roof to battle these extreme shifts in the weather.

5. Fix Issues from Extreme Summer Weather

You might not consider the summertime to have damaging weather but think about the extreme heat and heavy thunderstorms that the season presents.  Your roof is exposed to high, intense heat, strong winds, and heavy downfalls of rain all summer long.

Many people don’t check their roofs after the summer has passed and end up heading into the even more extreme winter weather with damaged or missing shingles.  This makes fall the ideal time to do roof repairs and inspections as it resolves issues created by the summer heat and storms in time to prepare for the winter.

Recover and Prepare

Fall is the best time for your roof to undergo repairs for many reasons.  You’ll resolve issues like missing or damaged shingles caused by strong summer storms, you’ll prepare your roof for the harsher winter weather, and you’ll cut down on energy bills by ensuring your roof is as energy efficient as it should be.  Maintaining your roof should be on your seasonal checklist.  Don’t just repair your roof in the fall but also strive to have a professional inspection.

At Feldco, we provide a breakthrough design and triple layer protection to keep your roof healthy for whatever mother nature decides to throw at it. On top of that, we have factory trained installers that are ready to install asphalt shingles with the correct precision. Get a free quote today to start your project.

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