10 Ways to Get the Best Use Out of Your Bay Window

Bay windows are large windows that protrude from the side of the home. They typically consist of one window in the center and two additional windows on the side. You may have also heard of a similar type of window known as a bow window. These windows differentiate in that bow windows usually include four or five different windows and tend to create more of a rounded look on the outside of the home.

Bay windows have been around as far back as medieval times and remain popular today. They’re an excellent vehicle for allowing natural sunlight into your home, creating extra floor space or creating elegant aesthetics in your home.

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Advantages of Bay Windows

A significant advantage of having bay windows is that they come with a nice deep sill which homeowners can utilize in an assortment of ways. Some homeowners use the sill to house indoor plants. Others use it for seating.

You may already have an idea of what you’d like to do with your bay windows, or maybe you’re still searching for ideas. Either way, this article should help paint a more clear picture for you by going over some of the most popular applications that homeowners use to get the most out of their bay window.

Window Seating

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Window seating is one of the most common ways that people make use out of their bay windows. It’s fairly easy to pile pillows on top of your window sill to make it look nice and pretty. However, one of the more important things to consider when creating window seating is the actual cushions that you’ll use for the window seat.

It’s important to get a nice supportive foam, but also to make sure that the type of fabric you’re using can withstand lots of sunlight. It’s a good idea to speak with a seamstress or salesperson before purchasing your cushions so that you can ensure you’re buying the correct materials.

Indoor Garden

Indoor garden bay windows provide an excellent source of natural sunlight and an excellent opportunity to house your very own indoor garden. When deciding what types of plants you’re going to grow, one of the first things to consider is which direction your windows are facing. East, West, North, and South facing windows will all produce different levels of sunlight and different results depending on the types of plants that you’re growing.

It’s important to do your research ahead of time. It’s also important to make sure that there aren’t any buildings or structures that would block sunlight from reaching your plants. As long as you know what type of environment your bay window will provide and what types of herbs flourish in that environment, then having an indoor garden is a great way to create a beautiful and healthy environment in your home.

Kitchen Banquette

This is one of the more chic ways that people make use out of their bay windows. If you already have window seating, then pulling over a dining room table and chairs is a great way to create a quaint dining area with a nice view and natural sunlight.

Home Office

The home office is another creative use for bay windows. Similar to the kitchen banquette, if you’ve already got the window seating, you can simply pull your desk over to that area and create a comfortable study space. However, a couple of things to consider when taking this approach is the height of the window sill as well as the sunlight.

You need to make sure that your desk isn’t too high for you when sitting on your window sill. Further, you don’t want glare to be a problem if you’re trying to get work done on a computer. That being said, if the sunlight isn’t a problem and your desk is at a comfortable height, then having a nice study where you get natural sunlight can be revitalizing and can keep you feeling fresh throughout the day.

Bar Area

If you’re someone who has frequent guests or if you have fancy barware that you’d like to showcase, then turning your window sill into a bar could be an excellent use of space. The natural sunlight will glisten off of your barware, making your bar look shimmery and beautiful.

Extra Storage

Many people who are strapped for space in their homes find it beneficial to take advantage of the opportunity to turn their bay window sills into extra storage. Again, if you’ve already got window seating, it would be a great idea to use the extra space underneath your cushions for storage.

Free Standing Radiator Cover

Do you have an eyesore of a radiator that you’d like to cover up? Well if your radiator stands near the window, you can use the space your bay window provides to create a radiator cover. A radiator cover can actually be a really nice furniture piece, especially when flanked by other types of decor.

Lookout point

Are you a stargazer? If so, perhaps you’d like to leave your bay window area bare. By simply adding small pieces of furniture to both sides of your window or maybe some decor, you can create a beautiful area of your home for yourself or guests to step away from the action and view the stars or the sky. If you’re truly a stargazer, then perhaps your bay window area would be the perfect area for your telescope.

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Showcase Decor

If you have any pieces of furniture or antiques that you’d like to showcase, smaller bay windows present the perfect amount of space to do so. The natural light that shines through your window will gleam off of your pieces to give them a very elegant and sophisticated aesthetic.

Extra Floor Space

If your bedroom or bathroom area is rather crowded, then having a bay window that you leave bare gives you additional floor space so that you don’t feel so cramped. This is perfect for homeowners with claw foot tubs that are not up against the window or homeowners whose bedroom furniture floats in the room. Having the extra floor space gives you an opportunity to move around or maybe add an extra piece of furniture.

Choose Feldco For Your Bay Windows

If you’re a homeowner who’s interested in investing in bay windows or who already has bay windows then hopefully this article inspired you or at least gave you some ideas.

Everyone has a vision for their homes and bay windows allow for space and the flexibility to do lots of creative things in your home. Before embarking on any these endeavors, however, it’s a good idea to speak with a renovation company who can help you map out your ideas and make sure that they’ll work for your home.

Feldco Windows, Siding and Doors is a home improvement company that’s been delighting customers since 1976. With over 400,000 homeowners, Feldco cares about each and every customer.

Let Feldco help you create the vision of your dream home. Start your home improvement project now and get a free quote online.

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