5 Lies You’ve Been Told About Roofing

Investing in something as expensive and as big as a roof can be a scary process.  What’s even scarier are the salespeople and manufacturers that aren’t telling you the truth.  Here are 5 common lies homeowners regularly hear—debunked.

Roofing Warranties

In a perfect world, your roofing warranty would cover everything.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t, so when it comes time for your roofing contractor to bring to your attention your new roof’s warranty—pay attention and ask questions.

Chances are, your roof’s warranty won’t cover everything, and like many of them, there’s a probability that the warranty is prorated as time goes on.  So, if you have a 20-year warranty and you need a repair done in the 10th year of the roof’s life, the warranty would only cover 50% of the costs.

Another example is if your home is hit by a tornado that wreaks havoc on your roof.  Most warranties won’t cover this damage.  Some roof warranties only cover labor, some only cover materials, and there are some that will offer coverage for both.  So, the lesson here is to read everything ahead of time before signing off on a roof replacement.

You don’t want to have nasty damage to your new roof and be stuck with a warranty that will hardly pay for any of the repairs.  Keep in mind that not all roofing companies will stick you with poor warranties, you just have to be sure to read the fine print.

Algae-Resistant Shingles

A favorite lie circulating in the roofing industry is that there’s such a thing as algae-resistant shingles.  Homeowners may rejoice at this news, but the bubble has to be burst—these shingles don’t exist.

This originated because of the shingle manufacturing process, where manufacturers in search of cost-effective methods began using crushed limestone as a filler to avoid using so much asphalt, the more expensive, petroleum-based product.

If you’re being peddled a shingle that’s marketed as fungus and algae resistant, be wary, because it’s just a matter of time for algae to thrive off of the crushed limestone.  By then, the scheming manufacturer will time it so that your warranty on your algae-resistant shingles will have run out.

Installation Time

You might’ve been told that it takes forever to replace a roof.  It does depend on the material of roof you’re replacing and the professional roofing company you’ve selected to do the job, but generally it can be broken down like so:

Asphalt Shingles: the most popular roofing material only takes a day to install.  If it’s a large roof or particularly difficult to work with (like dormers, steep pitches, ect.), then it could possibly take 2 days.

Wood Shakes:  wood shakes are rarer as a roofing material because its more prone to rotting, but on average, it only takes 3-4 days to install.

Flat Roof: a roof that’s completely flat takes some time to replace and install.  On average, you’d be looking at 2-3 days.

Steel Sheets:  steel can be challenging to work with as it arrives in full sheets instead of shingles, putting its average installation time to 3-4 days.

Natural Slate: not many homeowners choose natural slate because of its expense.  The average time it takes to install a natural slate roof is 6-7 days.  These roofs are more difficult to install because slate is heavier and more labor-intensive.

Again, the actual installation time depends on your roof and the size of your home.  It also depends on the roof decking that’s being used, the method of installation, and the capabilities of the professionals actually installing it.  Professional contractors strive to have their roofing projects done quickly and efficiently.

Complete Tear-Off

This lie is an important one to spot.  If a roofing company is telling you that the only way to repair your leaking roof is by completely tearing it off, then they could very well be lying to you.  If a roof needs to be totally removed, there should be a good reason why.  A good reason for a complete tear-off would be, for example, that least 25% of the existing substrate is saturated.  There should be evidence to support this decision as well.

Whatever the reason is, if a roofing contractor is saying that you need to have a complete tear-off done to your roof, then they absolutely should have factual evidence to back up their claim—otherwise, they’re probably trying to scam you.

“We’re Cheaper”

Every homeowner wants to save on the expense of having to replace a roof, but what homeowner would possibly want their roof to be cheap and slapped together?  Some roofing contractors will cut corners to grab your sale and end up proposing the lowest bid.  Sure, they’re telling the truth that their prices are the lowest in your area, but are they lying about what they’re doing to cut the costs?

It’s important to get at least 3-4 quotes from professional contractors so you know exactly where the pricing and quality stands.  If one contractor does come in lower than the others, it’s okay to ask how they arrived at their pricing and why.  Saving money is a top priority, but so is having a roof that will last you the amount of time it’s meant to be designed for.

Trustworthy Roofing Company

When it comes to getting your roof replaced, most companies will try to sell you short of promises and expectations. At Feldco, we provide good quality asphalt shingles, local services and professional installation to homeowners across the Midwest. That’s why thousands of homeowners go with Feldco Roofing. Speak to a product specialist about roof replacement and get a free quote online today.

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