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Find articles and expert advice about home improvement projects, tips and tricks and more.

Treatment Ideas for Sliding Glass Doors

Treatment Ideas for Sliding Glass Doors

To boost the curb appeal of your patio, try these treatment ideas on sliding glass doors. Find something that matches your appeal right here.

5 Ways to Get Rid of Ice Dams from Gutters

gutter ice dams hanging from gutters

Those pesky ice dams can damage your gutters. Now’s the time to protect your gutters with these helpful ways to remove them once and for all.

What Are Standard Double Hung Window Sizes?

standard double hung window sizes

Double hung windows are a hallmark to modern home designs. Find out about the standard double hung windows sizes right here.

How to Put Up Christmas Lights Around Windows

Christmas lights around windows

Putting Christmas lights around windows is easier once you have the right accessories, measurements and lights. We’ll help you get an early start right here.

How to Clean Double Hung Windows

clean double hung windows

What is included in a double hung window cleaning? All the steps to clean your double hung windows can be found right here.

Preventing Water From Entering Under the Garage Door

garage door leaks

You don’t want this problem because it can lead to serious damage to your garage. Find out how to prevent water from entering under the garage door.

Garage Door Troubleshooting 101

garage door troubleshooting door springs

Are you tired of the problems related to your garage door? Find out how you can fix the most common garage door problems right here.

How Do I Know Which Garage Door to Buy?

carriage garage door

You don’t want to settle for a garage door that has poor insulation and inferior curb appeal. Find out which garage door is worth the investment.

How Do Companies Evaluate Windows, Siding and Doors?

windows, siding and doors

For great results and energy efficiency, find out which company can evaluate your windows, siding and doors. Find out how companies evaluate your home right here.

The Best Leaf Gutter Guards for Your Home

leaf gutter guards

Sometimes leaves can get stuck inside your gutter. Let’s go over the best leaf gutter guards that will clean up your gutter from those pesky leaves.

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