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Find articles and expert advice about home improvement projects, tips and tricks and more.

How to Light Your Home Properly

how to light your home

Find out how to light your home properly with these 10 effective methods.

5 Common Problems with Window Wells

window well problems

Window wells are fond on many homes, but they come with many problems. Learn more here.

Design Pressure Ratings: What Do They Mean?

design pressure

Like other window ratings, it’s important to know what design pressure is and why it’s important.

How to Seal Gaps Around Windows

seal gaps around windows

Are your windows letting in drafts? Find out how to seal those gaps around your windows.

Benefits of Garage Doors with Windows

garage doors with windows

Find out all the great benefits of garage doors with windows in this article.

How to Get a Sticker Off of a Window

how to get a sticker off of a window

Are you having trouble getting a sticker off of your window. We’ll show you the easiest way to get that pesky sticker off without leaving any marks.

Garage Door Sticking? We Have the Solutions

garage door sticking

A sticking garage door is a real annoyance. Find out how to fix and prevent your garage door from sticking.

How to Build an Amazing Garage Workshop

garage workshop

Create the ultimate garage workshop in your home with these 7 tips.

Moldy Siding: How to Prevent It

moldy siding

Moldy siding? Find out why you have mold on your siding and how to prevent it from forming again.

Sliding Door Sticking: How to Fix It

sliding door sticking

Having trouble opening and closing your sliding door? Find out how to fix it here.

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