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  • All About Warped Windows

    Warped Window

    Warped Windows: Everything You Need to Know Your windows play a major role in your home’s aesthetics and functionality. That’s why it’s important that they’re working and looking their best. If you have warped windows, they’re falling short of their…Continue Reading

  • Do I Need to Replace My Windows After a Fire?

    fire rated windows

    Do I Need to Replace My Windows After a Fire? A fire can be a scary thing. It can threaten the lives of your loved ones, your home, your possessions and all the memories in there. After you experience a…Continue Reading

  • 9 Signs Your Windows, Siding or Doors Are Old

    stone veneer siding problems

    9 Signs Your Windows, Siding or Doors Are Old If you live in a home that was not newly constructed when you bought it, chances are that one day you’ll drive home from work, pull into your driveway, and realize…Continue Reading

  • How to Fix Warped Siding

    removing caulk from siding

    How to Fix Warped Siding The siding on your home is one of the main visual points that you and your neighbors see on a daily basis. Your house’s curb appeal is greatly reduced when any serious problem such as…Continue Reading

  • Windows Leaking? Here’s What You Should Do

    windows leaking

    Why Are My Windows Leaking? It’s inevitable that homeowners will eventually face some minor repairs on their home. The areas of the home that are exposed to the weather often have the shortest lifespan. Repeated exposure to the extreme temperature…Continue Reading

  • Get The Best Vinyl Replacement Windows In America

    replacement windows

    How To Find The Best Vinyl Replacement Windows Do you find yourself turning up the air conditioning more during the summer? Or cranking the heat on high during the winter? The cause of your high energy bills every season may…Continue Reading

  • 12 Unique Ways to Repurpose Old Windows

    distressed window frame

    12 Ways to Repurpose Old Windows More and more folks nowadays are interested in repurposing items around the house when they are no longer needed in their original role.   The phrase “Reuse, repurpose, recycle” is really hitting home and with…Continue Reading

  • Why You Don’t Want an Exterior Wood Door

    wood door problems

    Why You Don’t Want an Exterior Wood Door Wood has a long standing connection with home builders. It has always been regarded as the most authentic material for building a home, one that produces a rich sense of character and…Continue Reading

  • 5 Things You Need to Know Before Choosing Vinyl Siding

    shake vinyl siding

    5 Things You Need to Know Before Choosing Vinyl Siding The siding on your home serves a very important purpose. It is one of the first aspects of the home that people are going to notice as they drive by…Continue Reading

  • How is Siding Installed?

    How is Siding Installed? Driving past the perfectly presentable houses in your neighborhood, clad in vinyl siding, you may come to wonder how the job is done. Vinyl siding installation isn’t as difficult as you might imagine it to be,…Continue Reading

  • Cedar Rapids

    Cedar Rapids, IA Windows, Doors, Siding and Garage Doors Cedar Rapids is the second largest city in Iowa with a population of over 126,000 people. That means there are a lot of homes that may need replacement windows, siding and…Continue Reading

  • What Are Window Panes?

    cost of window replacements

    What Are Window Panes? Houses, offices, stores – all modern buildings contain at least a few windows. They provide ventilation, sunlight, protection, and an alternate escape route in case of fire. One part that’s on every single window is the…Continue Reading

  • How to Fix a Stuck Window

    stuck window

    How to Fix a Stuck Window A stuck window on a hot summer day is a nightmare when all you want is a cool breeze flowing through your house. Windows stick for a variety of reasons and unsticking them usually…Continue Reading

  • Window Valance Ideas

    window valance ideas

    8 Cool Window Valance Ideas Your windows can be the focal point of an entire room – especially rooms like the family room or living room where they’re typically larger. There’s a fine line you must walk between beautiful and…Continue Reading

  • Window Problems You Want to Avoid

    window problems

    6 Common Window Problems You Want to Avoid You need your windows to perform properly. If they don’t, not only will your home look bad but energy efficiency and safety will also be effected. There are a lot of window problems…Continue Reading

  • Valparaiso

    Replacement Windows, Siding, Doors and Garage Doors in Valparaiso The city of Valparaiso has has a steady increase in population each decade since the 1930’s. Now, some of the homes in the area need replacement windows, siding, doors and garage doors….Continue Reading

  • What Adds Value to Your Home for Potential Buyers?

    what adds value to your home

    What Adds Value to Your Home? 9 Ways to Improve Your Home Whether you’re planning on selling your home in the next 6 months or the next 6 years, you need to start thinking about how you can improve it’s…Continue Reading

  • Ultimate Buyer’s Guide to Garage Doors

    garage door

    The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide to Garage Doors: What You’ll Want to Know There’s more to your garage door than just being a large entry way to your house. It can improve your home’s curb appeal, safety and insulation. With all of the…Continue Reading

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